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شعله درب عقلك يوميا


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  1. Dragon Gem
    Steven Watson
    Really fun game. Helps time pass quickly. There are 3 different games (levels) to make 300 levels and give you variety. The 99th level of the first round took me 4 weeks to get it right.
  2. Android
    Cassondra Rypstra
    Love the game and it's very addicting, can't stop. Only problem I have is the music, it's elevator music, should be more upbeat music. Not put ya to sleep music lol. Other then that, awesome game.
  3. Enjoyable addiction
    Babydoll Persinger
    Didn't want 2 Stop play n 2 go 2 sleep b/c I was addicted 2 this game & was enjoy n it so much.
  4. Julie Smith
    It will keep you busy and not a lot of aggravating pop up ads to distract you. Enjoyable.
  5. Entertaining but...
    Nosey Parker
    Too much emphasis on time to make levels difficult and too many random shots to make levels even possible means that the game is basically dependent on luck rather than skill. If that's the case why do I even need to be there? Oh yes, to look at all the Ads, silly me.
  6. Addictive
    Mandy Hall
    Help me im trapped inside this game i cant escape sleep evades me i try to fight it but it keeps saying "just one more level" if you download this game be afraid be very afraid it will take over and you are powerless to say "no more please i need to sleep" Oh no i can feel the pull i need to go some one out there!!!!!!!#!
  7. Dragging gem.
    Jyoti Lulla
    Very good game. Goes on very fast. Don't have to wait for lives. Feel like playing & playing.
  8. Good game play annoying ads
    Brian La Rose
    The interstitial ads can get very annoying, with auto playing video ads occasionally. Very annoying.
  9. Fantastic
    amanda clark
    This is one very addictive game!! Superb play, simple but challenging at the same time. Hubby and I are completely hooked.
  10. 1 of my favorite match 3 games
    Cynthia Dawn Raynor
    This game is fast its fun & its addictive! My kind of game! So far Ive had no problems with lvls getting stuck & unable to beat a lvl after months of playing. The prior match 3 I had worked so hard on glitched so I wasted all that time only to uninstall & start over! So thank you for this free game...full of lots of lvls that quick thinking actually allows you to beat!!! Please add a part 2 game so when I finish this I know I will have yet another awesome & glitch free game to play! Rated 5 stars!
  11. Challenging Intriguing Game!
    Kimberly Holland
    I'm really enjoying this game. It seems that I'll have to really work to get 3 stars on each level, which is a good thing. Love the fact that you don't have to wait for more lives. Free, as it states, which is great! If you really pay attention and try to get the most out of each move, such as matches of 4 or 5, the different bombs & lightning etc really help you out. Very challenging and I would say it's appropriate for an intermediate skill level. I hope you enjoy the game!
  12. Maria Christine Howard
    I find this game more of a challenge for me. Most games I get bored with but this has more of my attention.
  13. Very addicting
    Nicole Ryan
    After completing it the 1st time, I downloaded again. The only problem is if someone calls while you're playing it doesn't pause the level you're on, it resets the game so you have to start the level all over again.
  14. EUREKA!!!!!!
    reyanne slack
    I just re-downloaded this game from when I had it before been playing for awhile & I STILL. .love this game. I am soooooo sleepy right now but I can't bring myself to STOP playing!!!! Thanks for fixing ALL those bugs that made the game freeze continually.LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS STILL!!!!
  15. Dragon Gem
    Patricia Lesher
    Boring game when make one play it states no more move then it times out when you start to make any points. There's no reason to play this game.
  16. I'm hooked!
    Miriam Bumgarner
    This is such a great game. Every time I have finished it I uninstalled it only to reinstall it so I can play it again. ☺
  17. Joe Pierce
    Love this game! Have a hard time putting it down. Passes time like bo other. Easy to play.
  18. DragonGem
    April Hiatt
    Love the game although it sometimes I play it too much and don't get done what I need to!
  19. A good game-good distraction!
    Virginia Downey
    But, it freezes everytime I play; (
  20. Susan Severin
    Fun game. Do not need to wait for next level and not many adds. No need to pay for anything. You can just play and relax.


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