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Narin Siritaranukul | CTO at PR Media 360 Co.,Ltd.

กรุงเทพมหานครและปริมณฑล, ประเทศไทย |

James Song | CEO, founder and owner, Gamevil

대한민국 |

Kevin Hwang | Senior Project Manager

대한민국 |

Pharaphatr Yasinporn | Marketing Manager at Gamevil Southeast Asia Pte. Ltd.

กรุงเทพมหานครและปริมณฑล, ประเทศไทย |

Reviews 162,100

  1. Great game
    Adrian Mclaughlin
    They just don't allow me too buy crystals and need more ways to get crystal so I can buy proper weapons for more advanced levels
  2. It amazing!
    Jide Banjo
    Just started over again, but you really need to allow us to buy which ever weapon we please. It's pretty ridiculous.
  3. Awesome!!
    Salvador Madrigal
    You know you've downloaded a great game when the moment you open it up with a full battery and the only reason that you close it is because your battery dies. Great game, tons of fun, only downside is the lack of ability to rack up crystals outside of the dungeon :( please help a poor kid in dire need of crystals, every crystal counts. :)
  4. Shissd asdv
    the game s great and gets more stuff sooner..anywys try to giv description abt the powers and weapon...most powers r nt well clearly happens in all cartoon war games..they dont explain the power r stats uses clearly..apart frm tis its a great game
  5. Oh my Lord this game is so RAD
    Jorge Martinez
    As soon as I got it I cold NOT stop playing. Very addicting you will have fun playing.
  6. So frigen. AWSOME BRO
    Debra Powell
    This game rocks in game play and in graphics I play it for hours and never get tired of playing it but it,s a little to get crystals cut that's ok I'm good away way it,s an AWSOME game
  7. Exellent Game
    Bob Willson
    I love the game but the items and upgrades are a little bit expensive I will tell my friends if you make the items cheaper or make it easier to get money and crystals
  8. So its glitchy.......
    Slendys Pal
    This game is great as I have played all of the previous ones! My only gripe with this is that whenever I play a dungeon and get gold, when I return to the main menu, I lose it. I think this is an autosaving glitch....... It just makes the game so much harder since I can't progressively get gold and in turn get gear.... Please fix this :(
  9. Good and bad....
    Calvin Nguyen
    Its good it has everthing but the enemys just spam the attcak button and they keepp killing me. Make enemys less Over powered
  10. Disappointing
    Andrez Johannes
    The game is fun but when I try to upgrade weapons either the app won't let me or removes the wrong amont of gold for the upgrade.. ex: 3000G for a 100G upgrade. This has happened several times already. Disappointing since I'm a big fan of gamevil & bigger fan of Cartoonwars. Its has been several months since I last posted my review still gold seems to be a big issue.. any gold I earn seems to wander off after i complete or lose a stage ... -_-)
  11. Who are they
    Joe Antona
    I'm not saying I DON'T like this game, it's just what are those guys and it will be pretty cool if you made an app about all of those guys and who are they.
  12. Awesome game
    Mushroom Kingdom
    I love this game is one of my favorites the only thing I don't like is that is hard to get Cristals... but after all this a great game
  13. Good game
    natalie tran
    Gamevill always makes the best games! And out of all the games, this is my favorite one! I would be cool if you made cartoon wars:zombies plus could you not make it not run on internet? I will rate 5 stars if you did
    John Rae Descargar
    I love this game and I wish you can get like troops to aid you.Anyways its amazing, and you create cool games like cartoon wars 2.
  15. ...
    Daryl Bell
    There's no text in any of the boxes that appear, like everything else is there but when I click a weapon it's just a blank box that has nothing in it. Love the game but that's really annoying
  16. Great game
    Donald Glover
    Game play is awesome but would prefer to get weapons if I want them rather than having to get each weapon in order and wasting crystals. If this is changed I'll give 5 stars
  17. Unfair
    SzeMun Philip
    Those monster hp too high and damage is freaking high also and those monster attack range is too cheating because when they attack they will never stop it till we die this is impossible to survive the next stage plz fix the bug so I give it as rate five star. I really uhate it because the attack range really no stop attack till I die especially the wizard cast the ice spike that follow you how to win like that not even can beat him
  18. Very hard crystal
    Menandro Santillan
    Crystal are very hard to get is there other way or this way Killing hard enemies or if you have rank S if you Make that I will give you 5 star
  19. Not bad
    Julius Estrada
    It is not bad but is has some problems i do not DO NOT I MEAN DO NOT!!!!! Like the overheld system i mean really you couldn't have came up with a better idea like the weapon needing to be prepaired or it braking if not doing so.Also the cost of the weapons is incredible really 3 gems just to get a dual short sword.This is my reason of repairing the weopons the cost and the benifit you can handle it i mean seriously plz inprove but besides this i love your game.p.s improve :)
  20. I love it !!
    JulianCeazar Carpio
    When i first downloaded this, i played all night, it's so awesome, the only problem is, the prises of weapons, can you please lower the prises of weapons cause it really bugs me, I'll give five stars if you fix it please!!


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