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soviet union
soviet union game



Artem Pastukh | Self Employed

Maxim Taran | Programmer and Senior Programmer

Roldugin Alex | Programmer

Pavel Kostin | Head of Production

Reviews 16,151

  1. Ok
    Niall Dowds
    This game is completely fine to begin with. However I will say as you progress the missions become near impossible for the casual. Maybe an addition of a difficulty setting could help?
  2. ur games never work!
    Paris Mitchell
    all of ur demo version games never work! unless I find one that works I will boycott all of ur games plus I won't buy any of ur games until one of the demos works cuz I would buy the full thing if the demo worked but since it won't I will not be buy anything from u
  3. An idea
    AnthonywrtTt Trebunski
    How about a third campaign as the remnants of germany trying to win ww3 while the Americans and soviets are distracted fighting each other. It would be and interesting challenge. And hard.
  4. Allwinner tab
    Chris Lear
    All your games don't work, they just keep closing
  5. It hard core
    kinky dominicanman
    This game is not for your grandma's or 10 year olds. The challenge maybe to much for some people.
  6. Too hard
    TheCake MuffinCrew
    The game is too hard. For example, after the Yankee Mission, the Canadians are too strong. Canada should have speaker forces than Russia. It's impossible to have Canada stronger than Russia, unless they overcome Russian forces.
  7. cesneros adonis
    Why they not load on my tablet? sh**t
  8. amir tahoorijam
    the worst game ever ,,nothing is based on ww2 ...they also expect us to pay for this garbage... lol
  9. Horrid
    Andrew Collins
    Within 2 turns you fail the campaign it kills a game with potential.
  10. Beautiful but hard
    Ege Tuvay
    Missions get really harder and harder. Also not being able to have more than 12 units in an area is annoying sometimes
  11. Won't load
    Thomas Slider
    Well I'm my old phone all your guys games use to work and I love them but now on my LG g3 none of them will load
  12. Cut scenes
    Jesse Garibay
    This a good game overall but could you please make it so that when your finish reading the part of the cut scene you can move on to the next part of the cut scene by clicking or something
  13. Unlikely alternate history
    Angelo Agriam
    well I could go on for hours lecturing the whole cold war scenario, the US in 1948 doesn't want to attack want to attack the USSR as for the USSR they have a plan going west
  14. Multiplayer fail
    Derek Mcclintock
    Bought the game to play multiplayer with my brother but the game won't let us connect with anybody
  15. Garbage
    Hunter Lundquist
    Pop ups won't let you play at all. Garbage
  16. This game rocks
    Wilfredo Loreno
    I loved it can you make a war in south china sea
  17. Dose not.sapport galaxy note 4.
    I really wanna play it but it dose not sapport my resolution I have a galaxy note 4. Plz fix this if possible. Edit: Thanks for the fast response.
  18. Fun til it locks up
    stephen franklin
    Constantly locking up my phone. Many times I've had to pull the battery just to be able to use my phone again. Fun game when it works. Some of the scenarios are way to imbalanced though.
  19. We need more players
    John Show
    I want more challanges I'm on this 24/7 if you wanna battle buy it
  20. Inas Barakat
    Good But they can make light version with out multiplayer