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Andreas Markel | Game Designer

Würzburg und Umgebung, Deutschland |

Christoph Rothenbuecher | Junior Sales Manager bei GmbH (HandyGames)

Würzburg und Umgebung, Deutschland |

Stefan Hufnagel | --

Würzburg und Umgebung, Deutschland |

Mark D. Bubacz | Student - Game-Design

Köln und Umgebung, Deutschland |

Reviews 14,539

  1. That ad on top
    Guilherme Souza
    I would but a good game to support the developers, putting that annoying and intrusive ad on top wasn't necessary
  2. Fun.
    Dustin Riley
    It's a pretty fun game. A bit on the short side though. I played the free version, and I'm assuming the ads are glitched. I didn't receive a single ad the entire game. Happily, that is the only thing that seems to be buggy about the game.
  3. Really good Cyberpunk game
    Michael Bickley
    I am very pleased with this game. You can get a little lost sometime but eventually you figure out where to go. The combat is fluid. Lots of customization with weapons armor and implants. All around good game.
  4. A timeless HandyGames classic that works perfectly on any phone.
    Pranab Pant
    As an out-of-work video game critic, I've seen my fair share of mobile games: some tacky, some mere time-wasters and some, like this gem, good enough to hold their own against the big boys, like Final an RPG connoisseur, I would call this a sci-fi take on Final Fantasy that's perfect for every gamer, be they casual or hardcore.
  5. Wow this is awesome
    Manus Graham
    This game is great it reminded me of terminator when I was playing it. I just have problem the ad's, I hate it when ad's pop up when I'm playing a game especially a game like this, it just spoils something that should be perfect you could just have the ad's in loading screens. But besides that I can't see anything else wrong, maybe when they fix the ad's it will be 5 star's.
  6. Perfect for mobile gaming!
    Phillip Reed
    Now this is more like it! Amazing game for mobile. I am nearly at the end of the game and played for nearly six hours! Decent upgrade system, love how you can pause the game to give out orders. It does get a little repetitive after a while but when the gameplay is this good, who cares? Even runs smoothly on my old Samsung Galaxy Y. The adverts get in the way at times but only a minor complaint. This is a free FULL game after all. Sequel please?
  7. Can't see frag-all chummer.
    Clyde Rain
    This game got me genuinely excited as a big fan of the Cyberpunk genre. It plays well and the storyline is fairly bare-bones with not too much character development yet still functions and is interesting. So it's a real shame that everything but the text is almost too tiny to see. If the resolution matched the screens hits, I'd be thrilled and enthusiastic to give it a perfect 5, however I really can't see and it's truly disappointing. I gave myself eye pain squinting at this. Not recommended for cellphones! :[
  8. Strange, yet good
    Triston Gervais
    Definitely a good game. The concept of giving each character commands separately or as a whole is a bit awkward at first, but great once under control. The game looks great, and the variety of equipment is nice.
  9. Not sure what to make of it
    Apollo Honda
    I really wanted to play but it's unresponsive to my commands. Played on LG G2. Looks good but needs a serious update.
  10. Old school awesomeness
    Zac Nuttall
    The game play is great, cool graphics, near story line, and it's Free! The advertisements occasionally get in the way, but if that's all I have to deal with - still deserves five stars. Awesome!
  11. Ohh men!!
    Nagazumi Veran
    I use to play dis game on my nokia phone,... so i expected a lot... but when it comes to dis android version,it keeps on crushi'n like hell... Pls fix this... we really love this game...
  12. Why didnt i find this sooner?
    Kelly Zan
    Real tactical rpg games that it is .. if you a fan of bullfrog syndycate, xcom.. you goin to love this one ..
  13. Nice little game
    Alex Whitington
    Sort of a blend of Diablo and the Megadrive Shadowrun. I really wanted to upgrade to ad-free but there was no way to transfer my game progress. I can recommend spending the 80p for this one off the bat
  14. Great
    Scott Bobbin
    Reminds me of old shadow run. Graphics are good. Controls work fine. Runs smooth.
  15. Technical Issues
    Mike Beck
    After reading all the reviews I was excited to play this game. After loading it up I died during the very first encounter. I thought the instructions sounded clear enough but figured I was doing something wrong. I tried several more times and discovered that the right half of my screen is completely unresponsive (the entirety of the map during the first fight). The phone works fine during other games, just in this application, I can't use half the screen.
  16. Surprisingly good!
    Peter Parker
    I wasnt expecting such a complex story in a game of this type. My mind is officially hooked, day and night, on Cyberlords:Arcology.
  17. Finished
    Jeremias Robles
    I just finished the game and i have got to say. Wow. Extremaly fun and addicting once you start
  18. Good game. Ads block too much in free version
    Synthetic Emerald
    This is a prime example of a good android game. Story, graphics, mechanics. Unfortunatly the ad banner blocks a bit of the top screen so it gets in the way. Would def pay for adless version
  19. Bad
    ronnika baker
    Every time I press start It go's right back to the main menu
  20. Would rate it higher if...
    Christy C
    The first time I played it, it went smoothly. After that, I get a black screen with a loading bar. Please fix this issue, was really enjoying the game.


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