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Ian Wilkinson | President at Hothead Games

Vancouver, Canada Area |

Sharon Brown-John | HR and Admin Contractor.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada |

Leo Talento | Senior CG Artist-Art Instructor & Mentor

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada |

Melissa Lun | Project Manager at Hothead Games

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada |

Reviews 159,591

  1. This sucks big horse balls
    Shane Saalih
    I am a 78 overall and I go up against a 41 overall and I lose in overtime my guys always make it in the paint but apparently not when I'm down by 1 point so, hot head go suck big hairy horse balls
  2. I wish there was a zero rating
    Julie Purcell
    Im giting mad dude am a rating 41 and the people I go agenst rating 89 and you guys are just going to lose gamers because of this I am going to download big win racing now I would download big win football but the same thing happens there
  3. Why?
    Nate Harvey
    I just got the game and it stinks i spent $10 to get a whole platinum team and they lost 4 times in a row to players who are 50 ovr and below and im a 76 ovr. This game isnt about players its about luck and i dont recommend Anyone to get it
  4. Best game ever....
    Israel Arnett
    It's of the first games i don't have any problems with. Well except wen a low level team beats me. But that happens in basketball. U guys made a great game. Jus wish there was a way we culd play sometimes
  5. Big win basketball
    Why cant we score more than at least 70 points per game i want a big win not a game of 21 or horseshoe it will be better if yall could change that
  6. Not Balanced
    Carl Uy
    This game sucks ! I'm only level 5 and being matchup with 50+ level really this game doesn't know the word balance
  7. Naomi Chew
    This game is cool but they should let you play and they just suck it doesn't matter if u win or lose like avey body lose and win some on the Xbox live 2k 14 I'm 366 iwms 69 lose see u win some lose damm people justblioke cool games all the games are the same
  8. Great but
    Christopher Wright
    You should make a remake like you did to football. Also mabye adding a feature to choose to attack the basket or shoot 3s. And something similar with defense like protecting the paint or stopping the 3. If you did that it would be perfect.
  9. Battery
    Clifford Opoku
    It's a great game and all... But why the fuck does it have t pi drain my battery... Even when I plug in my charger while playing, I still lose my battery %... Fix for 5
  10. Amazing/Once......
    Jackson Dayhoff
    I Love The Game And The Details! :) Once I Was Only Only Gold And I Went Up Facing ALL Platuim And I Still Beat Them P.S. Lol to Nat Harvey i was 72 and i lost to a 33
  11. Bogush
    Trevon Gibson/thurmond
    I thought I was going to play y'all need to update it so we can play not computer if I was playing I would of been killing it rainy 3'scush,swish,smack
  12. Awesome
    Falon Shephard
    This game is so cool I can beat higher ranks and levels.I need more big bucks I am only at level 7on this game my team is a beast by the way my team name is the Ballerz and my name is schmohn
  13. Its ok but needs big time decisions
    Brenda mateo
    Ok the contracts suck ALLOT they should just take them off and I'm like a overall 71 so I've been doing this for a while and in the trophies games im going up against like 1.000 rating team PLEASE TAKE OFF CONTRACT AND PLEASE FIX THE MATCHES
  14. This game su#ks
    jade christian
    I always lose i got 5 gold players and 3 gold impacts then my enemy has the opposite got 5 bronze no impacts:(]
  15. Good but having trouble
    Michael Alleva
    For some reason whenever I play a team their name will be "Opponent" and all the last names of players will be "Player" I've tried restarting the app and completely shut off my tablet but nothing happens PLEASE HELP AND RESPOND Hothead :(
  16. Marius Gabriel
    Shit game. You actually don't play the game.. you only watch a retarded animated basketball game
  17. wow
    Bryan Martinez
    to those complaining about losing to teams with a lower overall rating thats like saying just because a team in the NBA has the best players like Cleveland and Goldenstate that doesnt mean they dont have a chance to lose
  18. Need a update (game could be better)
    John Faala
    I'm level 4 and I face level 179 I'm did not stood any chance I got 9 streak loses my record was 1-9 really I spend big bucks for good packs . you need to know balanced level and overall you will not score if you face high lvl this game will improved more for that request i send(I rate 5 if you did a update)!!!
  19. Thomas Busse
    I love this app. But they should make it to where you can have a coach. So that way your overall can go up and so you can train your guys so they can get better.
  20. We should get big bucks for completing challenges
    DEVIN Neuhaus
    Example winning five games in a row then get 10 big bucks with one card


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