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Jonathan Beckman | Co-founder, EVNTLIVE (acquired by Yahoo!)

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  1. FairyTreasure Brick
    Terri Weaver
    Oh well, I just had texted out my rating for this ga me. It was a little long. It got lost cuz I forgot to give it the five stars and tried to go back and do the star thingy up there and I guess my rating got lost in the shuffle. So anyway, I like this game and it is the #1 game the background setting is so comically beautiful like a fairy tale. I ne er liked any game with the so called brick breaking till a friend showed me this one! Its the tops!!! Eh?
  2. Cool twist on Brick Break
    Jared Jensen
    I've played a lot of Brick Break games (and gotten rid of a lot of them). This is one I kept. It uses a map to show progress through the game and is enjoyable. The paddle floats on water so responds differently than the one you may be used to. There are also rare items to collect to open up special abilities. It is a little redundant but the color and unique style keeps bringing me back. One draw back is the menu that opens up on each level before you play. I like to jump from one to the next without the interference.
  3. Love it
    Lorraine raven
    This game is enchanting with beautiful graphics and smooth gameplay on htc one x. I love how the fairies lend a helping hand towards the end of each level, they make me smile :) and the music is very relaxing. Fairy Treasure puts a whole new spin on brick breaking games I cant fault it, Thank you.
  4. Paisley Greene
    Great take on brick breaking games. Beautiful graphics and runs smoothly on my Droid RAZR.
  5. Not too bad.
    Elizabeth Quiram
    Keeps me wanting to play and good graphics. Wish it would save my settings for the sound though.
  6. Fairy treasure brick breaker
    lori hudson
    I really like this game a lot. It is clean, good, old time fun..if you are old enough to remember..."Pong". Much more fun and much improved. It plays well, not any interruptions from play, beside my own failures at the game. Thank you much for this game. Definite 5 :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) plus :-) !
  7. Great game!
    David Neve
    Very smooth very pleasing to look at. I gave up on breakout games because of their choppyness and lack of precise control. Highly recommend this game.
  8. Terrific fun
    Melody Smith
    I started on the easy level but now at normal one. lovely way to make brick breaking game more creative.
  9. Stunning
    Roy Baines
    Possibly the best looking Arkanoid on play, a bit like blocks of pyramid but better. Don't know if it is really free as I've only done a few levels but it's quite challenging and satisfying so far and very worth your time
  10. 1sr time playee
    L Renee Daniels
    I really like this game. I have never played a brick breaker game like it. The theme is really cool. This is my favorite from now on!!!
  11. Let me tell you...
    Stevan Djukic
    Its a better game than any i saw on desktop!
  12. Awesome
    Martin Grohl
    Great game, but why in landscape? :( . Anyway, it deserves 5 stars.
  13. Great app!
    Punkshanks aka Lion King
    Plz make more games. Yours keep me hooked for hours!
  14. Stuck paddle
    Matt K
    Cool music great areas but on the odd occasion the paddle gets stuck on the edge of the screen
  15. A good game
    Waldo Makader
    4 stars addicted g .but it need to be more realistic.that's all
  16. Niice
    Tommy Green
    Don't let the name fool you, this game is awesome.
  17. Fun
    Tiffany Remley
    Great time waste. Very fun and so far no problems.
  18. Yes Sir!
    anthony fleetwood
    I like playing this... Real Talk! Its smooth and easy.
  19. Xcellent
    Addicting & fun game.pliz make more games like diz & Thanks for this game.
  20. Very fun brick breaker
    Chris C.
    This game is full of cool, colorful visuals and the sounds are clear and exciting. One of the best brick breakers Google Play has to offer.


What`s new

This version includes the following updates:
* Improved game controls
* Improved user interface
* Level difficulty adjustments
* Several minor improvements

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