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  1. Did you update/glitches
    Karen Leonard
    Love this game but all of a sudden there seems to be glitches loading game. Wish we could use coins to buy specials like power ups etc.
  2. Good game!!
    Cody Peavoy
    Very challengeing at times it deserves 5 stars but those ads can be very annoying at times. Over all i would recommend if you love challenges.
  3. Like it but all the ads...
    anthony russell
    Really like this game, fun, addictive for sure. And whilst I completely get the need for ads to fund these apps, my goodness they're constant. And, whilst it says that I can make them go away with any purchase, the purchases are all unavailable! It's a shame, I could even deal with some ads, just fewer please. Or let me give you some money - happy to you know. ;)
  4. Can't buy more penguins or powerups
    James White
    I really enjoy this game, it fun and addictive and a great way to kill time. The only problem I've had with it is I can not buy more powerups or the second set of penguins. I'll hit buy and it will pop up " please wait " for like half a second then nothing. Not even the option to confirm the buy. I can hit it multiple times and nothing happens. Please fix this I really enjoy the game. I'm on a Samsung Galaxy S5
  5. It's awesome!
    Valentina Garcia
    It's one of the funniest and most enjoyable mobile games I've played but the constant ads are a bit annoying though...
  6. Ann Dreibelbis
    I really love the game. It would be nice to be able to buy power ups with coin rather than actual money. I'm kinda stuck on a level.
  7. Jonathan Ray
    Great game but you can't restore in-app purchases or game progress if you have to reset your phone. Tech support is friendly and prompt but cannot restore remotely.
  8. #awsome
    chris williams
    This game is awesome and most fun in a game I've had forever!
  9. Cool and asome and cool
    Bryan Magdaleno
    I like it because you can dress you pungins and name them its just so cool
  10. Its great
    Joseph Mooney
    I really like the game cuz it's fun and challenging but the ads get on my nerves please reduce the ads and I will rate it 5★
  11. OMG ADS
    Chris Radis
    The game was enjoyable to play and burn up some time. Challenging at times. Buy Why does this happen. Great game with an add every now and again. Next thing, an ad every screen change. Even got an ad after another ad finished. Exiting the game I get a 30 sec unskippable ad. Come on, I know the game is free and ads subsidies for that. But it's going to make me delete it every time.
  12. Kristal jelley
    Short levels but most the time u have to go back to get all the pieces so makes it enjoyable
  13. Great
    Leah Cupitt
    I am not going anywhere without this game it is all good if you don't like this game you really suck really suck
  14. Adventure Beaks
    E. A.
    It has a childish theme, but is awesome to play, with tons of challenges, and a difficulty rating that is far beyond kiddie level of play.
  15. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ Liked it
    Alanna Lomugdang
    Would have been 5 if there were no ads after I finish collecting artifacts.. (๑´∀`๑)ฅ^._.^ฅ
  16. Great
    Jovan Lojanica
    Awesome and addicting, great if you have no wifi. Get this game, you will sure enough love it!
  17. Challenging
    Abby Waterman
    I liked all of it, the challenge of the obstacles and the set up of the game. The only upsetting part is the glitches it makes me lose!
  18. Just freaking adorable!
    Phil Phillips
    I absolutely love it. I would recommend this game to anyone of any age. its challenging, but the cute penguins make you want to come back for more! I love the graphics as well, beautifully designed. I don't know what all the fuss is about too many ads, I have not had this problem. so i give it five stars and five thumbs up! oh, and a penguin waddle. ;)
  19. :)
    Katrina Le
    The penguins are absolutely adorable! I love the customization and graphics as well. C: The game is very simple, yet addicting & runs very smoothly-- all in all, great game ;D ♡
  20. Props to you all
    David Chenard
    This game is more entertaining than holding a bag full of wolverines :)


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