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dating games


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  1. Needs more
    Melissa White
    It was pretty good for the fact that you get to choose things but there has to be some sort of a plot line... Like if you choose something wrong then the guy tells you it was a good date but you're not what he is looking for or something like that... Thanks anyway=)
  2. Boringggggggggggggggggg
    Alexia Kawata
    Wish i could give it a zero this game is lamer then watching your grandma playing chess for 10 hours they sould reallyvad excitment to the game like u can getmarried and have kids and cheat get divorces and u sould be able to be killed or just die of old thats a exciting game
  3. Boring
    Ty Dudley
    It is really boring to me please add more things to it like going to different places to date or something not the same place every time but I'm going to uninstall it so good luck to download it next very dumb ✊
  4. Boring
    James Challis
    This game is sooooo boring you should be able to go on more dates I'm the sister of the person who download this rubbish game needs improving and fast
  5. Desperate for Improvements
    A'mari DJ Mona-Lisa
    I understand the concept of satisfying the men in the game but more is needed. I finished the entire game in 7 minutes. In my opinion, there should be a way for the characters to buy clothes, choose a guy and charm him, and further their relationship. Last but least, allow her to breakup, as in furthering their relationship the can go into marriage like he propose and she has a career of our choice. Divorce, something that lasts and hook the players. Once you play the game you'll like what I'm saying.
    Emily Brown
    Good game lots of fun plzz try i want it to be a HIT!!!!!! try its very alsome if u try im pleased with you JUST TRY PLZzzzz** )
  7. Jahnaya Williams
    Very stupid game who ever meade it needs to fix it cause its on the enternet also so they can s pend there no lifes buts and fix it thank you
  8. It's ok but needs improvement.
    Emily Jordan
    This game has a lot of potential, it's just really boring. And you can basically cheat with all the hints. I think you should have a limited time to memorize the cheats and actually talk to the guys by typing what you want to say.
  9. Himanshi Jain
    Yakkkk game.... Stupidity limits crossed!!!! Hate it wastage of time the game just startted and ended within 10 mins... Whats the use to installl such a yakkk stupid game
  10. Nothing like the description
    Eléa Cahuet
    It tells you everything to do and you don't actually go on the date. You dress, decorate the room and make food and that's it.
  11. It ok
    Kaitkyn Wilson
    This game is great but I was expecting a realized date not designing
  12. Roger Ramirez
    i wish it has more dates and options . if you make it i will give you 5 stars
  13. I don't know yet
    Alison Wall
    It might be good iv never played it but I am now
  14. I like it
    Kierra Singleton
    The only changes needed is the opportunity to create your own avatar and be able to type greetings and stuff like that
  15. it was So stupid I hate it
    Haley Asher
    it was so stupid I hate it I gave u a one because u need to make it were they go on dates and stuff and get married
  16. Booooooring
    EMMANUEL johnson
    This game is bullsheet......fool maker I hate this game stupid game plz dont download this game this game is so boooring...mb waste game plz close ur booring games games2win company..............:(
  17. Bull S***
    Yolanda Collier
    After you finish you have to go back and do the same thing over when you already passed the date
  18. Wow
    Paige Coles
    Great game love it look like the name games 2win really pays off :-) :-) :-)!!
  19. Not bad..
    Pamela Bayard
    It is actually a cute game. I would just have the characters interact more with each other. IT Just needs more interaction on the actual date. The concept however is cute. There just needs to be more of a storyline. After the girl gets ready for the date and cooks his favorite meal to his liking what happens after that? I think a story line needs to be more developed and interaction more so with the date.. Just my opinion. Thank you!
  20. Needs more NO more hints
    Noell Hargrove
    It needs more you just it doesn't need pants because it just makes the game too easy you need to surprise a guy that she doesn't like you so what play a different game