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Nil Vereshchagin | CFO at Game Insight

Москва, Россия |

Anatoly Ropotov | CEO at Game Insight

Lithuania |

Alexander Mustakerski | Deputy CEO on Legal matters, Head of Legal at Game Insight

Other |

Anastasia Afonina | Marketing Manager at Game Insight

Россия |

Reviews 294,965

  1. Great fun
    Lorna Arnott
    Good for stimulating visual skills. However not enough time allowed before running out of energy points unless you want to keep paying for them.
  2. Takes too long
    Joseph holcomb
    Overall I love the game, the only downside to it is it takes forever to unlock some of the areas because of the amount of items you need, some of the keys are so expensive that it would take days, weeks, if not months to save up the amount of coins it cost, and I seem to have a lot of collections completed, I just takes forever to actually get the things I need to turn them in...
  3. Overall fun with excellent graphics!
    Wendy Granvold
    Excellent graphics & fun to play. I've stopped paying attention to a lot of the tasks because there's too many of them which are unattainable due to lacking objects in a level that's way above where I'm at or not being able to find/get them elsewhere. Fun object finding game though!
  4. It's alright
    Teani Jimenez
    I don't like that they advertise more in ap purchases then helping the player get free bonuses
  5. Game loading again but too pricey
    Marianne Neal
    Stopped loading after 15 July update. Started working after 24 July update. Long time but at least now sorted. Thanx 4welcome bk gift. I'VE PAID £00s on this game. U need 2sort the exorbitant costs. Game Qt gd BUT unless ur V V careful, u can pay out lots of money &still achieve nothing Eg Boss system on Bathroom etc. As progress &more locations available 2play, they are still kept locked &u hv 2pay lots to enter, often even have 2pay 2layers of costs! Don't be so greedy. Game is gd so Reasonable charges ok
  6. Mirrors of Albion
    B E Smith
    Hate the pop ups of offers while playing. Otherwise nice graphics and good hidden object game.
  7. SJ Hersha
    While I still have great fun playing on my Samsung tablet, I have had to bring my rating down due to a couple of issues. 1. The number of times it has crashed on me in the last couple days. 2. The latest crash came just after I had made an in-game purchase which resulted in my NOT receiving what I had purchased. 7/26/15.
  8. Would be great if they fixed the glitches
    Carol Bishop
    Every time this game has an update there are more frustrating glitches that make me stop playing for a few days. Try checking your updates are working properly before releasing them to the public please!
  9. Taking too long to unlock new locations
    Susie Liew
    Nice game and graphic, would give it a 5-star if it wasn't because of time consuming process for unlocking new locations, which seems impossible.
  10. Fun
    melody agron
    I like this game a lot...however, it takes forever to unlike new levels and is virtually impossible to do so....i feel likes it takes months of not more to unlike things
  11. Money money money
    Marilyn Campbell
    Kind of fun, but always eating more and more money.
  12. Pretty good game
    Holly Topolnicki
    Just takes too long to replenish energy. That would be my only complaint.
  13. Mirrors of Albion
    Darlene Vanderhoof
    I really dig this game. A bit confusing at first but stay with it and you will dig it too!
  14. Entertaining
    Jessica Barker
    I love this game. Play it everyday!
  15. Take too long to continue game play
    Albert Enchia
    It costs mad energy to enter a site and ALL day to refill such energy #ijustwanTtoplay
  16. Love it!
    Marie Lacoy
    Really enjoy the game. Great fun for all ages.
  17. Kira Vidaca
    Wish credits didn't get used up so fast or that diamonds were so difficult to get without buying them.
  18. Pretty entertaining!
    Tia Hey
    I like it! My favorite game for sure!
  19. Amrita Gupta
    Awesome. But it takes more than months to unlock new locations or else you will have to purchase putting tons of money....there should be options to get unlock locations before they expire
  20. Annette Hurlburt
    Game is fun but far to expensive for a glorified board game.


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