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хоккей 2016 игра



Ian Wilkinson | President at Hothead Games

Vancouver, Canada Area |

Sharon Brown-John | HR and Admin Contractor.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada |

Leo Talento | Senior CG Artist-Art Instructor & Mentor

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada |

Melissa Lun | Project Manager at Hothead Games

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada |

Reviews 58,677

  1. Simple, easy.
    Matthew Snyder
    It is so addictive and simple. But once I had a 89 rating team and lost to a 45 rating. Now, that was 2 years ago, and I just started playing it TODAY (again) it could have changed but, so far, it hasn't changed much at all.
  2. Ok but....
    Alex Alexander Levesque
    Its a good and fun game but the probleme is that you matchup with teams way stronger and its almost impossible to win unless you buy superstars and i keep loosing to very low levels like 1 and 0 it makes no sense please change this
  3. Great game
    Brandon Riley
    The new perspective is a great update, allows me to charge the phone while using app. However, card selection in general in new perspective is not yet accurate. The calibration seems to be off, to the left "a touch". Flip phone back over, calibration fine. Only thing I might add is a 'select all' type of option when viewing a purchased card pack. Often times there are fewer cards I want to keep than cards I'm going to sell back immediately, If there are any keepers at all.
  4. Thanks for making it easy
    Notta Chanceman
    To quit, that is. I had been looking to stop for a while but kept slugging along. A string of bad luck finally pushed me out. I used a couple hundred dollars worth of in game currency hoping to improve my team. No luck. Opened 111 packs in my last week, to get a premium purple player. No luck. During my last weekend event, my 103 team lost to a 39 team. No luck. Even if you are lucky, you may tire after opening around a 100,000 packs in this virtual card pack opening simulator disguised as a hockey game.
  5. Was awesome doesn't work now
    Tyler Geoghan
    This game was great I had a fantastic team and everything was running smoothly then, out of nowhere it just stopped running and now everything that I built for my team is now completely gone and I can't play anymore that really sucks if you plan to get this game keep in mind that nothing you've done is truly secure
  6. Very good game
    Shaheen Aamir
    Best hockey game I ever played it is little bit of difficult but overall is very good game.All Big win games are best.I play them in spare time.I just loved this game
  7. Great
    kevin cottrell
    This game tests your patience and determination and its a great concept. I think it would be cool if you could make a market where people can buy and sell cards
  8. Needs A Lot Of Work
    Rusty Mods
    My team manages to lose to a lvl 1 41 rated team when I have all 70s and 80s. And the other team has 30s... Its a very one sided game I'll have like a 7 game win streak (if I'm luck to even get one) then lose 11 to 15 game losing streaks against lvl 1 and 100 team easy and unfair ones it terrible balanced match's need to be added. Needs improvement other then that its ok.
  9. Not a game
    jeff weiner
    This is just a cartoon that you watch which gets less awful the more you pay. You don't actually play at all.
  10. Tim Fecteau
    This game is a money pit so don't bother. I've spent a great deal of money for success but haven't found it. I have all the best players and the simulator will only allow me to do so well. I get screwed by lesser teams very often when Support tells you it only happens once in a while. I've spent about as much as one could to put a great team together and still no success because the simulator chooses the outcome your players obviously don't matter. Try it and see for yourself. My advice is find another hockey game.
  11. Matt Wegrzyn
    I like this game,but what they need to do is set up a better matchmaker also they should send out free big bucks on special accasions
  12. So-so
    Dennis Curfman Curfman
    I keep going against good rated people when I'm really low and I also keep losing to way lower people to and I'm on a 10 losing streak this game is only a chance game
  13. Needs work
    Maria Medina
    They should add a shoot out after over time because no one likes a tie we want a win or a loss
  14. Favorite big win game.
    Charles Benjamin
    Great concept, daily rewards are awesome, and they captured the feel of watching a hockey game. I anticipate every goal, and feel so rewarded when my team wins.
  15. Alana J
    I have my team level 15. I played three gold big impact cards against a level 3 opponent who didnt play any impact cards,still I lost. What crap.
  16. This is annoying!
    Noah Warner
    Im annoyed of just starting the game and already being put up against against peoples that rating are like 93, 99, 72 and 59 when my ratings only 38! Its just annoying how i cant get a good start!
  17. Good but way too many adverts
    Dave Monument
    I love the simplicity of the way the game plays but after every game is an advert. Now don't get me wrong, I understand this is a free to play game but there's a certain level of adverts that once passed it just becomes an annoyance. I used to play this a couple of years ago and adverts then were very minimal. Such a shame.
  18. Good pastime
    big joe
    I like the game however what bugs me is the fact that I have 6 superstar players and am at level 100 and lose to either level 0 or level 1 teams. Not cool at all big win hockey!!! please fix this because I am getting fed up of losing to much lower ranked teams. May I please win at least 1 championship? Please do me the favor and adjust the game so that my team does not lose against lower ranked teams esp when the opposing team has no cards? Just lost to a level 10 team with no cards. Seriously?
  19. Alex ESPY
    Worst game ever! Lost 7 straight games all to people who had overalls 7+ levels lower than mine. No point in trying to get a better team if they lose to bad teams anyways. Terrible game
  20. Pretty good but not there...
    Austin Dennis
    This is my favorite hockey game and im from canada so hockey is my life im only 11 but i play this game alot but the one thing i hate about the game is energy you should move it up to 15 and 1 energy takes 3 minutes. Another thing is you guys should put in is a regular season against computers and say your rating is 66 like mine is now the lowest computer rank would be 56 and the highest 76 so its even and if you get into the playoffs you should get like 20 bucks and if you get to the 2nd round 5 bucks 3rd round 10 and 15 for the finals and if you win the cup you should get 50 bucks


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