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  1. Bugs doesn't Make sense.
    Brian H
    Why when building pillars exact same height they have different set of contact points. Not geometrically identical. The extra contact point put there most likely dings your score. This is good concept. I purchased full no ad version so at least they allowed that. Your sequel? Have an option for no ads? Edit to one star. Is there a minimum footage for bridge material? You give us 2 contact points and keeps refusing to connect short pieces.
  2. Good game small content
    j mcintosh
    Fun game. Makes you think. I like the weight, cash, and material challenges, but I wish there was more content
  3. Gah!
    gez taylor
    I love and hate this game, it makes me pull my hair out and yet when you get it right the pay off and satisfaction is great. Simple elegant graphics great physics its the best of its genre.
  4. Andrew Carlson
    Pretty solid game. Don't know why I had to purchase the other ones to find this. Oh well. Worth a couple bucks.
  5. Why a different paid app?
    Niel H
    Like the free version, so I decided to upgrade, but the paid app is a different version that doesn't allow you to continue from where you left off in the free version. Unfortunately I'll be refunding my purchase. Poor form.
  6. Amazing!
    Johnrgee Gee
    This is such a great app with real physics and the graphics aee wonderful. A must have for the bridge building enthusiast. Plus it has the freedom of a sandbox game. 5 stars!
  7. Good game bit shouldn't have adverts
    Simon Wong
    This is a paid for app, so I think it shouldn't have adverts. This I'd what you expect in the free one.
  8. Has another app where they do updates
    James Klosterman
    Yeah, there is a free version, this paid app, and they have an in app purchase version (which has an initial purchase price). Seems they only give new levels in the in app purchase version. Good game and dev messed it up by making multiple versions.
  9. Love it!
    Sena C
    Bridge constructor is a fun and challenging game. There isn't one formula that works for every bridge, you have to try different things and work out what needs to be done to make the bridge stable and within budget. (If you have any knowledge of engineering, this game will most likely not be very challenging. I have no engineering knowledge and tend to wing it when it comes to building bridges, which is half the fun) I haven't had any problems with the app at all, it runs smoothly every time I play, and it was worth the $1.99 for the full game.
  10. Awesome
    Cari F
    Was it were a bit cheaper tho, maybe $1.99? Still worth it tho. Addicting for sure!
  11. So much fun!
    AJ McRobert
    It's midnight and I need to sleep, but if I don't finish this one it may kill me.
  12. I love this game!!
    luis perez
    I will give it 5 stars when the controls become a little easier to use, otherwise it's a great game. Luckily I use a note 3 so the stylus comes in handy.
  13. Raf
    rafał szul
    Good game but in most of the cases there is no chances to achieve 5 medals because one disqualifies another
  14. Graphics are good.
    gary smith
    But this core has been around since west point bridge designer was free on the net. As a structural engineer it feels like they have an error in the math core as the stress increases as the wagons cross once they are both on the bridge newtons law says the stress is the same unless the back truck catches the first the point loadings are the same. Feels like a toy not a tool. Try west point it educates.
  15. Nice
    Unnop Alpha
    Very good fun, hard puzzle challenge, personal creation, good looking game and many levels buuuut... I need train to max out my contrition capacity. That would be nice.
  16. Very nice
    Blaise Boudreau
    Fun game. Looks and plays well on my note 2. Easy to get into, fun and depth, with good goals and some story.
  17. Overall fub
    Garrett Birks
    I would like to see more diversity of the levels and things
  18. It is kinda bad.
    Snorkle Fish
    The touch controls are frustrating. I would recommend buying it.
  19. Jonathan Hanshaw
    Game doesn't work I want my money back.
  20. Bridge construction
    Donald George
    It's fun. When to use cable or wood or steel is unclear, I guess you have to guess.


What`s new

- several bugfixes and improvements
- savegames are now automatically transferred from the free to the full version if you allow the app access to the external storage