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Chen Qi | COO at FUNPLUS

中国 北京市区 |

Chao Ming Chen | Operations Manager at FunPlus

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Chao Li Chen (陈超黎) | Operations Manager at FunPlus

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Dawei Lu | Product Manager

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Reviews 123,213

  1. shitty
    amirul hakim
    you need a damn high quality of internet to play this and everytime you click any place , there must be "connecting" shit . 1 star for the connection .
  2. That's it. I quit.
    Sebastian Salvatore
    I had tried uninstalling the game and it worked. But then it came back again, the "Downloading 0/0 kb" appeared and never ended. For several times I had tried (again) uninstalling and reinstalling the game. But it didn't work until now. That's it, I quit this game. I used to love this game very much and my party level is 60 but this, sucks.
  3. Imbalance Heroes
    Jhim Ng
    I'm quitting this non-sense. Imbalance heroes are really making the game stupid. Not to mention how they put stupidly hard party in crucible of fire. They should have made proper matching in there.
  4. My char was reset?
    Tjhung Robin
    I only haven't played for a few weeks... have to update it only to find my account was reset... give them back... :(
  5. Changing back to 5 star
    Ronny Halim
    This is a great game ... even tho it was broken during update last time, but the developer do repay us all for the broken update and fix them asap. Excellent cust service who worked promptly
  6. Thanks a lot!!
    Echizen Ryoma
    Now i can play it again. Thanks funplus for recovering my data. I really, really enjoy playing this game. 5 !
  7. Napat Kanlayakrit
    In-game activities didn't work as announced. Poorly run
  8. downloading 0/0
    Idban Secandri
    after upgrade latest version and login..... downloading proccess not even move single byte after 5minutes its seem stuck always 0/0
  9. What fuck?
    Calvin Yew
    Can you guys please stop failing to update? Why is it so hard to make a perfect update? If you can't, don't bother updating please. Oh God.
  10. Always crash
    Miko Detorres
    Awesome game but.... every 15 mins. Its always crash. Force to back in a home scree. Please FIX THAT DOT ENGEENER so will rate it 5star
  11. It keep doing the same thing
    leesaleena toat
    The game keep shuting down...what wrong with this....please help...i really ×3 love this game...
  12. Almost well done steak
    Sho K
    if only the character were taller.. It will be job well done. But still job well done
  13. Loved it! But..
    Alexander Wilhelmus
    Please.. the diamond's price is too high.. more discount please.. :')
  14. Good game
    Robin Teo
    Good game indeed, unfortunately many bad reviews from what i saw all the feedback, i hope in future this game won't disappoint me...
  15. Love this game but....
    Raditya Candra
    I was changing my device but i lost my game data. Need help.
  16. Bad
    ragupta satya
    I was playing this game on ice spear server... now i cant login... try another server... become lvl 1 again..? Cmon.. just wasting my time... damn...!!!
  17. Account gone in another update
    Rhicko Mangubat
    IGN/PARTY NAME:PENANCE Party level:53 server: phantom stride VIP 3 please fix
  18. Muuuucccch better!!
    Jennielle Ann Tafalla
    The downloading loop is gone, thanks for the fast respone. sorry for my bad review on the last.
  19. Love it
    Aeisha Lao
    Love the game so much fun super awesome u guys are in my favorite games list......
  20. Great game
    Jerry Goh
    Update: dot arena has manage to resolve the issue and coming up with great updates, well done!


What`s new

● Runestone sets have been added to the runestone system.
● The original Caverns of Time, Dojo, Elemental Temple, and Prophecy Pool icons have been removed and consolidated into Time Spiral.
● Dailies have been modified to include Daily Chests.
● Levels 21 to 25 have been added to the Sky Fortress.
● Chapter 19 mode has been opened.
● Several hero skills have been balanced
● New Hero Awakening
- Simon
● New Hero Artifact Awakening
- Drakaina, Dawn, Vincent, Oggie



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