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Reviews 417,904

  1. Rigged
    nicholas trudeau
    I think everyone would like it if that the roulette was more of a random chance and not so rigged because it just goes right past something when it's going really slow or just stops in the spot
  2. Starting to suck
    Joseph Uribe
    You're event 'roulette' is so rigged it's actually quite sad. Why do you have to do this? All it does is lose players it doesn't get you more money.
  3. Bradley Friedrichs
    Loved it an still love every second I play... but on 1 star rating from me due to not get enough jewels, an the roulette rigged.. I cant afford to spend money these games just as much as alot of other. Will more than happy to give 5 start ONCE PROBLEMS ARE FIXED thankyou :)
  4. Rid ley
    This game is really cool and I do like it. Though the VIP update turns it like every other phone game: a Pay to Win. I hope it will be changed so that non-spenders could actually benefit from some of the VIP benefits (e.g when doing certain quests). To reach the lvl20 in prestige seems barely possible (you would have to sell a kidney to afford it). To sum it up, play this game ! But don't get attached to it, for you may have to stop playing it if the game turns out to suck
  5. Problem
    daniel reyes
    It force closes on the main screen not the log in screen but the main page the hub if we may call it that it i cant really play it iv invested in this game i would love if u fixed it to where it wont force close on me thank you.
  6. Cool game!
    Akim Aziz
    This game is pretty amazing in term of gameplay and graphic design...this game is cool amd awesome! All problem is fix i guess. . . When i reinstall this.
  7. Awesome game but
    Topliceanu Laurentiu
    The jewel problem i think everybody hates, there's to few at leveling up reward, or at the arena ranking reward, etc... im ok with the roulette , i've won many times 200 jewels, but please add more jewels to the other rewards
  8. Great Game!
    Trond Martin Olsen
    But after the vip update the game just crashes all the time for me.
  9. Crazy roullete
    Haj Tatang
    Though ur game keep me busy, ur roullete event isn't as interest ng just coz i roll out 9 times gold charge in a row. If there is a selling option i could have sold out all this gold, and even if i don't sell i hve to press tons of time to clear my inbox. I suggest increase gold amount so that one prefer gold roullete than summoning normal boss,also event r rare why not let them make some jwls or big monster...:),
  10. Love it
    Maurice Flight
    Everything is good but there been a few world bosses that I didn't get the right reward..for instance the last one my attacks were in 3000th place..I should have got and infinite monster but I only got an elder..and I used a lot of my gems on that..can that be fixed?
  11. Here's a suggestion?
    Marcella Nita
    I love this game alot however it's getting a tidsy bit boring so maybe like try to make a new game for the warlord series? Like maybe with dinosaurs or dragons? That'd be awesome! Anyways great game overall :D
  12. Would be ten but can't play
    D3monsD Dghd
    For some reason my MW acc won't open it keeps saying "couldn't access network" I have paid money for this game I would love it if u could fix on urside
  13. A suggestion to make it even better...
    Ludwig Von Koopa
    Customisable trainers! They show up at the beginning at every match in Arena, and serve as a "Profile photo" of sorts. It's a suggestion to make a great game even better!
    Aaron Rainey
    This game needs an update... There have been an unbelievable amount of errors within the game like for example lag during epic boss, also every time I try to turf it crashes... Being an S rank guild leader this is very frustrating... I will no longer make purchases on this game until these issues are fixed... I used to love this game now it just gives me a headache... I've spent over $1000 on this game in 4 months but where does it go?
  15. Money hungry
    I want to like this game, it could be great. But I have never seen a game with there hands out for money so much. To catch or fuse there is a chance that it will fell. And that chance goes up if you have gems to pay to make it 100%. There has been may times I did not get the reward that was posted for my rank. And the roulette spins are so cheap. I swear it has stopped on something good and backed up to give me crap. I like the monsters and it has some very innovative features. Deep pockets only.
  16. Meeh
    Ally Catz
    People keep ganging up on me I'm level 63 and they are 130, and 230 plus and they KEEP doing it D: I wish I could just block them and make it stop! I lost all my gold and I keep getting down to low health D:
  17. Good
    Jordan Degraw
    Really good and I have cancer and being in the hospital is not as fun so when u have a game to play its good thank you and hope u make more games like this
  18. samantha hill
    Got a problem over 25day vip thing ended yesterday and it wont let me renew it....also during the epic boss i was unable to attack it because it kept saying error (cant remember code) but it sucked after i already spent so much on it
  19. Eddy Mijares
    Love this game good fun must try. You should try to employ a monster trade system so you can trade monsters between allies. Also I wish you would let us gift monsters to allies and not just little monsters any monster vip is the best thing to happen to the game took a great game and made it better love you guy's
  20. Rigged features
    Kristoffer Young
    Game is enjoyable however roulette is rigged, event the reward for points in events are wrong. I ranked at 1.6k in world battle with 23k total participants. I shouldve gotten 1 eternal, but i got 2 outer instead. Fix this guys


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