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elune saga



Narin Siritaranukul | CTO at PR Media 360 Co.,Ltd.

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James Song | CEO, founder and owner, Gamevil

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Kevin Hwang | Senior Project Manager

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Pharaphatr Yasinporn | Marketing Manager at Gamevil Southeast Asia Pte. Ltd.

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  1. Please...
    Billy Joel Baguio
    seriously gamevil its really hard to earn rubies and then all of it a complete waste all it gives me are dupes of what i have its not fair to so that to guys who want fo enjoy the game. last time i summoned 3 consecutively same A rank character i mean wtf???
  2. edzel rodulfo
    After over a month of playing. The RNG base combine just makes the game appaling. The reason i hate this now is because the strength difference between top tier allies and low tier sss allies are too big of a gap. My luck havent been good and my 10th sss and still bad allies. Im stopping becoming a paytoplay player and considering quitting as being a paytoplay payer is just not rewarding. F2p with the top tier ally can beat someone with a sss ulimate ally. Its just not fair....DONT SPEND MONEY. ITS NOT WORTH IT.
  3. Nice!!
    Kedy Novem
    The pic of character and the skill effects is not bad, but story a little boring, but i still enjoy it!!! Keep up a the good work.
  4. Love it
    Daphne Kueh
    Love the game play, art, characters and costumes! Hoping to get a fast forward button, maybe also allow us to off effects for older phones to handle the graphic better. And please increase the summoning rate for premium allies! :)
  5. Bored quickly.
    kay williams
    Firstly there is no real need to do anything in the story mode as auto battle has you covered. At lvl 15 it's also winning most arena battles against people my lvl. Low allies (a b and c) still need to max out at level 55 in order to combine, really dumb as these allies are suppost to hook you into the game with quick improvements that aren't there. Enhance success rates are awful for allies. Ally drop rate in story mode is also bad dropping the same ally again and again.
  6. Cute graphics
    Nathan Lim
    Love the refreshing art style , reminds me of Bastion. However the strategic element in the game isn't really well pronounced as it is very similar to brave frontier where an overpowering unit can wipe out an entire squad .
  7. Ok
    Aizadhusni Aziz
    Its ok and not so bad...but little dizzy when fighting monster so much action
  8. Improving by the update
    Tom Thompson
    This game was good a month ago. With 2 updates it has become fantastic! Still a few no exp from Labyrinth and Arena score is shared across all characters (which makes it hard to get titles on lower characters). All in all, a very good, well rounded game that is worth the time invested.
  9. Flawed gem
    Sean L.
    There are a ton of good features about this game, but the flaws just sour everything to an extreme degree. The economy, for example. You need rubies to unlock what feel like basic functions, including inventory slots. They're way too difficult to come by, and there's too much stuff that requires them to access. Make people spend money because they love the game and want to support you, not because they feel like they have to in order to play the full game.
  10. Kong Chung Chin
    i know you guys want earn but pls give at least one good ally for us to continue our game. Make it worth
  11. Nice game!
    Maxx Yagami
    Its a nice game and I love it! But please FIX the lagging! Im using Z3,but when it starts battle,it lags! I gave u 5 stars so u can continue improve this game. Thx
  12. Wow
    Abe Kenison
    My account reset some how and all my characters were deleted. I spent money in this game. The in game support is not helping me. DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY IN THIS GAME.
  13. Can't run
    Brad G
    All I get is an error that states detected hacking app please delete it and retry "null". Nothing on my phone that is a supposed hacking app so I guess I'll never be playing this.
  14. Always stuck at 4/19?!
    Paul Esley Paala
    I already finished downloading it at playstore but when i entered the app it needs download again seriously /19?! I always got stuck at 4/19 i waited about 3 hours but it's still stuck at 4/19! Why? Pls fix this i want to play this game i'll rate 5 star if i would be able to play it... pls reply..gamevil.
  15. does not work on the nexus 6
    Jun De Peralta
    got a nexus 6 and it wont even run... this is very disappointing....
  16. Detected Hacking App!?!?!?!!
    Steven De Castro
    It keeps appearing and i dont even know what a hacking app is!!! I CHECKED ALL MY APPS AND GAMES AND I CANT EVEN FIND ANY!! Im using Asus Zenfone 2 (Z00D) please fix it if its a bug.. The game looks promising..
  17. Interesting game
    Carlos Ramirez
    Pretty well set up game so far hope it won't fail me like the other games ice played
  18. Was working great
    Guy Guy
    Played for 3hours and now the game will never load up .... Any idea why?
  19. Similar gameplay
    Priztika Widya Nursalim
    The gameplay is quite similar to a game from com2us, Knights n squires, but the graphic and artwork are much better in Dragon blaze. In knights n squires they have fast forward button, which is very useful, because auto game could be boring for quite some time. Maybe you can consider adding this feature.
  20. good, but can be better
    yf jin
    It's so hard to get a good ally I want, kill time.


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