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  1. Bev Pet
    Since new update on my nexus 10 I can no longer get it to open , good game please fix this and I will give this 5stars. Problem now fixed, thanks
  2. abbie lyon
    This game is exactly the same as Gems Journey. With the exact same levels and sound effects. I was looking for a game similar to Gems Journey, not the same game with a different name.
  3. Candy Taylor
    Had to reset whole phone and when I re-installed this game, it retained my progress! How cool is that? I'm definitely addicted!
  4. Robin
    Robin Kniss
    Love the graphic but the gems and boards are too small also sometime actually a lot of the time its almost impossible to see the board with so much of the graphix going on otherwise I would give it 5 stars but the worst is its too small and I have small fingers I can't imagine trying to play the game with bigger fingers it would be impossible same problem with jewels star 2
  5. Better than 2nd.
    Gabi Coburn
    Highly addictive both on challenge and arcade. Feels a little clunky, but doesn't detract from playability. Star markers let you know how well you're doing.
  6. Jewel's Star
    Keith Olinick
    This is the closest thing to Crack I have ever had in my life! I can't stop playing...........and I've tried! !!!!!!
  7. It's OK.
    linda stollar
    I have two complaints about this game. First let me say that I understand why there are ads on games. I don't normally mind them, but when the ads are constantly FLASHING they are distracting and annoying. The second thing is, when the creators make the levels so difficult that one must play each one over and over, the fun goes away. We want to win..
    Robert Campbell
    The game is fine, buf the intrusive pop up ads every 10 seconds are infuriating. I will never download another of this developer's games again!
  9. Fantastic!
    Herb Swift
    Never thought anything would beat Dragon Gem, but this surely comes close!
  10. Player of the year
    Theresa Tigner
    I really enjoyed the challenges of the game. Set a goal of 3 star's for all levels and it took many hours but was a great challenge. I need a new one have played all of them and mastered the game.
  11. Mentally seductive
    Johann Smit
    This game is fun, addictive, and creative, in a way. Some levels are not very difficult, while others are. This makes me want to see the next level, even if I want to stop already. Just to see if it would be difficult or not. Great puzzle!
  12. Good fun game
    Mark Taylor
    A mix of 2 similar games that removes the frustrating bits (creeping mucaloids or ice) and gets back to being fun. Although they may appear in later levels, at which point I will stop playing it as they are a really rubbish mechanic. But so far it's a 5! .. Well that was short lived .. The creeping mucaloids/ice mechanic is in this game .. So, uninstall and 2 stars. Shame. Edit: played the arcade mode which seems better, so far .. Back to 4 stars.
  13. Jewel Star.
    Maureen Mulder
    I love this game but......... 52 and 53 are impossible to get through.Extremely frustrating!!! You have a SCAM advertising, you may have a virus on your tablet, Scan imediately! At a charge of R7 per day !!!Samsung provides FREE anti virus service.please check out these people. They will cause me to delete all your games.
  14. Margaret Dye
    This game would be good if there was any way of knowing how it arrives at the scores. There is absolutely no way of knowing how to improve scores because the secret is known only to itself. When you think you have done well it decides otherwise. That's frustrating. Also unlike other jewels games you cannot move until all the jewels are settled, so there is a lot of waiting which eliminates the ability to better your score.
  15. Good but too much luck involved
    Henry Vo
    Removal of clearing a block after a couple of matches makes this game really luck based as some blocks have one possibility to clear them or you need 4+ match (most of time, there is no room for them). Also needs to prevent no more match boards multiple times in a row. It wastes time for you for no reason. Also bring back high scores.
  16. Enjoy but...
    Julie Strauss
    I enjoy the game - levels in challenge level, so far, aren't too easy nor too hard making the game enjoyable; graphics are very nice, but the FULL PAGE ADS between many levels kinda spoil the fun. The arcade level isn't as enjoyable for me but haven't encountered the full page ads so far. Will continue to play the challenge level. I will play a bit longer before deciding to keep or uninstall & whether to score higher or not.
  17. Jewels star
    Shari Ross
    I got to level 3 three times and had to uninstall the game again but this time it would only scroll thru game ads. Hvnt been able to open since! I like the game so pls fix.
  18. Hours of Annoyance Just What I Like
    Kae Harvey
    Good game, not crazy-hard, but not so easy that I spend large parts of it watching it play itself. I also LOVE the fact that I can keep playing WITHOUT having to either pay for lives or wait. Would buy an ad-free version just for that reason.
  19. Jewels Star 3
    björk surrounded
    Excellent game, I loved the planetary world backdrops, kinda like bejeweled 2, music is cool too.
  20. Sue Stephens
    Very addictive and doesn't ask for money to buy lives or anything! Exactly what I need when I need to de-stress at the end of a busy day at work!


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