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  1. OK but combat is a bit annoying
    Matt K
    It doesn't make sense that when I outnumber the enemy 3 to 1 that each side still gets one attack. Why can't it just be every character attacks once per round, and then it starts a new round? The game is great otherwise and I was enjoying the difficulty, that is until the boss started stunning my entire team with one move and me able to free one per round only for him to keep doing it. That really made me hate the one attack thing. It doesn't make sense in any way I can think of.
  2. Awesome!
    Steven Bodnar
    Excellent game hands down. Seems to encourage min - maxing all characters, but there are many classes leading to nearly endless replayability.
  3. Great Little RPG
    Jason Roy
    Good humor, fun gameplay, classic feel - what's not to love?!
  4. Mark Nguyen
    Game won't get past Loading Version 1.352 screen.
  5. Amazing
    isaiah burris
    This is how games used to be and I love it, it can be difficult at times but unlike other games once you buy it you get all it has to offer. No stupid in-app purchases
  6. Very intelligent
    Willy Robinson
    One of the most creative games out here as far as rpgs. Show the developer support
  7. Replay value
    Tyrell Fortson
    I can play this game continuously and keep going back to it because the style you play is constantly changing. It has great replay value, but is very unforgiving.
  8. Not bad but system is a little unbalanced
    Charles Gnekow
    Great game. Hoping for a better balancing system for magic resistance. Insane the only way to defeat some foes that are highly magic resistant after you physical fight dies is to throw away one of your tomes and start punching them back and forth for an hour only to have the next three rooms filled with nothing but magic users. Solution would simply be to cap magic resistance to still give at leave some damage.
  9. Text will not render
    Marc S
    The game looks great, but without text the game becomes impossible to understand and not fun. Customer service is amazing, promptly responding to bug report (thus the increase from 1 star to 3 stars). If this bug is corrected, the review will change
  10. Really Rigid Roguelike
    Blaine Christian
    I've enjoyed most of my time playing it but it's just missing some openness. Third quest in. Just starting to like my group. First encounter my dwarf is wiped out due to a freak status effect role. And I realize there's no way to abandon a mission. Even before the dungeon. Literally right next to the town. So because of that I have to march the surviving members to their doom. Game desperately needs a mechanism to retreat. Make the players fight back to town. Risk/Reward. Point of no return. Something.
  11. Good game
    Георгий Антонов
    It is very addictive. I miss the option to restore a failed game, but I suppose it gives more weight when you actually beat a campaign. Tip: do not attack Death until your party can take a ton of damage and survive. I've learned it the hard way: I was one quest away from beating the first campaign with no deaths and the all-healing party (for achiev) when Death did what it does best.
  12. Well done Android port
    Matthias Reiher
    I absolutely loved the PC version of the game and only worried about the controls with android, but with my HTC One X+ it works perfectly, so if you also worry about that, it's not an issue! Otherwise, well worth the 7€, hours of fun, autosave after each battle so no problem if the battery leaves you. If you like round based fights, this game offers it with a relatively complex system, difficulty is challenging but fair. I'm looking forward to many more hours with this game! :)
  13. Can't see the speech text
    Bryan huckabone
    Sounds like a great game but cannot play because speech text is not there
  14. Delicious
    Jerome Paul Esteban
    Pixel Heroes offers a taste of the rougelike genre by giving its players little bits and pieces of the usual ingredients such as permadeath and random loot, and stuffs it all in a neat little casual-flavored wrap. It's a satisfying snack for bite-sized gaming on the side.
  15. Text will not render.
    Dan Hicks
    The game looks great, but it is currently unplayable on an Asus K01A. The conversation text will not render making the game incomprehensible.
  16. Wow.
    Nathan Brooks
    Don't let the price tag set you back this game has it all. Turn based combat rogue like encounters loot drops funny commentary and cameos. Exited the town on my first quest and encountered death literally the first encounter and I decide to attack him learning from my mistake.... He had one shot my whole party and brought them to his realm forever..... 11/10 would play 30 more hours in one sitting.
  17. love it
    Matty O'Toole
    Death speaks in all caps! Turtles all the way down! This game is witty and super fun. The item system takes some getting used to and I have no idea how you're supposed to do a party without a healer but I'm digging the hefty difficulty. Challenging, but great!
  18. Wow, surprised!!!
    michael stanker
    Probably the best pixilated adventure on the market. Truly awesome, must have been a terror to Code but ohhhhh man its very well done.... havent found any glitches. Its adamantium!!! Good job Dev!!
  19. Long lasting challenge
    Robert Thurston
    Been playing for a couple of weeks and still my game of choice. Very challenging but well balanced difficulty. There's depth to the game that needs to be learnt in order to progress. Still haven't finished the first campaign.
  20. Quite good
    Tyler Robinson
    I really liked this for awhile. Great little game. My only gripe is that you can't choose whatever party you want. If you don't get the draw you want, you can only reroll a new party so many times. So then you get stuck using classss you don't like. Other than that it was fantastic.


What`s new

- Fixed orientation bugs
- Added portrait game mode

Thank you all for playing.