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Alexandre Pelletier-Normand | Senior Vice President Production at Gameloft

Montreal, Quebec, Canada |

Alexandre de Rochefort | Senior VP - CFO du groupe Gameloft

Paris 08, Île-de-France, France |

Rimniceanu Mirela | CFO

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Reviews 111,333

  1. Graphic issue on Zenfone 2
    Jomark Punsalan
    Spiderman have shadow but the people around the city doesn't have shadows specially the opponents. Also i was not able to purchase suits. And all of spiderman suit have same color of webbing pls fix that for 5 star.
  2. Doesn't work
    Colin Padron
    Bought it a long time ago and just downloaded it again and doesn't work on my Note 4, I'm pretty sure it didn't work when I first bought it either, please fix
  3. Please update
    Richard Washington
    Tried to download on on my Note 4 and doesn't even bother. Keeps giving error when I tried troubleshooting. Please help so I can download it. I don't want a refund.
  4. Love it Complete awesomeness
    Tyler Murans
    I absolutely love this game so great graphics are awesome I love everything about this game awesome everything awesome
  5. Just Wow
    Ryan Lamberson
    Can't believe I'm playing this on my Samsung tablet and it looks better than my 360 version! Great game well worth the steal at 90 cents :)
  6. Great but:
    Mohsen Ziaebrahimi
    1-Web width need to tiner. 2-Give us 20 present some expensive suits. 3-Some people objection to kraven boss battle is to hard give us a great tactic to defeate him or lower battle difficulty. thanks for advice (your negbuerhood spider-man).
  7. A Must Have Game
    Ali Khalil
    This game is easily one of the best games on the Google Play Store just because it gives you freedom and a little bit of action. Well done, GAMELOFT, so much worth the price.
  8. Back up the camera, Jesus.
    Kevin Carballo
    I played awhile ago and the camera was so much better. now it's too close and not setting to back it up.
  9. Loved it sooooooo much
    Abdullah Ansari
    I will never ever delete this game I will do a gameplay on my channel!! :-) btw I know how to download this game for free this app : mobogenie
  10. Anil Kumar
    Game is not working properly on Nexus 7(2012).It takes too long to start and hangs frequently. I am not at all satisfied with the game.
  11. Fun but laggy
    Brandon Davis
    Rubber a tad slow on my nexus 6. However I can appreciate the level of effort here.
  12. LOVE IT!!!!
    Joshua Musen
    I don't know why most people say this game dosnt work.. It works perfectly some times there's lag but you can understand that for a game with a big city in it that you can freely explore on a ( Android) phone :)
  13. Force closes
    Anthony Mc Laren
    Just tried to load the game, it just force closes. Would like a refund
  14. Dose not let me play
    Gibran Chaires
    I go too the main menu and click play the it crashes please fix
  15. Ok
    J Lopez
    Great game when it wants to work
  16. Compatibility
    Dancing Dasher
    Can't work on my tablet not compatible like what the check
  17. Does not open
    Moises Munoz
    I want to give it more ratings but doesn't even open on my Oneplus one after I installed it
  18. Runs good on nexus 7 (2013)
    dee jay footmerc
    Pretty fun game. I waited a long time for this to be on sale. Runs good. The camera is too close to spiderman, but it is what it is.
  19. Lagging
    Dennis Lo
    This game has lots of lags. Please fix
  20. Stupid people
    goodluck reporting
    Game works great on my lg g3 .....hahaha losers


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