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  1. Cindy Bentz
    constantly kicked me off. couldnt make money hardly at all. hard to catch fish. got to level 34. then told me it found a saved game(or level or something). i wasnt sure which to tap on. it deleted everything i had done. started me all over! im not pleased. i am uninstalling this game
  2. Great game but one thing
    Chris C
    Increase the money production, the population, and having more spaces to build houses and buildings, and can u increase the energies 25 in to energies 100.
  3. Once loved
    Amanda Valentine
    I once loved to play this game, I'm level 98 i have lost all of my supplies that I had saved, the Golden axe that I paid for, the two shot gun that I paid for, also, a few items I have earned from the gold mine field, silver mine field, And the gold rush game. I recently updated the game a few nights ago and now this!?! I would have given all stars if this hadn't have happened. Now I am wondering if I should uninstall since I have lost my REAL money. I had $56 now I only have $3 on my account.
  4. Restarted twice
    Wendy Abitria
    I was in the 70s level and the whole game restarted. I lost all my unique items, everything. I started to play it over again and then it restarted my game again at level 13. At this point I'm not sure I want to keep going on again. My husband is using an iPhone and it hasn't kicked him off. My phone is Samsung galaxy. I think the android version has something wrong with it.
  5. Love it
    Shannon Weiner
    I love this game and looking online it seems I'm in the minority in one aspect . I don't get enough disasters and such. How am I suppose to do the heal and cure settlers quests if they never get sick and hurt?
  6. Restarted
    Valerie Baity
    I loved this game. Would even sneak and play at work. I got to level 86 and it restarted me. You can't hardly ever visited neighbors. Very upset. I will be darn if I start over. So I will be uninstalling this if it doesn't take me back to my level by saturday.
  7. Building issues!
    Alyssa Williams
    They game will tell you to build a market or something, I'll buy it put together and then it never takes away the tasks saying it's completed. Why is it showing that It was never done??
  8. Frustrated
    Christine Meyer
    I used to love this game. Not so much anymore. Gold map has not worked since January. Visiting neighbors is glitchy. What happened to Gold Rush items???!!! Nothing about game is associated with Discovery Gold Rush anymore :( Need to fix all the glitches! Bonus items would be nice and faster progress..
  9. Fun but has to many glitches
    Qurie Valentin
    The new map download takes your supplies to do the run successfully and then you get nothing after reaching your destination. And it costs to much money to get land expansions they want you to have a million houses and businesses but you have no where to put the stuff. Its frustrating.
  10. Too many crashes
    Lupe Wallace
    I truly want to love this game. I do enjoy playing the parts it will let me play. For over a week it won't let me visit friends, download maps, etc.... These issues are still there even AFTER the recent update. I'm not sure what bugs were fixed in the update but all the problems I have been experiencing are still there.
  11. Frustrated
    Used to play this a few months back, deleted it due to technical difficulties. Now I reinstalled it and cannot resume where I left off. Please help. Attempting to contact customer service proved failure, reset my complain/info 2x!
  12. Just getting "SETTLED"!
    Carolyn S. Harden
    Still tweaking things out. So far, it's pretty cool. Thought it was the Trail version, but this is okay!
  13. Won't fix bugs
    Teresa Marques
    I did love this game!!!For many months I have been telling them that my events and new map to the mines isn't working and still no fix and every times I get on my town gets flooded or something where it takes all my points to fix my town..I'm not even enjoying playing it! Also get kicked out the game when I click on the new map! I even started it over thinking my game was messed up and now I'm reading its not just me!!!wow his is crazy!!!
  14. Great game but lacking in certain aspects.
    Anshuman Singh
    Great game and loads of fun to play. I love graphics and also the gameplay. There are certain things which I would like to suggest that would make the game more exciting. Please make energy regain a bit faster. Its a little slow. Also there should me more options of earning cash. There are almost no options except to install more games or buy the cash. And there was a technical glitch that I also posted on your forum but got no reply. My travelling station is not downloading any maps and cannot access mines
  15. It was great........
    Deidra a.
    The game was my favorite...I was a daily player who got up to level 67, had every building and animal you could get with coins, and has 2.5 billion coins. Now every few hours I play I get a disaster that damaged ten buildings, it takes about 3 full days to get a new land expansion, and the quests are asking me to collect from buildings that I can not locate in the store to even build. It was my favorite, but now I think I'll uninstall for the 2nd time around. Good while it lasted.
  16. Too many disasters ready to uninstall
    Liz Caruso
    Loved the game but now the disasters are out of control. Every time I am down to the last building to repair another major disaster strikes and damages 11-14 more before I could even finish. After the 5th in a row it's no longer fun and I'm ready to uninstall. I'm at level 84 and was playing pretty regularly but now it's no longer fun. That many nonstop is a little excessive. One or two in a row should be the max at once.
  17. Thanks for deleting my progress.
    Rumble McSkirmish
    Sign into the game, it wants me to choose a character. So, after completing tons of missions, expanding my territory, and getting up to level 68, my entire game and all the work I put into it are gone! Wish I could rate less than one star. What a waste of time this game is. Time to uninstall.
  18. one of my fav games
    Heather Gentry
    This is one of my favorite games, right along with uno from gameloft. I been playing for years & im currently on a very high level. I will rate back to five stars once the games fixed. Out of now where the "hunt for gold" map stopped working. When i go to download it to open it, it starts to load and closes oregon trail game out completely. I reported this problem over 2 weeks ago, and still not fixed. Please fix asap. Thanks gameloft
  19. DON'T DOWNLOAD!!!!
    Sarah S
    I just downloaded the most recent update. It asked for my age. As I attempted to put it my she, it force closed on me. HOW RIDICULOUS!!! Back in December, I downloaded the update and I was able to get in for a fractions of a second and it force closed... :-( I've been waiting about 6 months! I don't want to have to start my whole game over!! COME ON GAMELOFT!!!!! (Droid Mini)
  20. Like the game, but.....
    Nathan Smith
    Loved the game at first. Now my traveler's station won't load a new map and I cannot access my neighbor's areas. Also, I have contacted administration twice with no reply. Update: Neighbors' areas work sometimes. Up 1 star. Still no response though. Since no update, now uninstalling. Too bad, potentially a good game. After uninstalling, they contacted me telling me to click twice on the traveler's station. Pretty lame help, like I didn't try that! I uninstalled, quit contacting me, your game is crap!


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