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  1. Needs a few other things
    Amy Provstgaard
    I love this app, but lately it stalls out when scanning winning tickets and I have to reboot the app. Also another thing I would love is if it could tell you how much you won.
  2. Best lottery tool created.
    Jeannine Garcia
    Saves you lots of time. Just scan your ticket and it enters your second chance tickets. It worked on every ticket I scanned.
  3. Kimo Scott
    Finally, been lookin out for this app for years now! Very convenient
  4. Scan
    Angels Bomb
    I was excited to try it out but it won't scan my tickets no matter how many times I try...
  5. Used to work
    Tammy Dishong
    Now after I scar the bar code it stalls out :(
  6. Stops working when I scan more than 2 tickets
    Pea Grub
    Works great so long as you scan 1or 2 tickets, close the app, then reopen it. Kinda buggy and glitchy. Wish it would work every time.
  7. Toney Braswell
    Don't work been scanning for two days
  8. Shalee Kissell
    Won't get the Colorado lottery screen. So stupid.
  9. Used to work
    Dalton Johnson
    But now it will scan the barcode and then just go back to the home screen.
  10. If only it worked
    Brandi McCabe
    The app does this scan the barcode. It used to what happened
  11. Lame.
    Erica Berg
    Won't scan tickets. Only works for scratchers. App malfunction during scan and it gets sick on a camara screen. Very buggy.
  12. Michael Martin
    It used to work great now it keeps telling me to try again when I try to scan. Whats the point of having it if it wont scan?
  13. Orlando Valdez
    It's been loading forever lately after scanning a ticket, please fix:(
  14. Awesome app
    Will Doughty
    2nd chances are awesome. Worked on all tickets I've scanned so far
  15. Great time saver if you buy a lot
    Brandi Foster
    I love I can scan when I'm done and not stand in line or waste employees time. Thank you for this tool, I'm a scratch ticket player and is quite useful!
  16. Hazel Stewart
    It did work like it says. Makes it convenient.
  17. Devin Trujillo
    Scan doesn't work that great always tells me try again so wats the point if I can never scan my tickets
  18. Debra Morris
    Started out great. Loved it!!! Now it won't scan but 1 ticket at a time. I am spending more time rebooting than anything else. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it?
  19. Scan that
    Martin Sado
    Work's as it should. I thought about something like this year's ago but mostly for entering second chance entries. I really hated keying those big numbers in one by one.
  20. Colorado Scratch Ticket Scanner
    kamron schale
    Awesome app!!! I used to hang on to all my losing tickets in hopes that I missed a winner. Then I would spend hours sifting through them. Now I can just scan them and if they're no good, they go right into the garbage. Thank you Colorado Lottery office.


What`s new

Fixed a bug that caused the app to load with a blank screen and to sometimes crash when checking Jackpot numbers.