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  1. Mikayla Lanzara
    How do we find the otother two dolphin u know how I defeated some mermaids and amaligon/powerful pet shark of mermaids I swam really fast past the others went through a door and I saw no dolphins Glitch: TO BE GET HIGHER LEVEL FASTER GO SOMEWHERE WHERE U CANT MOVE LIKE A ROCK OR SOMETHING AND DO TRICKS KEEP DOING THEM TILL YOUR ON LEVEL 100
  2. Gabby Kasparian
    Awsome game i love it can u guys add more bosses like um the the oo how about a dolphin catcher is trying to catch u and u get caught but before they kill u the good guys come and save u they take u to a marine life hospital and heal u and then they release u back in the wild and one s m all problem when im not being attacked i get hurt and nothing is there can u guys fix that but otherwise great game plz reply
  3. I Love Megalodon
    Benny Essex
    Can You Make A Morph Effect Like You Kill Something Then You Turn Into It I Love Morphing If You Add The Morphing Effect ill Rate 5 Stars
  4. Graphics
    Tan Junrui
    Please add better looking water,better looking textures and more customizable stuff like what breed is our dolphin customize our dolphin and please reduce the lag
  5. Need help Ask me
    Heriberto Mercado
    Hey anybody that is out there that wants to be on level 100 keep on doing back flips over and over and if you have the patience you'll be able to get on level 100 it worked with me. I hope i helped you one problem with the Game is that mermaid should be like nice because they're like punching you and stuff and that's like cruel so please make the mermaids nice and more pretty and mermaid should be nice to dolphins because in the movies they are!!!!
    Rachel Marie Harvey
    If You get on land and do a bunch of flips and stuff you level up like crazy. It took 30s to get to level 30 for me!!!
  7. Very Good,
    Autumn H
    but add more fish and less predators. About the other games, i am very VERY disappointed. WHY SHOULD WE PAY!? PLZ MAKE THE OTHER GAMES FREE!!!
  8. Amazing :D
    Elena Von Hardenberg
    I love the game soooo much. But sometimes Mr. King Crab keeps on escaping the sunken ship after I defeat him... And the "evil" mermaids should be good. :)
  9. Ummmmm
    Sophia Webb
    Its a great game dont get me wrong but when ever I go above water it starts glifching like crazy can you sort it please and I will give u a 5 star thank u
  10. Brill
    Holly Humphrys
    Yet again you have made an excellent game!However,please make the mermaids friendly and not sing like a woman off a horror movie.Funny but creeps me out.Still a brill game from you guys!
  11. Nice
    Bailey Landry
    It was good game, but th mermaids are bad when they should be good, everyone tries to kill me, and I think all your games should free! :l
  12. Forever a shark in spore
    Sandra Platt
    Love it! My oc is a shark and he stays that that means he's in the cell stage forever in spore and my OCS name is dolphins
  13. Good game
    Kalea Ost
    I've been looking for another dolphin so long but i cant find any and ive unloked that level
  14. Alexis salazar
    I found the first dolphin but I want to find the last two. And how to get to the mermaids without them trying to kill me. I need help
  15. Brianna Maldonado
    Love this game u need to make more games like sting ray sim or bat sim or panther sim or killer whale sim plz make more
  16. Awesomness
    Madison Smith
    I just got this game and started playing it. I also just got my new youtube account on friday so check it out! My youtube account will be shaeed with another girl named ______. Our account name will be DjTinky4life or DjTinky. If you want to watch the how to and all that stuff, come to my channel for youtube and check it out! If your there to have a bad attidude, and say bad words, and say mean words, then please dont say them. If you do say them and have the bad attitude please just watch and say nice thin
  17. Like it
    Alexis Pineda
    Needs a bit more detail in the sea and I can swim on land. Still a good game though.
  18. Awesome
    jeremy lewis
    You should also make an orca and giraffe simulator! I would totally buy
  19. Leah Ward
    I love this app this was defo worth buying but why do the mermaids kill me I'm just a incoent dolphin and how do the mermaids get out of that tine tiny hole before I do other than that I'm rating it 5 stars this is really worth the money best app iv wanted a app were I'm just free to do whatever I want in the water because I love that water btw the shark in the mermaid grotto is HUGE
  20. Its good but.
    Aaron Durham
    I like the megalodon but its hard to control because it keeps swimming forward. And it makes it hard for me to eat my enemies


What`s new

+ Added support for 64Bit Architecture
+ Added Reflective High Quality Water