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  1. Good stories too few CGs
    Desiree LaJeunesse
    Voltage tends to do better than most of the other VN makers populating Google play but this one fell a little flat. Stories were all good but having only one image per route was extremely disappointing especially considering the cost attached to each route. I recognize that both art and writing take time but similarly priced VNs tend to have 5 images, if not more.
  2. It was ok, but needs work.
    Sky Kireka
    I had to do 2 separate payments for the entire main story and paid more for this then I would with voltage stories. The story was ok but it went to fast, the chapters finished at really bad times and they didn't develop the story enough, it just felt really rushed and quality wasn't there. But I did like the options we could choose to say in the story, they were realistic and I didn't get annoyed at all. Just that story though, was a let down.
  3. Mitsuko Kitsune
    Akira's route was an interesting story, translation could use a little work, but no major issues there. Artwork was great save for Sae's design, who seemed a little rushed compared to all the other character artwork. All in all, a great way to pass the time. :) 4 out of 5.
  4. Interesting
    Kevin Smith
    The story but more so the characters keep you engaged and immersed in it. Making you want to know more and more. Plus I really like the artwork for the characters.
  5. I love it
    Schelena Ivie
    I LOVE IT! It made me cry at the end of shion. I wish I found someone like him. Plus I love vampires and hunters and warewolves!!!
  6. Arianna Riser
    GAWD why do you do that make them all cute it makes it harder to pick ya know lol
  7. Not bad
    Caitlin Blaine
    expensive for the length of the story and it didn't feel like feelings were developed very gradually. not bad, overall, though.
  8. Twilight romance
    delilah miller
    It's really good, I just wish u didn't have to buy the rest of the chapters
  9. Too short
    Lynda Ono
    For the price, the number of CGs/story isn't too great. Also the fact that the stories are so short is also a downer =/
  10. Amber Feasel
    Stared out good but now it won't open at all.
  11. Fine
    Tahana Saunders
    But at least have more episodes some people might not have money!!!!!!!
  12. Hmmm
    dale w
    I really dont like the fact u have to pay 2 times for the whole story... I think its a rip off considering the chapters are sooo short... maybe half the price n alot more people would be interested
  13. Rachel Okeeffe
    Y don't u say u have to pay before u say its free u lire I was liked it so far this sucks >_<
  14. It really good but
    Victoria Norwood
    I really liked it, but it felt too short. Also not a lot of CG. Even through it was a good story
  15. Tammy Hoooer
    It was frilling but it made me pay 2 times
  16. Love it
    Antonia Granado
    It is like BOOM. All of my favorite things in one.
  17. Red Fox
    Fantastic store but its a bit pricey
  18. Beautifully Detailed
    Christina Aurora
    I especially loved Shion and Akira's routes, the pictures are also nicely detailed.
  19. Good work XD
    Cute EGGIE
    I luv the art work, and the stories, and... I luv almost everything :P but I really want more of the special images :( But everything beside that are great.Thanks for the great game ~
  20. Good
    Madison Knight
    I loved it its just the episodes you should make a free episode app for this