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  1. 100% worth a try.
    Christopher Laing
    At first a bit daunting but once you've spent some time getting to know the game you get hooked. Challenging, entertaining and overall very satisfying when you're getting it right. A few bugs here and there but nothing you can't work around. Worth the price.
  2. Fun, complicated, crashes constantly
    raixel phaetalistic
    This game is a text based stone or bronze age fantasy civ simulator. You dont usually get depth like this in mobile games. It seems daunting at first but its really fun when you get the hang of it. My biggest issue and whats keeping it from 5 stars is it crashes constantly. Like once every 20 mins constantly. The crashes freeze my phone and i have to put it in sleep mode and back out to snap it out of the freeze. If it becomes more stable its definitely a 5 star game
  3. Great game, bad port, good service
    Andrew West
    A random story generator full of tough decisions, fun game and a unique genre. However, the touch interface is frustrating on a regular sized smart phone, it's probably fine on a larger one. There are lots of fiddly little check boxes and tiny buttons to press, I gave up in frustration. They did give me a refund so kudos for that.
  4. Great game, one major issue
    Russell Millard
    Played the game on my iphone, would play it on my PC if it worked, and I love it. Really fun strategy/choose your own adventure/management hybrid. Lots of great story and art. Just one pretty minor-major issue: increasing/decreasing the volume on my LG G Pad 7.0 brings up the menu bar at the bottom with the home button but does not go away. Makes it really difficult to read text even though a fairly small part of the screen is covered. And since reading the text is difficult, playing the game is even more difficult. If it would be possible to make it so these buttons autohide that would be great, because I think this issue only effects devices without physical menu buttons. thank you! Just updating my review to say that since it works with my phone, an LG G3 and a quad hd device, I'm increasing my score to 5 stars. to reiterate, it's a great rpg/strategy/choose your own adventure hybrid that really has no game like it. The closest game I think think of is the Banner Saga. If you enjoy good games you're doing yourself a disservice by not buying it. Unfortunately, the issue on my tablet is still there but it seems like that's an issue with my tablet and not with the game. bummer :/
  5. Highs and lows
    Scott Francis
    Really great and addictive text based adventure simulation, but so very unstable performance wise. The latest update means I can no longer press the Magic tab as it immediately crashes the app! Which rules out me ever winning my long running current game. The support team have been quick to respond but we all know they can't actually give an immediate solution, I just have to wait for another update. I wouldn't mind but this is quite an expensive game when you look at the Play Store and it's just a port!
  6. Outstanding, seriously hoping they make a sequel
    Dylan Brown
    Definitely fixed some bugs, and there seem to be more events now. Only minor annoyance is it always tried to log in to Google Play on startup, but that's minor and the game is outstanding. EDIT: a problem I keep encountering during install, the download gets to 76% or 77% and reports an error, dropping back to 73% and starts trying to reload the file. Goes on forever and happens every time I try to install.
  7. darren manitta
    Note to developers. Having the option to cancel trade deals and alliances would be EXTREMELY useful. (You should add that to your next upgrade) beyond that this game is perfect! You can play it for hours and not get board. Unlike most text games this game has alot of replaybility too. Also the developers should be working on sequals. I'd like to see more games like this but with a different setting. Exp: how about a sci fi setting.
  8. Great Game - Unfortunate Bug
    Brandon Wall
    I purchased this for my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. When I try to load the app it immediately crashes. I'm a big fan of the original PC version and was very excited to see this ported to Android. Hope you can resolve this issue so I can change my rating to a 5.
  9. Wont open on Prestigo
    Rob King
    Was actually introduced to this game by Greg Stafford when launched years ago. So very disappointed that wont even open. Need refund.
  10. Amazing
    Ryan Cabral
    This game isn't easy, it takes some reading and experimenting to figure out, but it's very rewarding once you have.
  11. Ideal for Mobile
    David Fellows
    The game has an excellent level of depth for a Mobile game, without being held back by frustrating micro transactions. However I do believe that there is room for improvement, regarding the user interface; that can feel quite counterintuitive at times.
  12. A great game from the past...
    Elena Pereira
    only marred by a sometimes clumsy interface.
  13. Good game but problems
    Nicholas Liverpool
    It stops every time I go to proceed to the next year and I have to open it again
  14. Cant even play
    Kiela Millanes
    Everytime I start it all it shows is a black screen
  15. Still no recipt for the refund...
    Mishka Tvorzky
    I've received no email from Google at all since your last reply saying it should be there, how long should it take?
  16. depth!
    Dan Schuberth
    Great rpg / strategy game... if you buy this you won't be dissapointed... it is frustrating at first because it's hard to know what to do and there are no wrong or right answers. .. but that is the beauty of this game is its sheer depth... haha I'll have to try not to be a dragon slayer, slaver clan one day
  17. Najhi Durrah
    Possibly best game of its kind on android market
  18. God this game is amazing
    It's relaxing and imersfull and the story and the lore is really impressive as well as the artwork. It feels so good to be king
  19. Unique, one of the best games ever
    Rook Cobalt
    I know of no other game that does what this one does, and it does it very well. Text based strategy and management, but it's so much more than that, with a solid in-game mythology and morality that you must both develop in the game and live by while playing.
  20. Great port
    Christopher Niewiadomski
    And they even informed me after the game was made to work on LG G3. Awesome game, awesome support, worth every penny.