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  1. It is one awesome game!
    Bailey Landry
    This game is amazing. But why can I kill big things like rinos? That's not possible. Also, sometimes my prey disappears. Other than that, great game.
  2. Its OMG but.....
    Roxanne Jacobs
    This game it very very good!!and I looove it❤❤❤! One thing though everytime I'm hunting by myself (which I like)and I kill a animal my family comes can runs around me in a circle when they are suppose to be laying down at home!! Please fix
  3. Cool, but...
    Lidia Robles
    Not fair they sell them with real money! I want to install all the games but i run out of money, if they would give them free i would put five stars
  4. Good
    Lina Shelton
    I like this one the most I have most of the gluten free simulators but could you please make these games better? PLZ?! Make more soon but I have a suggestion could u PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ make like more birds???!!!!! I love birds so much idk maybe like a flamago or a peacock or a...hummingbird maybe just PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I JUST LOVE BIRDS I'M CRAZY FOR THEM
  5. First Impressions.....
    Aric Dilbeck
    Controls are decent, It is fun to "Pounce" on things, funny that I can take a Rhino or a hippo....If I dared to attack one of those in real life, It get killed in like 5 seconds...hippo's are no joke. Kudo's to dev for not loading this game down with micro transactions, It's just interesting enough to make me want to see what all the game has to offer, but it's not engrossing. Decent, good concept, but not immersive, where are the herds? I want to run down a calf or an old/sick gazelle. but it's only a .99 game so I'd say try it, can't hurt, will edit amend review once I play more
  6. So so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so awesome
    Kamryn Rylee
    I love love love this game is is so cool I love the graphics but you shud have moly player and more cubs but still I love this game and I hope you do to.÷}
    Anden Lavely
    best game in the entire world nothing wrong controls are fine and everything else is awsome but maybe add tornadoes like the elephant Sim and also I am level 35 and I can't pounce on an elephant I glitch through them and land on the other side of them please also Remer to add tornados please I will rate 5 star so PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ad these add them for these little fat faces answer soon big fan me
  8. Ups and downs
    Jeffrey Kelly
    Really fun and very addicting but there are some flaws. One thing that was ok though is that they did not mistake a "leopard print" for "cheetah print" like most people do. So the cheetah did not end up looking like a leopard. but the flaws are that, well, IT IS NOT EXACTLEY REALISTIC!!!! I mean the cheetah should be able to sneak up on prey and chase them, but it let's you just jump out of no where and fight!! Although, cheetahs don't really fight, they chase..and also most of the prey doesn't make sense
  9. Play it everyday
    Puppa Grill
    Best game! But there is one issue, the elephants are Asian elephants in and African setting. Asian elephants have smaller ears while African elephants have larger ears that resemble Africa. Asian elephants also have two bumps on their heads, and so do the elephants in the game. If you can fix this, great! If not, its okay, but my OCD will go crazy. =)
  10. The best
    Semir Abushkewa
    One word for it ...... the best game ever since well always thank you so much gluten free games i love it . Simply the best game . It is coming from an 11 year old game maniac. But now i want to get rid of my family and start a new one. Please make it happen
  11. Could better
    Rachel Grimm
    Don't get me wrong I like this game but some stuff is very unrealistic. Like cheetahs don't mate for life and this is a stimulator after all. Like maybe so this game isn't innaporpiate, you are able to unlock the cubs at a certain level. And can you add maybe like hyenas and lions might take away your meal if you're nearby by them. Please answer to this soon(: and can you do a dolphin or swan stimulator too?
    Addison Murphy
    I already have a wife and a cub! Only trouble I have though is hunger, thirst, and energy. I love how when you die you respawn in your home with you wife and cubs! :D
  13. Amazing!
    Leah Winterburn
    Wow, another great game, love this so much, cheetahs are awesome! I would really really appreciate it if you could make a kangaroo simulator, raccoon simulator or a cat simulator because I love your games so much and I would be sure to get them! I recommend this to anyone who likes animals because this makes you feel like you are a cheetah! Brilliant. ☺
  14. Yay!
    Sonya Lee
    I know this is very new! And I am addicted! I love that you could pounce on enemies! it's my favorite simulator game! Also, did you know that cheetahs can see up to one mile away in the hot sun? I think you should add territories. But if you do add it, I would like part of my territory to be water. And marking would be great too. Can you make a stray dog simulator?
  15. Its realy fun to be a cheetah
    Caydence Jackson
    Fun, exciting, awesome , cool it is one of the top ten greatest games in my book
  16. Wow that is good
    Karen Fahy Fahy
    I absolutely love this game. It is the best game I ever played ! But there is some issues. Cause, how can a cheetah take down a whole pride of lions!!! That makes no sense at all! And I think there should be herds and stuff like that, but other then that definitely suggest that every1 should get this awesome game! But could have a lot of work done on it.
  17. It is not the best game on the app store.
    Heather Harris
    Why did I pay for the game ? it is not the best one I have seen here....:-!
  18. Pretty fun
    seth brown
    I just love all of these simulaters but please please! Make a hamster simulater where you could have a huge cage with the tubes and stuff and you could have a family
  19. Jameela Porter
    my mate and cubs are slow while running and makes me lose my prey while I am going back to get it. And they are so annoying when I walk they crowd around me and they don't give me space and it is hard to get away from them. if you leave them home, and you are trying to hunt alone, they run away from home and attack the prey and after it is killed, they run in circles around me. I love the game and it is fun being a cheetah but can you please fix it.
  20. Im so happy thank you xx
    Maha Maya
    Thank you, i have been installing the lion, wolf and other predators but this one to me is the best. The cheetah actually rested when i stopped (very good and realistic ) thanks please please update more im now sending this to my cousins they'll love it.


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