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  1. Won't work
    Kylie Wilcox
    I can play for a little while, but then the music stops, and soon after it just shuts off I guess. It doesn't even say "sorry -- has stopped" I'm about to download it again to see if it'll work now.
  2. Great game!
    Loh Yu Chen
    But, last time I killed everyone except 1 person, and I lost. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES THAT PERSON IS HELPING TO CURE IT?!
  3. Whoopie
    Raffy Corrales
    Plague inc? More like plague to your wallets inc. The fck cares even if they copy plague THE COPY IS WAAAAAAAAY MORE BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL.
  4. Such a delightful way to kill time...
    Brittany Gathany
    This is what I've been waiting for. A game where I can tickle my dark aide while I kill time. As I wait in the doctor's office or waiting for food at a restaurant, I can meticulously breed a virus to conquer the world. Enjoy, I must now go infect the world with Asswaffles...
  5. I won so easily!
    Jeremiah Germain
    This game is pretty good... it copies another game, but so what? As long as it helped us all play a game that won't take our money just for development that may never come... and this game actually made me feel like a real killer...TIP:infect all of the worlds population first to rack up points... than kill them all. Thank You for making this game! ^-^
  6. Ok, but...
    Michael Lantz
    I would think that this game is an awesome original game, except, this is a nearly identical copy of plague inc. GET YOUR OWN MATERIAL AND STOP COPYING GOOD GAMES
  7. Fun game
    Donald Miller
    Its fun but its to easy. I downloaded it about and an hour ago and beat it without a problem on all difficulties.
  8. Gteat game BUT .. Developer Read
    Souls Reaper
    This game is well made but sadly its not better than ... This game is really easy to beat ... I beated normal at 2nd try and the hardest difficulty at 1st try ! ... Also this game lacking accurate information at about deseases ... Sorry Developers but this game is no challenge and need a lots of work..
  9. Won't open
    Logan Velez
    I click play every time and it says sorry this app has stopped. Plz fix and then I'll give it a proper rating thx.
  10. Love it
    Jaguar Den
    The game is featured around a pandemic trying to take over the world.Overall its good game kinda hard to finish but its great slso its like
  11. 1 Star
    josh papczynski
    Would be better if I could play. It gets to the world screen and crashes. When fixed I'll change my rating.
  12. Adds!!! Really
    luke weaver
    It was good while I could play it but when ever a popup add comes up it closes me out! Get rid of adds and I give 4!
  13. Really good
    Monesy Of The West
    A great game. Plaque Inc was OK, but I am not willing to pay to fast forward or pause a game. This is the way it should have been and you know what? This game is better.
  14. Just a copy of Plague Inc.
    Rodolfo Ottobrini
    It's unbelievable, it's just the same game with the same layout, if at least it could have some different campaigns I'd give it more stars.
  15. Decent game
    Demons Riot
    I like the game however it does seem a lot like Plague.Inc. as that was the first one of these I have ever played. I don't know which of the two came first. Regardless i enjoy both. I would however enjoy this game more if more and more options were introduced for gameplay style such as zombie download. If u do that I'll give 5 stars
  16. Total rip off
    noemi castanedez
    Just like plague inc every button and everything is the same except for graphics but I guess its for people who like a quick game would have been 5 if it totally didn't rip off plague inc.
  17. Copy
    Omar Lahlaf
    Just get plague inc. by miniclip. Its the real one. This is a downgraded version of an amazing game. I will say that this is for people who don't want to pay, but also don't want all the great features that come free with plague inc.
  18. Seriously fun/ time killer
    Earl McClain
    Its fun trying different ways to kill humanity , I've figured out the secret to winning , all you have to do is let the infection spread without creating symptoms , then when all areas are infected , use the symptoms to kill all Hahaha .. Lol
  19. I wish there was levels
    Sarah P
    Or maybe it's just not working for me.. awesome game though. But it gets so sad when everyone is dead.. :(
  20. Nice comp for plague
    Gabriel Perez
    If game had the virus, fungus, bacteria , and all those than game would be 4 and if added a new twist to things like starting out with world infected and have to find the cure that would blow other's right out of the water 5 stars and than some



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