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Rutger Peters | Founder & Company Dean at Gynzy

Greater New York City Area |

Wigle de Vries | Senior Graphic Designer

Eindhoven en omgeving, Nederland |

Kim van den Eng | Game designer at GameHouse

Eindhoven en omgeving, Nederland |

Nadia Orenes Ruiz | Game Designer at GameHouse

Barcelona y alrededores, España |

Reviews 39,455

  1. I love & hate it!
    Ragan Robinson
    Love- the fact that you can play it in android, the quality is great, and the story is so cute. Hate- the fact that it's $9.99 for a freaking game that I can get for only $5.99 online. Its ridiculous! And you can only play 4 LEVELS! And you can't take the snapshots for the scrapbook in the first levels like you can on the pc version. And I didn't even pay for it on the pc. It was a free trial from WildTangent games. It's known 4 free games
  2. I love this game!!!!
    Sarah Hayes
    This game is awesome! I would of gave this game 5 stars but its a shame we have to pay for the levels after level 4. But otherwise great game!
  3. Great game!!
    S Twirre
    This game is a lot of fun. Lots of variety in what to do, good story and cute characters. A little disappointed in the short length.
  4. I really liked it
    elizabeth reid
    I like getting an opportunity to play this fun game and I like that u are working and being a mother at the same time it is so inspiring I think that people should download this game I love it thank u for making this wonderful game I will enjoy play more!!
  5. I'm shocked the price of this game. $7.99
    geraldine kennedy
    Because I purchased the 1 2 3 Emily's. But when I reboot my tablet I have to purchase the game again makes me sad. I don't think they have clouds to recovered.
  6. Fun BUT
    Fee Mee
    If people complained about the game being $8, why increase it more? Have you added anything to merit the increase? I have been a loyal Emily fan but will not spend $10 for this one
  7. Lost all paid levels!!!
    Raashida Greer
    I paid for the full game and when I opened the app one day all my progress disappeared and all the levels I paid for were locked! I tried restoring it but it didn't work!!!!
  8. Love it!!!
    Farhana Khalid
    I'm a big fan of delicious series & the story always so amazing!!! Can't get enough of it!!! However it became more expensive than before
  9. Wtf
    Amy Parsons
    I bought full version for 9.99$ and it did nothing I still only have levels one to four and they have the nerve to ask me to purchase again Wth!! Please fix I just redeemed $15 this took ten and I dont get to play it I don't think so
  10. Short but fun
    audrey harris
    I only wish there were more levels 7.99 was a bit much but its better then 30- 100 dollars on a ps4 game i see so many ppl complain about 7.99 but go out and buy a very expensive ps3 or 4 game for themselves or there kids talk about contradiction just stop how about either buy it or if its to expensive move on nobody wants to see the same comment over and over doesnt help decide if the game has glitches or if its fun
  11. Great game
    Stephanie Corkery
    Way too expensive, I can buy full PlayStation games for the same price and those games take 40 plus hours to beat, this game I can beat in about 6 hours while watching TV. There's no reason for the price to be this high.
  12. Super awesome game!
    Haley S
    This game is so addicting but so cool! I love that you can play offline and the storyline is very detailed and fun to follow.
  13. This series is awesome!
    Samantha Rosado
    I started playing the Delicious Emily series since the True Love edition came out and I have not been let down or disappointed by any of the games that have been released since then.I have even just finished the lastest release: Delicious Emily's New Beginnings and am happy to see that the story plot is still going strong.The graphics are clean, the animations, movement, and facial expressions are smooth. Nothing less than what I expect from GameHouse.This my favorite series, more than Cake Mania.Thank you!
  14. Fun but upsetting!
    These games are so addicting but I am disappointed to have waited this long for a new one to be so short. Also paying 7.99 for the full game to get cheated in levels!!! I honestly feel there should have been more levels to play.
  15. Not as good
    Erica Jarvis
    Waited for this update for a long time. Didn't like the storyline (focuses too much on the kid and not the love story) and found it too easy . half-assed at the end just just to get to the end of the story and found it lacking. Please focus on Patrick and Emily next time.
  16. Delicious continues to be a favorite
    Nathan Morse
    This series of games is superb. Having a real plot, and character development, which progress not only within a single game, but the entire series really does a lot for the game; however, even without that, you have a fast-paced, high-quality, run-around-a-restaurant game.
  17. Fun game, but...
    Kristi Simpson
    ...Only four free levels. I kinda like how there are two purchase options. Can play a few more levels without having to buy the whole game. Gonna uninstall cuz it's boring replaying the free levels.
  18. Love Emily, hate the Price!
    Emily Wise
    I love all the delicious games and have bought them all in the past but I think that this one is just too expensive- I was soo disappointed to get hit with the price after a great start. According to other comments it sounds like a short game too so especially not worth the cost. Very sad.
  19. I'm sad...
    Jessica Rhoads
    I'm just like all the rest; really disappointed about paying 10 for this... I trusted you guys! I have enjoyed each Emily game with zest and got real excited that another stage came out. I don't really "buy games",- but I've bought yours. (you basically make me...) I thought, it's gonna be AWEsome @ ten dollars!' You got me this time! Dear Santa, We've all been very good. Please surprise us all with springtime thru fall harvest/Halloween for free in return. Thanks, love your loyal customers/fans. Xo <3
  20. Big fan.
    Melonie Yawger
    I own all the delicious games available to me for my tablet. In fact I'm looking forward to buying the Angela game when it comes next year. However, it really hurts to pay 8 bucks for a game when the whole series are 5 bucks a game. Any chance of a 3 dollar credit for the next one?


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