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Xavier Liard | CEO at Playdigious

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Xavier Liard | CEO at Playdigious

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Reviews 50,943

  1. Openfeint support
    I can't connect to Openfeint no matter what I try. My network has no issues but only this app won't run/connect openfeint. Every time I try, it says I am offline and need an active network. Any reasons?
  2. Erased everything
    Brandon Velasquez
    I had bought the no ad version and had lots of coins and customized balls but all of that randomly deleted and not it tells me to buy the no ad version again even though I already bought it
  3. My favourite game
    Laszlo Novak
    I simply love this game. It's dynamic, exciting and never let's you down. The developer doesn't pressurize you to buy extra life or credits. Give it a go and you won't be disappointed. Best app ever. Five stars with no hesitation!
  4. So close...
    Brady Mcdowell
    This game is so ridiculously fun. The only problem is that open feint sucks. It constantly says I'm offline, even when I'm online; and it deletes my stats everytime I play. So 2 stars for SO much potential.
  5. Really cool
    Angel Cilia
    The only thing that should improve is the online profile for some reason it won't let Me join any game at all other than that its a really awesome game everyone should install it with nothing to think about :-)
  6. Something is wrong
    Forest Wilson
    It won't ever load Feint to let me play online.
  7. Great game, no longer can get online
    Daniel Crawford
    When I had this game before, it was a great way to kill 2 minutes, i.e. 2 hours!! But now it's saying I can't connect to the internet when I actually am. Please fix!!!
  8. Unique and so much fun.
    Trista Hurd
    Really enjoy this game. Basketball like you have never played before. Only downside is I want to play against other gamers so I can earn upgrades and it keeps saying I'm offline, which I'm not. Starting to get annoying. Also, because of this issue I can't keep track of my scores
  9. Don Banner
    Can you please check why the open feint network will not load neither can a network be detected even though I'm using WiFi. Will not let me get online or play in online tournaments. I use a virgin mobile HTC Evo 4g. Game used to work but now says cannot detect network. Thank you
  10. Generous rating
    Lucifer Demiurge
    I cant play online even through i am connecred on line when ever i click online button it doesnt connect help
  11. Superb....
    dhiraj malhotra
    Was finding this game from so long at last got it.....but really disapointed because of poor low graphics and thats too in samsung galaxy note 2.abd game never connect with feint...
  12. Openfeint
    Gary Sadosky
    For anyone out there complaining about Openfeint, it was discontinued in 2011. Look it up on Wikipedia. It will not work with this game. It is not your fault, the service is just gone.
  13. Well wtf
    Gage MacDonald
    I've played this game before on another phone with no problems, but for some reason I can't get online in any way. I tried to use WiFi, 3g 4g nothing. It just won't connect. HTC one
  14. Won't let me connect to feint.
    Travis Cooper
    Using Samsung galaxy s4. Won't let me play online using wifi or 4g. Worked fine on my old phone. Please fix
  15. Davey Caviness
    Good game. But the reason I give it 3 stars is because it wouldn't allow me to play online with other people. that's the only disappointment.\t???
  16. Mikey Jordan
    I'm running android 5.0 and everytime I open up stardunk it always closes and says stardunk has stopper working. Fix and I will give you 4 stars
  17. Good game.
    Randy Almarales
    I love the game but there's too many bugs. I can't log onto open feint , and I can't play online. Only once I was able to in which I had around 2500 points, but when I closed the game and reopened it the next game, I couldn't play online and my point were deleted. When I try to redeem online profile, nothing happens. Please fix this. This is probably one of my most favorite games but there's many problems. Thank you for reading this and putting up with all these letters.