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Artem Pastukh | Self Employed

Maxim Taran | Programmer and Senior Programmer

Roldugin Alex | Programmer

Pavel Kostin | Head of Production

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  1. Bugs found
    Bennett Tong
    When load the saved game, healer keep flee in terror without healing any one, please fix
  2. Excellent
    Per Löwgren
    Game was excellent; yet UI could have easier access to spells and focusing on killed characters with shortcut buttons or similar; perhaps a Majesty 3?
  3. Rich Irenicus
    Very fun... I have had this for two years, we have only had one game changing update. I hope we can get something more.
  4. Ads shouldn't be at the start up every time.
    James Michael
    Majesty is a wonderful game you will enjoy. i purchased your game herocraft because I like it. However I don't need an ad popping up in my face every time. I start the game. I will always check on my own. To see what new games you have. I would understand if I didn't pay for it. Just because I bought this game of yours Doesn't mean. I want to buy your other games. It's the complete opposite I'm done getting the same ads. I won't raise my stars until you do something about this.
  5. My money is wasted
    Hi I am a great fan of this game but I m facing a very big problem I m not able to play the game as my phone freezes in gameplay and restarts I m feeling like my money is wasted plus I m not able to play the game with whether function on. Its frustrating as I loose a lot of progress and it's not enjoyable I like this game a lot please help and fix the problem (Samsung galaxy ACE S5830) edit:- those who have a bit medium or low end phones don't buy and waste ur money beware...
  6. Could be a 5-star game if fixed.
    Sharron Bentsen
    Worked pretty good until I got to the skull bunny level, now its frozen & won't let me play anything.
  7. Touch problem in xperia z3
    Yudhistira Arya
    Sometimes the touch is not responsive at all. The only way to fix this is by go to the in game menu then come back to the game.
  8. Excellent!
    Ice Melt
    Good game but can u make player can put gold to hero?! Its hard for me to give gold to hero because if i put all hero share it together...
  9. Support back for HTC One so 5 stars :)
    John McNichol
    I love the original game and the expansion now it is back on my phone. Thank you devs :)
  10. Great game, but can't buy
    Brandon Hellsing
    This is a great game as I have all of them, but for some odd reason I can't buy any crystals on this one.
  11. Wasted my money
    Darth John
    I hated this game, poor sound, no control of your characters, little directions. I wasted my money because I won't play it again.
  12. Meh on tablets
    Rebecca Kling
    The graphics are better than thee original but the "phone optimized" controls take up way too much space on tablets. ALSO, don't advertise to me in the game I friggin PAID FOR!
  13. Samsung Galaxy Note 2
    Lance Mansfield
    OK game. A long time between expansions.
  14. Jonny Allen
    I love this game. I wish there were more RTS games on the market like this
  15. a little bit lag
    nutthapong uengsawat
    i'm play on mi2s with qualcomm snapdragon 600 and found a little bit lag. without these problem everything fine.
  16. Great game
    john welsh
    Games fun wish there would be an update or new version
  17. Full paid game showing ads is beyond annoying
    Joseph Dinnis
    I don't pay for ads I hate ads I don't want to see ads. Remove ads I will raise stars.
  18. Memories
    Jack Keyland
    I love this game. Needs a sequel! Or more expansions Would love to see PvP
  19. I really like it
    Bobby Drake
    Fun to play and keeps me busy
  20. Cold fun
    Dan Cartwright
    A game you can play without playing?!


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