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moe girl cafe
العاب مول


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  1. Awsome!
    my mum loves a game like this but its a hotel. personally I dont get it but it is really fun and it passes the time. get this game and see how high you get until you eventually get bored of it! HA HA I SET YOU A CHALLENGE!!!
  2. So far so gd
    Manda B
    So far it is good would not say the best game I have played but I like the idea around it. Going good so far nothing bad has happened will write more if anything changes. But I give it a thumbs up. Great game to play to pass time when bored.
  3. Fun game
    Mairi McQueer
    Love the adorable graphics and the game is really fun. I love all the little people and shops. The only issue is that I cannot place anything in the bottom left square, I'm not sure if it is due to the location of the information desk but it is a wee bit annoying. Apart from this the game would get 5/5 stars love it!
  4. Love the game!!
    Zeny CN
    This game is awesome. It is not focused on spending real money. And the diamonds that you use are easy to get. It's a super easy game but fun and never boring. I love the fever mode. Also I like that you always have something to do and can achieve goals very easy.
  5. Awesome game
    Alannis Wright
    It is a great game. I am giving it a five star. It's just like "Hotel Story" but in a mall version. You should really install this game it doesnt even take a long time to load but like 5 seconds. So if u do install it u will have a lot of fun. I just install this game right now and i am addicted to it. Enjoy if u are downloading it!❗
  6. Review
    Airean Allen
    I was told to write a review for a diamond and stuff so this game is great if I could give it one hundred stars I would get the game also save money from the beginning don't go all crazy and buy everything u can, be careful it's a mall out there.... wait I mean jungle
  7. Good one
    Adinda Larasati
    I love this game,it was amazing !! I know this games from my cousin, and when i got my phone back , i quickly download this game
  8. It's A Good App
    Priscilla Jade
    I always have something to do, keeps me occupied, the bad thing is it takes awhile to upgrade unless you use diamonds.
  9. Problem that need to be solve
    Rosemie Ofemia
    I want to reset my game but i dont know how, i tried to uninstall it then install again but still my prev game still appeared
  10. I love this games, it's easy and cool
    Novia Prameswi
    This games is cool and really i like to play it... It's easy and you will like it!
  11. O+
    rytim e
    Beautiful graphics, very addicting!! So many opportunities & tons of new items to explore. I can't leave my phone for few minutes without opening the app.
  12. Good game but a little boring
    D Meredith
    You need more goals to reach, and a lot less boring please, because no one really wants to play this game if it's not interesting. really spice it up a little bit. maybe add a few more goals or more step to gain less like a 3 year old game done
  13. Amazing
    Bethany Whitaker
    Such a cool app I would highly recommend this to friends and any one out there how likes to build your own city and earn money. Amazing game I love it.
  14. Great game!!!
    Jake Jackson
    Love this game, love the fever feature and its fun and easy to understand
  15. It's really fun
    Victoria Ng
    It's a fun game to build your own mall and also to pass time while on holidays. I do like the people shopping around and also it's really cool to have fever time.
  16. Bug issue
    paul unique
    A pop-up notify "battery low, the game exiting"... please fix it!!!
  17. Loved it alright
    sumita shrestha
    I like this game. Just that it takes too long to build new shops.
  18. Awesome
    Nur Fitri Arfin
    Its cute. Easy and of course enjoyable.
  19. Addictive, Yet Simple!
    Erin Leman
    Very laid-back game play, and you find yourself sucked in to play more. Fun, and the art is cute.
  20. Grace Abadia
    Just like the hotel version this is a great game. I love the fact that you get money and jems evenly and are able to upgrade. I love this game and cant wait to have my mall bigger.


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