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dry kill logic



Nil Vereshchagin | CFO at Game Insight

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Anatoly Ropotov | CEO at Game Insight

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Alexander Mustakerski | Deputy CEO on Legal matters, Head of Legal at Game Insight

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Anastasia Afonina | Marketing Manager at Game Insight

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Reviews 155,389

  1. Aurrianna Edwards
    Ok where did my game go. This sucks. Love the game but I can not except any gifts from friends who send them. Organization of friends list who play to help them is disorganized and they very rarely go through. Please fix might play more.
  2. Bad update
    steven willett
    Fantastic game but since last update 2 days ago I'm unable to load game just a blank screen. Now going to lose my 45 day login!! Once this has been fixed I want to continue were I was with days as its not my fault I can't login. Thanks looking forward to speedy fix.
  3. Love the app but can no longer use it.
    Allan Schilkraut
    I bought a new tablet the samsung tab pro 12.1 every time I try to download the game google play crashes. Is this because the game is not yet compatible with this device?
  4. instruction
    Amy Nauseda
    where do is find the instructions for the game? I'm full on all available resources, but I'm not allowed to upgrade anything. everything i click to upgrade, including the warehouse says i need to complete the current quest. where do is find out what the current quest is?
  5. Bad update
    David Hunt
    Since the update the game will not load. I was on day 43 but have not been able to play for days!! I hope to carry on when it finally sorts itself out as it is not my fault that I can't play! Please advise asap
  6. Deliberate trap at multiple levels: pay or no play
    Pete Thecheat
    Yes, I spent real money multiple times but the game tightens up worse the further you advance. Example, level 10 suddenly the mines/quarries/forests have run out of resources. Pay to restart/rebuild it. What the ..., I already paid to build it the first time. Pay or stay stuck level after level. There are no ways to increase silver or resources without losing from another source. You cannot get ahead even after spending lots of real money. Looks good but it is a trap.Reached star level 23. A total ripoff.
  7. Waste of a game
    Witek Wojcik
    This game has potential, but the fact that it doesn't link on multiple devices makes it absolutely useless. I play games on fb, Android tablet and an android phone. When I contacted support they suggested that I start a new game on every device and play three games because this one will not synch up on each device. Totally useless because of this one thing and because of this I have to warn you not to waste your time on the game.
  8. Not worthwhile
    Kenneth Rimestad
    Does not let u to use any email but Gmail. Don't link with pc game u already play. Not worth my time.
  9. Ehsanul haque
    Last two updates ruined the game. In the middle of June update, Restart contracts of Quarters option disabled on Control center and June 29th update App FC after watching a sponsored video. Plz FIx it
  10. Pay or Patience to Play
    Jarrod Frates
    If you want the game to move quickly, you will have to pay. Otherwise, you have to be patient. If you're not patient and you don't want to our can't pay, maybe this isn't your game. I'm working on L19, never having paid for anything. It's slow, but I'm getting there.
  11. Wait. Pay. Wait some more.
    G Thomas Hagan
    Deceptively easy at first. Quickly turns into a series of pay walls with nothing but more pay walls behind them. Stay away.
  12. Andrea Barney
    I like it, but I'm fairly low level. I'm reading the reviews, and I hope it's not a series of paywalls, cause I'll just uninstall.
  13. Issues with game
    Anthony Contini
    Since last update, game data/builds completely gone! No option to resync with servers to fix either?!?
  14. Engaging but...
    Dave Singer
    It frequently pauses. Sometimes OS even says it has stopped responding. Last update made the build and contract timers stop accounting for time you are not actively in the app. No response from support on posted forum issue for several hours. Seems last update was hardly tested at all before publishing it.
  15. Another update disaster? ??
    Jeff Keas
    Several mining operations have stalled on the countdown clocks. Apparently random to silver, lumber and few others. ..don't want to reinstall for fear of losing all progress ..too many horror stories....level 28 with 38 trains several of which are event reward n upgrade. This is potentially a great game except for lack of support which you would think is costing them players.
  16. Георги Георгиев
    Great game very entertaining. Very fast response after last update's crash bug. Two things remaining though not idea why but in the airport i am now getting the "no available airship" in russian - "Нет достъпньих дирижаблей". The second (and horrible) thing is that the control center for quarters is not working properly - I can pick the finished contract but i cannot restart it, which is extremely annoying considering i have plenty of shopping arcades and factories...
  17. Looks great, could be great, but...
    The scripted events in this game override player progress. I have 3 cities, created a residential district in each, and still the game persists in pretending there is no residential district in cross hill. I think that because i did not build the districts in the order the game scripting expects, it doesn't see that they are there, and any time i try to link my new city to the original two, it takes me back to CrossHill and demands i create a residential district, even though there is a residential district. This is a basic error that should have been fixed in testing. I guess this game will be deleted before long. Sad really, it's got a litof potential.
  18. Fun to play but...
    Kaoma Raggette
    I tried to play it on tablet and phone and one was ahead of tge other. Now i have to reinstall and see who is correct. Dont think i will stay with this game long. Id rather spend on jurassic world game
  19. Part of my routine now!
    Robert Anthony Ferguson
    Best thing about the game is that you don't need to spend too many hours nannying it. You just keep up to date and try remember where you were. Easy!
  20. Trains
    Terry Ashland
    Good game but takes so long to get anything done it cost so much to buy anything as well sorry but I like the game if improved I will give 5*


What`s new

- Upgrade transport and receive prizes. You now get a reward for each vehicle you upgrade to the max!
- Hire Maintenance Workers to keep an eye on your transport and automatically repair it when necessary.
- Sign contracts for parts. Contract duration now determines the number of chests you get instead of the quality of parts.