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  1. kimberly humphries
    i love the game but it is way to hard to get acorns, and some of the other things you need to collect i thought golden clams were ment to hold good things instead all i ever get is berries ,it's hard to progress in the game with how impossible it is to collect certain things ... and i think you should be able to purchase some animals with berries
  2. Update is making it worst
    Grundy Nori Britius
    Why is it so hard to get accorn? I seldom get hidden accorn and with the new update, I can't even claim my reward for the event. I can't even participate in the event anymore and what is with the annoying ads? Without accorn there is no way I can continue the adventure so unless something is done to make it not too hard to get accorn, I think I'm going to delete this game & I will tell all my friends not to download this game.
  3. Like it so much!
    Joyce Perez
    The only thing I don't like about it is the difficulty in getting the acorns. If you really want more then you're going to need to spend some money which takes away the fun of the game. But other than that, I like it!
  4. It's cute to kill time
    Laurie R
    Overall the game is cute but the higher you get the more it seems you don't or can't get what you need to open bridges or get animals which would make you have to buy acorns or just stop playing. (Or you have to have a large amount of acorns to open some bridges which means spending money) and All i seem to get on the spin games or clams are shells and occasionally berries.
  5. Acorns
    Megan Sebring
    I enjoy the game but it is way to hard to get acorns. It's very annoying. Either make stuff cost less acorns or make it easier to get an abundance of them. The game has become worse since the update. Still having issues with the acorns.
  6. Like n luv it
    vaidehi anandaraman
    I luv this game however wen I try to look for events to play them I get an error stating check internet connection I always connect to WiFi n play still I get this error please correct this n I'll chAnge my rating as well
  7. Great game
    Alessandra Teti
    But after the new update i don't understand what i've to do with Ariscratle. Not clear. And often i cannnot take my accorns
  8. What???
    Jasper Brown
    When I first got this game I liked it so much that I had found Manny the day I downloaded this, after the next day, it says "Unfortunately, Ice Age Adventures has stopped working." All I have to say is, THIS IS GETTING UNINSTALED AND ALSO A WASTE OF SPACE! Thank you for your time.
  9. Birute Lauciute
    this gam e is a cheat! pathetic is to run day events and offer acorns as prices which you don't allow to claim! you cheat. acorns disappearing, shells not gathering. this game is not a free game and it must be. If you all about the money you must clearly say how much money you want per game. and then we decide. It's not possible to advance with this game, some upgrades are jus for acorns, and it is impossible to save animals without buying them with acorns. and it is impossible to get acorns that you need to advance. Especially when game makers cheat!!!
  10. Fix and I'll rate 5 stars
    Lauryn Boyd Lane
    I love this game a lot, play it everyday. However, it stalls, force closes, I haven't been able to collect that event prize in 3 days, just keeps saying try again later. And I can't start the new event. Very trouble some and annoying. If the issues at hand can't be fixed, I'm going to have to uninstall
  11. fun but frustrating
    charlotte rennie
    I've had X4 plays on the prize berg and every time it tells me I've won the golden white tiger egg but there is no egg/animal there displayed or in either nursery i have also rescued granny but in my villains collection creatous isn't there and easier way of achieving acorns or lower the acorn amount to complete bridges. also more game content needed completed apart from bridges maybe uninstalling waste of time for the amount of effort put into game play.
    Madonna Williams
    Really like the game. Was really disappointed that I didn't receive my 30 acorns that I purchased today but I did receive the bear. So I purchased another set but the 4.99 set which was 100 acorns. I did receive both the bear and the 100 acorns. If I ever do receive my other acorns I will change my rating to 5 stars. If I don't ever get them I will change my rating to a ONE star. Well never did get the 30 acorns I purchased and now with this update the daily reward challenge keeps coming up that it is unable to claim every other day or so. Removing the game and reinstalling doesn't help for me. Using a tablet to try and play this game.
  13. Honey
    Glenn Dalton
    I just love the game.. Acorns are supposed to be hard to get guy's.. They are like gold.. I've played the game threw almost twice.. Love the addition of volcanic islands, and now the artefacts thing...which I guess your still working on 'cos it won't do anything... feeding animals has gone to 23 plus days, x hours...has done this in the past but usually when I go back onto the net it fixes with a restart of tablet and game.. But not this time..any help would be great.. I only have 3 bridges left to build... 3 animal families to finish reuniting.. Please help!
  14. Disappointed
    Ursula Jackson
    Its a good game in general, however I'm tired of constantly battling with the daily challenges. It works 1 day then says there's a problem with the internet, which is not on my side. Emailed customer care a few times about this problem and it keeps persisting... Very disappointed
  15. Would be great BUT....
    Kips Betron
    The real money representatives (Golden Acorns) can be gone very easily in an instant by an accidental klick, as no confirmation is required. As the game progresses you need hundreds of them to go on, if you loose them by accident its really annoying. ( Just lost about 120 Golden Acorns - don't even have a clue for what or why.... it's really frustrating - I deducted 2 stars. PLEASE install confirmation dialog !!!!!!!! ) Otherwise great, funny and catchy game. Really nice graphics.
  16. Challenging and hard to get bored
    Jasmine Shaikh
    now this is my 2nd review for the the recent updation...still love playing the game...i agree as we go higher challenges to accumulate acron nd shells get tuff which is most needed to move further but i am not complaining for that coz thats the challenge in d game...and its exciting whn v r eager to complete the game with challenges...keep it up team gameloft...god bless u...
  17. initially great, getting worse and worse
    Alex Ossa
    What was an initially great game has been spoiled by "mysterious" challenges which are in fact not mysterious, just boring, by making mini-games rewards absolutely a waste of time and bugs which they are unable to fix increasingly not doling out the promised rewards for the daily events. Thank you, game developers, for making what used to be an addictive game boring and frustrating. Seriously considering stopping.
  18. Nice game but goddamn ads pop-up every 3 mins
    Hema Teja
    U got to b kiddin me. D game is so nice but dose freakin horlicks ads get splashed up al ova d fkin screen evry 3mins. Do u realise how annoying dat is. I fkin hate dis game jus for Dat reason. Otherwise dis really is a nice game. I actually thought of nt usind d word fkin , but dose irritating ads made me do dis.
  19. Great
    lauren baynum
    I really like the game but there are some flaws.
  20. Uninstalling
    jennifer mcravin
    I like the game... when it works properly. I am uninstalling the game due to continual problems like being banned for no reason multiple times, not getting daily rewards, and not getting event rewards I earned. Not worth the wasted time and frustration.


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