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  1. Jewels star legend
    Bob Sylvia
    The match 3 plus game is very addictive. I can't stop once I start.
  2. Fun
    Jessica Camp
    It is quite addicting but EXTREMELY difficult to pay attention when an add is blinking at the bottom of the screen. I don't mind the adds but the blinking ones mess me up! Otherwise 4 stars
  3. Great but Frustrating
    Gary Bennett
    Enjoy the game, except it has to many "no move" periods. Still very entertaining.
  4. Anne Coombes
    Anne Coombes
    Fantastic game in essence. However, there are some levels at which it is virtually impossible to get the full 3 stars without the aid of power gems, and clocks particularly. The one change I would make is that I would like to see any power gems and clocks, etc. being held over when there are "no more moves" and the screen re-sets. I think this would make this game unbeatable. It is totally addictive after all.
  5. Too hard
    Kev B
    The game becomes very stingy about bonus time at advanced levels, so eventually your game play hits a wall. No more fun. Played the same level dozens of times without winning 3 stars. Games that are super popular are usually super easy, or at least have the option.
  6. Seriously???!!!
    Cathy Neary
    Guys! Seriously! I'd love to support your app, but it's just Impossible and the game is the Pain in the A**! Always Out of Moves!!! What the Hell?! Seriously! Guys! Do Sth About It! Otherwise, you're gonna lose your clients!
  7. Smooth play
    Kimberly Kielar-hirko
    I enjoy this game during some down time. Relaxing, smooth graphics, challenging without being annoying. Boards are interesting & I like the power-ups too.
  8. Two for the price of one
    Deborah Johnson
    Very good game - ideal for passing the time of day. What's more there are two games on the one app. Same game but different ways of doing it - class
  9. Ginny Hill
    Fun! Addicting! Best jewel game out there but still hard to get stars, less as you go to other worlds until you cant solve in the time given..Me? I just uninstall and start over because it is fun!
  10. Kim Spangler
    I absolutely love this game but THE UNWANTED ,IRRELEVANT FLASHING ADS!!!!!!! Even though they're at the bottom of my screen , the flashing is FREAKING ANNOYING!!!! Even after i 'report it" it continues. It'll be ridiculous that i uninstall yet another app because of this. ...... Grrrrrrr!!!!!
  11. Fun but can be annoyingly frustrating
    Jean Keegan
    Fun and addictive, but some panels depend too much on luck and become too frustrating. For those, they should provide more of the jewels that give more time.
  12. Jewels Legend
    Maureen Juarez
    This is a fun time based match 3 game. You beat the clock by matching as many jewels as you can. Use the bonuses to help you.
  13. Dee Frank
    Dee Frank
    Been playing this game for a long time. It is a challenge at certain levels. Do like the game a lot though.....
  14. Excellent
    Raymond Mallard
    Used to think jewels star was addictive but this is more. Trouble is once you get into the higher levels is that its all "No More Move" you may get six of these before you score anything, the fatal flaw in the program is when the shapes start dropping down the timer is half your times gone and you've no score, so you reset instead.
  15. It's challenging
    Steve Lafon
    I do enjoy a challenge, but I frequently get 'no more moves' and the clock is still ticking.
  16. Jewels legend
    Kirsty Stillwell
    Like most of the game. Very addictive. However when you have time gems would be nice if they got carried over when no more moves.
  17. 3 problems :(
    Elizabeth Harrison
    Less stars. ..... BTW I LIKE PLAYING THIS ...BUT... FIX IT!!! #3 same old stuff #2 when I beat the last score I do not get another star. Why is this happening #1 Please fix the bug causing the game to freeze up while the time keeps ticking. I really love to play.Just different enough to be fun #3 Nothing fixed, nothing different. Soon less stars.
  18. I really enjoy this game
    Chasity Parks
    I prefer the casual mode. Often times it has to shuffle the pieces and when it does it keeps the time ticking and you loose bombs and time extenders. That's not cool at all . Otherwise this is a great release from stressed days . It really takes your mind off negative thoughts and you can focus on your next move.
  19. pip odd
    I am not a lover of games that give you bonuses but make it so hard to get them then when you have no moves you don't get them back in the new mix. some are not a a skill exercise just a joke by the makers .if you can't make a three pattern at all in the puzzle it shouldn't be there.
  20. "No More Move"
    Veronica Smith
    This game is completely addicting. .... I absolutely love it. However, as you progress in the game, it's irritating to constantly have to have your game resetting cause there's no more moves. Not to mention, this eats up your playing time. I've been on the fence about this game but I have yet to stop playing it.... :-)


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