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  1. Con
    Saucy Mare
    I'm not happy I started the quest where you have buy grow and sell 150 blue fish in 24 hours which is a task in itself without buying energy and spending all day on the game. Unfortunately I have a life. Anyways I done 75 if them sold them and it still says 0/150. What a con.
  2. Addicting! !
    Hayley Simone
    It is challenging to obtain coins, and with many of my friends not playing to help assist with items it takes longer to finish upgrades and things for missions. But I love the fact that you can find treasures and make an undersea place of your own. I like a challenge though. I have only had this game for 3 days and can honestly say im addicted. Great job !! Reminds me of playing facebook games on a desktop computer but only on a tablet.
  3. awesome
    Sam Biffin
    Awesome game very addictive. Big time user. Only problem is can waste to much time
  4. Love it ☺
    Maria Thompson
    I really enjoy playing this game a great way to pass the time away especially when you're bored lol,,,,I don't really have anything to complain about either other than it would be great to be able to earn more gems but that's like any other game there's always that one thing that we need the most but we can't never easily get. Like I said I love it and it's something different. Great job
  5. Kira Gentry
    I didn't think I'd like this game as much as I do, but It's cool. It takes a long time to get (a lot of) coins, but I still like playing and creating my own little under sea world!
  6. Bjørn Furuknap
    Previously good game turned nagware. Does not respect no-notification setting on phone. i've turned off notifications probably a hundred times but this game keeps turning it on again randomly so suddenly I'm awoken at night by nagging messages begging for money. Worse and worse every version. Demands you nag your friends or will take years for mandatory quests to complete. Have turned from begging for money to outright stealing by taking away previous rewards for which players have paid with no compensat
  7. Fun continuous play
    Kim Hoerl
    Don't have to be rich to play and have fun. A few bugs as normal but problems get quick responses. Only problem is the house doesn't get cleaned.
  8. Addicted player
    Melicia White
    Luv game but lately I'm not receiving the oxygen gifts that my friends are sending to me. Please help!
  9. Something different
    Jenifer Ewer
    It's a nice change and things seem reasonably achievable. Haven't played anything like it yet so am enjoying it very much so far.
  10. Always Something To Do
    David Miller
    This is perhaps the best casual game I've found. Building, collecting, discovering, exploring...there's always something to do! The grammar isn't the greatest, but it's a minor drawback for such a fun game.
  11. I would give this 5 stars but...
    B Basile
    You need to link to Facebook or have a lot of gems to complete quests. I wish that this game had a way to link up with others who are playing and NOT need to use Facebook. Other games I play I can join up with friend or alliance without Facebook. Guess I'll just have to save up my gems to advance.
  12. Treasure diving
    Amy Stewart
    I don't like the fact that once you open other places on the map they get closed after so long unless you pay for them. Other than that it's good.
  13. A decent game
    Lori Ryland
    The game play is very good with a wide variety of tasks. I only have two complaints-the English translation for the original language is wierd and sometimes difficult to understand. Another is that sometimes the game seems to erase my bubbles. 5 stars given for in game credit - it really deserves a 4 star.
  14. Bonnie Wrightson
    I love this game. It has been hard to figure out and meet all the challenges. There is a fb group to help But i am getting better
  15. Poor materials
    Raymond Wheeler
    The game makes it too hard to obtain anything lack of materials and oxygen and no good way to obtain experience
  16. Ok now 8m adicted
    Erik Mann
    This game is so good it's all I could think about at work
  17. Recent update 4/30
    Shelly 2003 Salisbury
    Most of the changes are pretty cool. The new hand curser I absolutely HATE it. I'm disabled and have bad tremors in both hands. I can't see the arrows to harvest because the hand covers them up. If you want to change curser make it a drop down in the menu so you can change if you WANT to and be forced to use it. I can't play until this has changed. I'm at level 139 so I've spent many hours playing and love game. Please change that into an option. Thank you.
  18. Really good
    Catherine Campagna
    I think you should be able to discover 'friends' at random, otherwise for those who don't use Facebook or don't have interested friends or gems, they can still get the fishing dock
  19. Enjoying this game.
    Quenton Parks
    Wife likes it as much as I do. Caught her this morning when I woke up playing it.
  20. Nagware's best!!
    Kelly Stout
    Good game. But it's the best nagware I have ever seen. Totaly ignores notification settings. Gotta delete this app so I can get some peace from my phone... bye


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