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Nil Vereshchagin | CFO at Game Insight

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Anatoly Ropotov | CEO at Game Insight

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Alexander Mustakerski | Deputy CEO on Legal matters, Head of Legal at Game Insight

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Anastasia Afonina | Marketing Manager at Game Insight

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  1. No Saves
    Neville Millward
    Great game by I can't save because I changed my devices twice already and on each ocassion I had to start from the beginning and I was quite far into game other that that great stuff....
  2. Quest?
    Reigh Tuhy
    Where do I go for quest? I keep playing and playing but to move i need quest..... grrrr. Other than that pretty cool. Not sure if i like scrolls. Lol. Like tye old tribez.
  3. It's fun but frustrating-ly buggie
    Lucia Craig
    I'm enjoyed the game, but it crashed and lost all of my progress. I couldn't get it back by signing in with G+ and now no time passes when I don't actually have the game up. Poor little digital workers have been chopping down that tree all night and haven't made a dent lol
  4. WAS a great game
    CJ Scott
    Every time we have an update, we end up with a new problem. Like right now we have lost a lot of our neighbors (allies), gifting is a nightmare even after updates to fix it. We could use allies to help with work, now we have to invite our fb friends that don't play to get that help, it is impossible to get them to stop posting to your fb and your allies' fb, because posting to "only me" has a loophole that it posts to people who are tagged by them, and so much more, from bad glitches to gems disappearing. Support is starting to become friendly and more helpful, but I still recommend this game to no one.
  5. Any Help!
    Mark Nathaniel Merete Diñoso
    I'm very upset. With all the progress I made my level went back to zero/one. I've been playing the games for months and this is what I got with your recent update. I love the game and can't afford to start over again.
  6. Annoyance
    easdon liddell
    It's a great game but be wary. I was clicking too quick and lost over 100 gems just to clear a couple of bushes. Total waste and annoyed me
  7. Login it!
    Kelly Browning
    I love this game for the whole fun of it. U can pick it up and put it down frequently and there is always something to do..
  8. Karen van der Spuy
    My game has suddenly stopped opening after an update. I've waited you'll another update to see but it stops exactly at 75%then goes back to my tabs main screen. Help
  9. The customer service is great and prompt!
    Marie M.
    I had an issue and it was fixed the very next day! The service is swift here! The game runs smooth and no glitches
  10. Gregory Phillips
    Would have given it 5 stars if there had been more to do without spending real money...been unable to upgarade anything for a week.
  11. Fun frolics and dragons
    Calum Greig
    Picture a small kingdom just starting out building into what would be an epic adventure and you have this game.
    Whitley M
    WHAT HAPPENED?! I've put ages of progress into this game, bought in game currency a LOT, and had a level 53 game. This afternoon I open it and it says I am at the tutorial for level 1! All my money and time are gone.
  13. Cannot log in after update
    Jacob Võ
    It has been more than 24 hours and still can't log in to my game, it always crashs at 3.6Mb! And also I've read few cmt about after update, all the old progress we played will all gone. Is that true?!? Please do something fast...
  14. Love this game!
    Amy Thomas
    This game keeps me busy! Lots of fun!!
  15. Stoped working !
    yasin a
    My phone is asus zenfone 4 please fix it .. i want to play this game .. i always back to the main menu of my phone.. please fix it
  16. Addictive
    helen rowe
    Great game but no way of retrieving my other game from my old device ... I would have given 5 stars x still love it though x
  17. Can't transfer???? I'm updating my review. I play this game all the time. I love it. I upgraded to a new phone and customer service was great on transferring my game to my new phone.
    Kristen Smith
    I got a new phone and I can't transfer my game? ? I've spent a lot of real money to buy gems and now I can't play anymore. Really disappointed, I loved this game.
  18. Eric Evans
    very good game but as a lot of people have had ,game save lost and they cant get it back after 12 months of playing and have to start from scratch with compensation of 400 gems wow what a waste of time they are. I did contact game insight they looked into it which is what they said when it happened 6 months ago and gave me 400 gems,which in my opinion was a insult ,i have 7 emails off them telling me everything is sorted, over 6 months of playing the game 3 hrs a day and i get 400 gems which gets you nothing. i am sorry but this is why i am unhappy with the game ,the game itself is awesome fun, but only if everything gets saved.
  19. Keep Restart from first game!!!
    kofDz Kok
    Even you already connected google+, the game keep restart and download the same fail everytime!!! Offline same as online!! The game is actually great but the save game is sucks!! Fix it!! THX!!! Everytime lvl 10↑ then tomorrow start from first again!!
  20. Oliver Queen
    Like it so far, but may get bored with it when I can't progress without spending money.


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