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Andreas Markel | Game Designer

Würzburg und Umgebung, Deutschland |

Christoph Rothenbuecher | Junior Sales Manager bei GmbH (HandyGames)

Würzburg und Umgebung, Deutschland |

Stefan Hufnagel | --

Würzburg und Umgebung, Deutschland |

Mark D. Bubacz | Student - Game-Design

Köln und Umgebung, Deutschland |

Reviews 4,365

  1. Pay to win
    Will Hayward
    On top of being pay to win, you can't even disable notifications properly as there's no way to exit the game while keeping settings saved. Games like this would probably be great as a ~£10 purchase that includes a properly balanced game with no micro transactions. As it stands it's just a waste of some clearly talented artists/developers and another reminder of the sad state of mobile games.
  2. Awesome Game But Slightly Unbalanced
    alex miller
    Gameplay is solid and entertaining. However, I feel the game is slightly too difficult. I've reached the first main mission and I simply cannot beat it. The enemies are overwhelming and my characters don't do enough damage. And I believe that leveling won't help because the enemies just level with you. I wish I could finish the game...
  3. Dr. J Matt Buchanan
    Good tbrpg. Nice graphics. Smooth play. Easy interface. Weak story gets lost in combat focused gameplay.
  4. Lag crash freeze
    j forster
    The game is great however the constant crash, freeze, lag and force restart on phone is ridiculous. Setting is on low graphic wise. Stuck now on the battle with the necromancer. Major lag then freeze then either force restart or battery pull.
  5. Unbalanced but still fun
    vincent swift
    As other reviews have said, this game is very difficult at first unless you spend $ to get the 4th character. Even then it is still a challenge. I would advise sticking to 1 and 2 star side quests until you get all three free characters' primary attack to the $5000 level. Then you can do the 3 skull blue quest and get he healer. It won't be easy. Have at least $6000 going in for revivals. Also the healer is useless without mana potions as his primary attack uses magic. Have fun.
  6. Cheated
    I did the 27k free gold install and did not get it. Very money hungry game. 2/3 hours in be ready to spend money, and I still have yet to get a response to my free gold. Uninstalled.
  7. Fantastic game
    Josh Gordon
    Runs smoothly on my phone, love everything about this, its so much fun!
  8. Auto-Cancellation? and phone crash
    Adam Sauceda
    The game crashes and then restarted my phone. After that i unstalled to reinstall and it auto-canceled the transation! will get it again and change rating based upon the performance of it in a couple days.
  9. Not bad!
    Daniel Miller
    Fun game but way too unbalanced. Unless you spend some real $$$ it's next to impossible.
  10. Wow
    Mishelle Cook
    This is an amazing game. I love it. I only paid .15 cents and I really only bought it because I put a buck on google play just to buy townsmen premium and since there wasn't much left a got a few of these .15 cent games. This is by far my fave so far. It would 100% be worth the full price. Thanks to the game devs for an awesome turn based strategy rpg. Also ..its a big bonus that it doesn't require a internet connection.!
  11. Great Game
    Andrew R
    Only problem so far are the "protect the shrine" missions where the shrine gets destroyed before you can get anywhere near it
  12. Pay to play AND PAY TO WIN
    Hugo Barbachano
    The basic game mechanics and graphics are actually pretty good, but the Pay to Win side of the game takes all the joy away from it, specially in a game that you have already payed for.
  13. Solid little turn based strategy rpg
    Shaun Gephart
    If you are saying it's pay to win, you are dumb. If you're saying it's too hard you are dumb. It's not my job nor the developers to educate you on how to play this gem of a game. What we have here is a good old fashioned grind of a turn based strategy rpg and it's the just what the doctor ordered.
  14. Great game play, graphics and sound
    Mike Dice
    I figured it would be a cheap "cookie cutter" game...but I was so wrong...simple and deep game play....Great for slow times at work
  15. Dakota Deshazer
    It resets my phone after I get the hunter and try and start the next part of the mission fix that and I'd easily give it 5 stars
  16. Pretty good
    David Tehan
    Good little time waster. Seems like it might become more of a waiting game as you progress if you don't want to spend money.
  17. Great rpg
    Donovan Greene
    I really like this game. Only downside is having to wait for heroes to heal and having to watch video ads for extra gold. Otherwise solid gameplay
  18. Great but
    Ian V Deventer
    I still haven't got the cash for downloading Gumtree app
  19. Great
    Ross Snook
    Enjoying the game mechanics. A few annoying bits like constantly having to end your turn even when there are no enemies but it's not bad enough to make the game bad. Definitely worth the price tag
  20. Pretty good
    Ryan Dalton
    Good game so far. Using it to waste time at work. Worth the .15 I paid for it.


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