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  1. Fun for 2 hours
    Brian Hockenmaier
    There are 2 modes to this game, both of which take a bit over an hour and both of which will not present any additional challenge after your first attempt. There are some frustrating design decisions that make this true, but it's a fun little game with a pleasant mechanic and art style if you want something to pay for 2 hours.
  2. Slim RTS
    Jonathan Baker
    The June 2015 update provides some much needed replayability to this satisfying, few-frills RTS. The random tetronimo room mechanic seems unnecesary since it can be bypassed by quick cancellation. There's no story; just a sense of loneliness and melancholy emphasized by the music. Who are these poor white peg people? Why are they in space and getting attacked by red ribbons? The finite supply of pink resource means they can't live forever. They cannot become a thriving civilization defending themselves indefinitely. Eventually, there will not be enough guns and they will all die.
  3. Good game
    Corban Anderson
    Good game but the AI of the construction workers need to be worked on, often multiple workers will bring the same material to do one room even though the room only needed one, they need to communicate with each other and be more efficient.
  4. Incredibly fun, I'm so glad they added more
    Michael Martin-Smucker
    This is one of the best phone games I've played. The graphics are beautifully simple, the gameplay is engaging, and despite what others have said, I think there is some replay value. My original review was 4 stars, but with the additional content, this is easily a five-star game. Even without the new challenges and modes, I had no regrets about the $4 I spent.
  5. Not enough content
    Cameron Goodreau
    It was a ton of fun... For about 5 hours. I kept re-doing the same stuff. I just got really bored, really fast. The AI kinda stinks, and there needs to be a bunker or recall option
  6. My favorite game
    Samuel Estenlund
    I would love a "random map" mode with different monolith upgrades every time!
  7. Ideas
    Kade Huddleston
    Maybe in a future update, you can have just a build mode and see how far/ big you can build with only a few enemies coming in seldomly? I think that would be very entertaining.
  8. More... More... More please
    Philip Wolf
    Awesome game. Highly addictive but too short. The trip is over after only a few hours. If the game wasn't so good I wouldn't mind. But now they leave me hanging without new tasks und I need to return to actually talk to people... How about integrating stuff like: waste management, observation decks, a second layer even... An update prayers were heard.
  9. It was good pre-update
    Orange Volta
    Now it's amazing. The replayability shot up a lot. Besides that, the game is one of the best android games, period.
  10. Fun
    chase cameron
    Playing the game on the Nexus 7 love it so far
  11. Love it
    Demir Tenic
    Fun game that can be played constantly, especially since the new update. Yes workers could do with an update or two.
  12. Best
    SpankyMcTorkelson .Fuckedous
    One of the best strategy games i have ever played
  13. Need more
    Nicholas Smaller
    Love this game. Never left a review before and am doing so now in hopes that you guys see this and consider making more layouts. I would definitely pay for more. Beautiful design, and great simple but challenging gameplay. I hope you consider making more visually minimal games, because I haven't seen anyone else out there so it so well.
  14. Sad
    troll army
    I reinstalled it but now I can't play please fix I use a nook hd works for most android games
  15. Nexus 5
    Justin Williams
    App won't start on nexus 5 running android M
  16. Game is broken, avoid
    Bastidge Child
    No sound or music in the game.
  17. Brent Hernandez
    Finally an update! !!! I knew if I held out long enough it would come
  18. An update!
    Oliver Kehm
    Fantastic job, developers! I loved the game before, but love the game and its new update even more now! Keep up the good work!
  19. Griffin Melson
    Crashes on startup in the M Developer Preview
  20. 1 level for $$
    Darko Simonovic
    After acomlishing the only level (few hours of trying) you wll no longer play this game. For that it is too pricey. One website even recomended this game for 9 year old kids. Sooo false.


What`s new

Two new game modes, four new monoliths, seven new achievements, and various bug fixes and performance improvements.