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cozy magnifier and microscope
heb grocery store app
magnifying glass



Frank Malcom | Owner, Malcom Construction and Development

Greater Atlanta Area |

Reviews 45,798

  1. Best in its class
    Toby Tenacious
    IMHO. Outperforms and outfinesses the rest. Fave hands down.I would offer one request if I might..gesture control for brightness and zoom. I would not sacrifice tap to focus for these features, perhaps two-finger drag horizontal and vertical?
  2. Works as suggested.
    Eric Dennis
    Enjoyable app with a relatively decent UI. Would like to see some improvements there but it works and is fun to use. Considering this is a magnifier it would be ideal to also market this as an accessibility tool for those with disabilities. A more simple UI option with larger buttons and fewer depending on the intended use and you'd have an award winning app. Nice Job!
  3. A MUST HAVE! (I have samsung g4)
    Mary Houck
    Works perfect, auto focus is Great. I had bed bugs, this little app saved me another 500$, easy. Since I helped my friend clean out my apt. 2x's. He thought we got them all. A few weeks later I got this app. I actually took a picture of BB eggs & 1 instar. My friend is an exterminator & when I told him what I found, he downloaded it for work. I'm glad I caught them this early. Thanks as soon as I can I'm upgrading . I'm buying a new phone, but it has to support this app. THANKS FOR GIVING THIS FREE.
  4. Absolutely brilliant!
    Waine Smith
    What a clever app! Magnifies beautifully, allows you to read small print on packaging while shopping. Take a clear picture of a tiny ant if you want. Use the light feature for poor light conditions. You can even take a photo of your subject. Works seamlessly and amazingly on my Samsung S4. Thanks to the developers of this super app. Loads of fun! Download it. You won't regret it.
  5. Great and user friendly
    Wilfredo Rios-Mendez
    I've been using the app and its quite easy. No hassle, no fuss; just plainly useful. I'll wait a while to see more.
  6. I depend on this app.
    JEm Gordon
    My old eyes have trouble seeing very small print. No problem now - I just whip out my phone and use this app. The microscope is just plain fun!
  7. Fantastic App
    John Nagy
    If had a few of these apps for magnifying and light but deleted them, they didn't focus well ,hard to set. This App Cosy works ,Great focus and magnification ,so many additional features, all Free great job.
  8. Amazing!
    Lahiru Sampath
    This is simply the most mind-blowing app I've tried so far. I knew my camera can zoom to some pretty good extent but this much of detail once it's zoomed like 3.4X is jaw dropping! However photos taken while in 'crazy zoom' mode seems to be over bluried. I know it's a common issue with digital zooming, but how can it look sharp in viewfinder and look bluried once it's captured? Confused
  9. Almost Perfect!
    Dave Curtis
    Great macro with DOF (Depth of Field). Very nice closeup zoom options. Since I often mount my phone on a tripod to prevent jittery shots what would make it twice as perfect in a further update is a countdown timer and move the shutter button to the right hand side as most people are right handed and hold their phones in the left hand, so reaching across to the left is inconvenient and makes it impossible to help steady it with the right hand as well.
  10. Unbelievable
    Paula Henderson
    This is unbelievable. Read a prouduct key code on bottom of a 6 year old laptop. I will be using this alot!
  11. Just used it to view snowflakes on a piece of plexiglass outside in hard wind with shaking hands. No problem!
    Linda Redmond
    Excellent! Once I point it at the thing I want to magnify and hold still for several seconds while it focuses, it gives a crystal clear, extremely focused, vivid image. Very useful, dependable & indispensable!
  12. I can see all the filth
    Alexander MacKinnon Roehrs
    I have spent hours cleaning my keyboard!!!!
  13. Would be great without Distracting Flashing Ads
    eDee Bruns
    Why would anyone put flashing ads on an app like this? The flashing red and bright yellow ads make the app useless.
  14. This is bad***!
    Shenora Goos
    I didn't even know my phone could zoom this far! Thank you!
  15. Does exactly what it says
    Darren Lyne
    This is a good app. If you are looking for a macro camera, magnifier or microscope, use this. It rocks!
  16. Great for looking at IC's.
    Justin R
    I was amazed how how much closer the cam on my S3 running CM11 could focus. Before I was having to take multiple pics of IC's and zoom in to see the part #. I'm going pro on this app and so should you
  17. Chickensurfer
    Steve B.
    Great app!! All the features worked nicely and the exposure option was neat! Nice app and nice work by developers.
  18. This Version is great.
    John Diczhazy
    The basic version does exactly as demonstrated works very well unlike the Version you pay for. Use this one leave the paid version alone save your money.
  19. Awesome macro
    jenny ho
    A little difficult to focus when theres many laters. Otherwise its fantastic.
  20. Must have ...
    Ajit Welling
    I could read point 2 text on medicine bottle with so much ease... Thanks for this


What`s new

- Added option to hide system buttons on the magnifier screen.
- Fixed save failure on the first run.
- Bug fixes.

- Support the negative image filter.
- Support full screen.

- Support for tip display setting option.
- Support capture screen after focus by screen long click.
- Support timer by freeze button long click.
- Support x4 live microscope.
- Improved finding target function.

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