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Ian Wilkinson | President at Hothead Games

Vancouver, Canada Area |

Sharon Brown-John | HR and Admin Contractor.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada |

Leo Talento | Senior CG Artist-Art Instructor & Mentor

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada |

Melissa Lun | Project Manager at Hothead Games

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada |

Reviews 138,492

  1. Just another average Big Win Game
    Jason A.
    The game is totally random and has no logic too it. Example I have a 94 rated team, played all gold cards and came in second behind a team rated 77. It's just another game to try and squeeze you for cash in hopes that you might do well which you won't. Maybe they change stuff for you after you spend a ton of cash but I will never know because I have better things to spend my money on than a game that operates as this one does. If the game actually had any logic behind the outcomes things would be different
  2. Im mad.
    Andrew Lee
    I'm mad because this game always putd my up with people ten times better then I am. I am around lvl 3 and I go up against level 18. Fix NOW!
    Randy Rodi
    One of my biggest complaints is I'm spending 400 dollars for 2 cards at least give me 3 cards or at least give me a gold only pack or platinum only pack just like you did with big win football
  4. The best racing game ever
    Alfie Potter
    I like that you get sponsors and get to race against other people around the world and upgrading your crew and parts
  5. Can't get Platinum
    Nick Worstell
    If this game were like big win football, I could actually have a permanent overpowering lineup.
  6. Its a good game
    April Trowell
    Also your weaving through traffic card doesn't work. I still it get into crashes when it says avoid ALL crashes. So back down a star until your cards tell the truth. Its bad enough i cant win without them.
  7. Big win racing
    Kenneth Boyer
    Game not so good , no matter what cards you use you can't win that's lame , make some improvement 's, we all know you won't so why bother reviewing.
  8. Unfair match ups
    Justin Gorby
    I have ran about 10 races so far and my rating is 40 and every race I've ran atleast half the field is players with a rating 76 or higher. How is this fair for person who just started playing
  9. Ehh
    Michael Alleva
    Good game, but the prices are so ridiculous like its 2000 big bucks just to upgrade a silver driver to a gold driver? I mean, that's like over 10 real us dollars worth of money just to upgrade a driver now this game is bassicaly asking for money like you have to pay to get into a trophy??? And the free ones give you like 10 big bucks tops in big win baseball you have a chance to get 4 dollars worth of big bucks when in this game you have to pay to get a chance of 50 cents worth!!!???? I've gotten a full platinum team in 4 days with BW Basketball not a dime spent on big bucks...I'd rather hunt for a driver, sorry, and 2nd of all, the rankings are rigged like I'm a rated 53 and I go up to racers who are rated 39-45 and I get 4th place...But otherwise a good game BY THE WAY THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE MAD BECAUSE OF "LEVELS" ROFL levels don't even matter like have you seen wah's team??? Well wah is basicaly a rich guy in real life and he's known for being the worst team of all time in all of the big win games They have over 500,000 losses and they're level 376!!!! So chill levels don't matter, ratings do
  10. Ik its good but...
    Quincy Chery
    Its really good but in pits if you have a good crew you can be first or second. If you had a bad crew you easy drop to last or above. Can you please take out the error thing its annoying then I'll make it five stars thank you
  11. SO COOL
    Lokole Mleci
  12. Cynical Money Maker
    Dave Fairbrother
    I am a fan of most of the Big Win games, but this leaves me cold. It Just seems to be a cynical money maker designed to part the player with as much real money as they can afford with no guarantee of long term success. Decent cards are few and far between, and once obtained have limited life and negligible results. Rewards for success are too low and unrealistic pricing on the packs make progress virtually impossible. Very disappointing for what could be a great game.
  13. Gameplay Problems
    Rocky Therock
    Do gold big impact cards even help. I when I use two or more I end up in a bad position but when I use all normal cards I can win or get a top three plus the connection keeps cutting off
  14. How to use the big impact
    Shelly Prich
    The big impact cards do not work for me at least what the H+\\
  15. Solid 4-star but definitely not 5-stars.
    Giorgio Armani
    Good simulation managerial racing game, however card packs give similar (e.g. green contracts) too often and combining parts are hard to come by directly from packs. Getting the Wilkinson parts in the cup series remedies this problem to a certain extent, which odly seemed pretty easy. Maybe the biggest problem is still the AI which needs much more development, one feels very dumb in certain races when loosing to clearly inferior opponents but then suddenly winning higher rated opponents smack-on in the next race. Also superstar cards should be given out more on the eve of an event since game bucks don't come cheap. This game needs a good deal of money to be spent on, however it does not still guarantee success in racing though the odds are more favourable.
  16. Great potential
    Stephen Bednar
    The races are totally random. I played 3 gold cards and came in last. I got frustrated and didn't play any cards and came in 3rd place. If the cards mattered then there would be a better sense of accomplishment. Fix this issue and I'm sure many people will give a perfect rating.
  17. It's okay
    Riyaad Enus Murudker
    Very linear. I don't mind the luck aspect, but performance is based on cards and cards cost real money. You can still be competitive without money but more the money you spend the more competitive you'll be. It's okay otherwise..
  18. Mike Anderson
    Takes a while to get your team and car built up good enough to win. But once you do... This is a pretty good game.
  19. David Burgess
    Heart big win games (Football soccer basebwll hocky bascket ball) so me decide install dis and loved it!
  20. What's going on
    Ricardo Sanchez
    I wasted 150 bucks on the gold back and I never got any players just upgrades and renewal and impacts ????


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