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Andreas Markel | Game Designer

Würzburg und Umgebung, Deutschland |

Christoph Rothenbuecher | Junior Sales Manager bei GmbH (HandyGames)

Würzburg und Umgebung, Deutschland |

Stefan Hufnagel | --

Würzburg und Umgebung, Deutschland |

Mark D. Bubacz | Student - Game-Design

Köln und Umgebung, Deutschland |

Reviews 676

  1. Well game, but...
    Jason PH
    Since your last update Handy Games, my game turns out very very laggy. Can you please help me to fix it? I'll give you 5 star
  2. Mandatory In-App Purchases too?
    Tara Pennington
    Looks like there are also in-app purchases required in order to progress further in the game after a certain point. That in conjunction with the optional ads to gain extra fishing time is really lame. I would've preferred to pay more initially for the game and not have an option for in-app purchases. Grrr.
  3. Trash
    Ben Tover
    Notifications you can't disable so. So much in game purchases you can't even play the game. Complete trash.
  4. 15 + 76 coins = 45 coins after a level.
    Mike Jay Morgan
    Something's a bit fishy here... How the hell does the titles mathematics, make sense... Sort out this obvious bug or I'll drop the rating further.
  5. Could be better
    Pascal Pochol
    Grabbed it on sale, the store lists it as compatible with my Nexus Player so I installed it there. It's missing the LEANBACK_LAUNCHER activity so it's not showing up in my list of games. I had to go to Settings -> apps -> Downloaded to find and launch it. It uses more buttons than what are on the remote and the icons show the buttons from the Sony Dualshock 3(tm) controller, not what would be considered Android ones. I managed to play the game with the remote anyway (just the tutorial). Having to use both hands on the remote wasn't the best experience either. With a slightly better Android TV design it would be a nice little time waster. As there was some effort put into developping it I'm giving 3 stars as an encouragement to finish it properly.
  6. Cosmin-Dragos Barbu
    You pay to get no more ads and unwanted videos and they ask you if you want to see a video. It doesn't make too much sense
  7. Open Sesame
    Trey Sin
    Evidently the game doesn't work on S3. Oh well, enjoy my 15 cents.
  8. How do I get my money back? This game doesn't load!!!
    Richelle Soderman
    Won't load .please give money back. Please fix. Looks like a cute game.
  9. Grate game9
    Jacob Albright
    Really fun game to let the time fly by when your waiting for something or to just play and beat all the levels
  10. Worst Game Ever
    Aaron Rogers
    Bought and installed the app because it was on sale today. Didn't launch it but a few hours later I got a notification. Nobody wants unwanted notifications! To make matters worse when I clicked the notification it froze my phone! WTF?! Uninstalling this piece of garbage.
  11. I cant open
    Bryan Bernabeu
    I purchase this game today but i try open it and not work idk what happend
  12. Great but very unstable.
    James Swaby
    Wish I could work out the problem. The game will hard lock my tablet randomly. Tried air plane mode and restarting with no luck. Reinstall didn't help neither.
  13. Ripping off people
    Leon Wozlonis
    Dynamite cents never go over 100 if u have 80 and win 30 u go down to 10 and on a pd version. ....same happens when collecting from offers been jerked out of a massive amount of dynamite coins from gameplay and offers will be asking for refund
  14. Kinda want my money back
    Even thow I bought this for 15 cets I still want my money back because the game itself is kinda lame
  15. Nice change
    Tim Hardy
    It's a little cheesy but a good change from the norm. Easy to play. Funny themes...
  16. Can't open the game
    Damien Tom
    I just bought the game and it won't open
  17. Great but...
    Ramses Napoles
    Is there multiplayer I bought sps its great and all its just this is better and I want multiplayer
  18. BOOM
    Cody Alexander
    You could say boom about this game I can't stop playing I love it BOOM BOOM BOOOOOOOOOOM
  19. Trash
    Jack Macleod
    The creaters a just moneg hungery, wast of time
  20. Boring and money hungry
    Amir R
    This game has only good animation. the creators only want your money. most stuff in game cost money it is not fun at all


What`s new

Explore Asian fishing grounds in the new Jade Japan Cup
Use your Sushi Bomb to blast away new exotic fish types
Prepare yourself for 20+ challenging boss fish fights in all existing cups
Survive self defending fish on your new junk boat

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