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Reviews 213,811

  1. Root Hater
    Tyler Lohman
    Not fair that I can't play just because I'm rooted. As if just because I'm rooted I would have any intention of changing the game. Wish I could rate less than 1 star but this will have to do for now till you allow rooted users to play.
    Christopher Johann Olanolan
    Thats why those things are STRONGER than you cause thier the MOST POWERFULL ENEMY'S.Thats how you have to play hard.and just Don't get Closer to the strong melee ones and don't go to the range enemy's RANGE so they can't shoot you.i'm like you're guide...Thanks for READING this comment...:3:3:3 (And Go to the RANGE Enemy's Back to Shoot them)
  3. Kahlil Wade
    It is a good game but the levels are ridiculous my health power is lvl 10 and the guys with the giant swords and the guys with the arrows are dealing me a lot of damage please fix and it is impossible to get gold on this game help a brother out with some gold
  4. Cartoon Wars 3?
    Samuel Valdez
    I was wondering when will it will come out and that may I help, and I've started acomic on CW series about this, wonderful francise, I'm your greatest fan, and player. Thx
  5. love it but...
    Anthony Winchester
    I love this game,it's everything I could want in cartoon wars but just like people say,level 69 is IMPOSSIBLE if there is a way to beat it please tell me,other then that it is the most fun I can had with cartoon wars :-)
  6. Great!
    Zulkarnain Yusuf
    Now I can finally play this again, the installing problem is finally fixed, and I love these kind of games. Keep it up GAMEVIL.
  7. Love it.
    nick pang
    Try playing it with servant of evil playing in the background it has great graphics and the song adds the sad element I like. I hate the wizard though its really annoying. Still great
  8. Broken.
    Gb Logarhythm
    My character is at level 69, everything works, except for the small fact that the game is stuck here. Anything I do in game is lost upon a crash that occurs after I switch from uzis to bow, and I'm reset to level 69.
  9. Brian Walton
    Great game, I used to play this on my ipod touch all the time and, now a few years later i am playing this game again, it is fun and visually amazing.... p.s. a good strategy is to not spend money on anything until you can buy the sniper rifle then use that until you can afford the sword guy, the sword guy is fast enough for u to evade enemies, while the sniper rifle has the highest damage output in the game once fully upgraded
  10. Best game ever
    Vince King
    I opened the game, and then the stupid loading screen came up, i started playing the game. 30 min later my pet octopus decides to start slipping around my house. After my octopus left my house, i heard screams of children... this is when i knew... for a fact... that my pet octopus was planning on dominating the world... then molesting all the lolis.... this game.... got me so unfocused... i love this game.... screw the world... i love tentacles
    Aditya Tri Nugroho
    I can't play this game just because my phone has been rooted. Wasted of time and money for downloading this app. Poor !
  12. Love it !
    Edwin Leon
    I found this game a couple years back and I got to say everytime I get a new phone this is always the first one download.
  13. Awesome
    Charlie Hatton
    Such an amazing game. I have all the cartoon wars games and this along with cartoon wars blade is one of the best. I like it how new enemies in every level appear and are harder Than the last and you can upgrade weapons to make super weapons!!!!!
  14. Thnx
    Charls Arinas
    Hey gamevil makers tnx for making a cool game that don't need wifi I gave four stars cauze I think it needs some improvements and pls make your other games uneccesarry of wifi connection then five stars
  15. Got far, reinstalled phone, now threatens now.
    Jonas Talkington
    Horrible. I played for a good while, then saved my progress with titanium. Reinstalled phone, and BEFORE restoeing data, opened clean program and tole me I would be prosecuted for unlawful activity for modding the program. WHAT? Terrible and insulting from developers.
  16. Yeaps...
    Ilham .D Habibie
    Well,Things Are Easy At First..But as time Goes..Your enemies Outmatched you and it's Impossible To pass LVL 64..Okay and I Gettinf bored and please..At The Multiplayer and let's make this game More fun and I'll rate it 5 Stars
  17. Sir I like this game!!
    Pro Guy Gamer
    This is my favorite game :D I downloaded all the seasons of this game cartoon wars and sir please make more seasons of cartoon war
  18. This game used to be good
    Andy Hunter
    Years ago, but now they've tweaked it so that you don't get enough gold to get good enough weapons/skills to progress. Why? So you have to buy loads of gold. Greed!
  19. 서수완
    Wtf? It's impossible to complete lv69. If bow has that damage, i will use the bow. And the knight with an iron hammer never die.
  20. Does not work properly
    Ben LaPak
    I have played this game before on my old phone and loved it but for some reason I can not get the game to work on my OnePlus One. Every time I open the game it crashes. please help.


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