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Ian Wilkinson | President at Hothead Games

Vancouver, Canada Area |

Sharon Brown-John | HR and Admin Contractor.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada |

Leo Talento | Senior CG Artist-Art Instructor & Mentor

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada |

Melissa Lun | Project Manager at Hothead Games

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada |

Reviews 174,520

  1. Pay to Play
    Joao Novaes
    When a soldier retires you need to spend bucks to un retire it! For a silver soldier it's 50 bucks, if you win 1st place on a campain you get 30 bucks, thats 2 campains to un retire him! I dont even want to know how much it will be to un retire my gold soldiers! If you are a person that can't play a game for more then a week, download, if you are a long term player that wants to "climb the rankings" get another game, or spend 5 dollars to un retire 2 silver soldiers!
  2. Soo... Addicted.
    Joshua Feliciano
    Warning do not download or else.... you will get addicted Thats A WARING O.-
  3. Won't open
    Zach Morris
    Every time I try to start it, it won't even load completely and forces itself to close without any error reports.
  4. I kind of like it
    Garrett Fisher
    I think RAW and RAW firefight are better then this one. I've been playing RAW since it first came out. Stay awesome! Google plus sign in doesn't work.
  5. Pretty good
    Antonio Prado
    I like the idea of the game but its not very interactive for the user. It would also be nice not always having to buy tours instead maybe have soldiers level up to get better or something. Other than that the game is ok.
  6. Best support ive had so far
    croxil icarion
    The game is decent, but the 5 star is for the support. My game crashed in the middle of a payment and the payment didnt go through. Not only did they respond to my emails(which in itself is a thumbs up from me) but they resolved the issue in less then an hour.
  7. Are you frigging kidding me?
    epic Dylan
    I just want to come out and say this game is good. The pay to win advantage isn't huge in this game. HOWEVER as you progress p2w increases.such as paying 50 BUCKS TO KEEP A PLAYER. This isn't just bad for f2p members of your community but you are ripping off your p2p members as well. Team members can retire after a certain amount of tours so if you pay 10$ On all gold players and pay 2$(isn't one time fee) to get them out of retirement that's 22$ in a month wasted. Give me a break
  8. Logan Gardner
    Its pretty good but the quick battles should be changed a little so that u can only fight teams that are close to your lvl. Half the time I'm fighting guys 5+ ranks above me with team ratings up to 20 points above me. Plz change
  9. No control over player.. :-/
    Jam Aun
    Game should allow to control movement of players just like in RAW firefight, just watching video doesn't make sense other than that game is superb
  10. Some glitches
    martinicelli cussavachi
    - Google+ sign in issues - Tapjoy free bucks offer 40% failure rate - Team characters sometimes stuck behind barrier in game and you loose - Chance of getting elite cards is hugely slim around 10%
  11. Its nice but...
    Simply me
    .. Its crap watching your soldiers fighting gosh I wanna control them all like I can choice I wanna control sniper or medic or the real commander please do this or its still a crap u guys can make its size big even 500 MB but please add a feature so we can control players like the raw firefight make it like that but also give us choices that we can select in commander or medic or soldier or other classes please
  12. Good but big fault
    Richard Waters
    Warning not to purchase in-game currency it can force close and not give you the currency, happened twice to me now not very happy, however game itself is very good
  13. This game worth more than this if...
    This Is Amer
    The developer fix this game which is always crash everytime I open it. To be honest, this game is truly addicted and I'm in love with it.
  14. Pierre Custodio
    I really like the game. It is very addictive but a couple of things. Make a new update where you can't lose team ratings. Some of my soldiers retired and I lost a lot of team ratings. And make longer lasting armour because every time I play a battle my soldiers armour breaks also could you add another soldier like a radioman, please make sure that you add a survival mode and only make the same ranked players play against each other. It was aright overall a really enjoyable game but needs more work
    joshua maul
    This is a great addition to Rivals at War. With all the gear and bigger campaighn. I do not use the campaoghn at my low level but im sure, ill use it more in the future. My only issue is the matchmaking for quick battles, im rank 4 vs a 14 level rank?! With all silver soldairs does not seem fair. No bugs so far and besides the Destiny pvp matchmaking its GREAT!
  16. Addicted
    Rich Silva
    Hothead makes these really good games. all of them are fun/addicting. Not candy crush which is frustrating/addicting. I'm about 50bucks into hothead games
  17. It's Ard I guess!
    joshulynn finley
    Thanks for the game and the rest of the system, which is the most important thing about this product, please click on here to see if you want it or not. The comments for this product are being made redundant from the UK and Ireland, Scotland, and Denmark and the other side of the world, but I think the only one who has been real life ,is the first one. The list of all the latest version 7th of May
  18. Peter Shields
    I managed to download the game but for some reason when i launch the game the game crashes 2-3 seconds later. I hope i get to play it otherwise i'll have to uninstall it.
  19. Fix the ads
    Geary smart
    I will being playing the a ad will appear so I hit exit. BUT IT doesn't go away all what happens is the screen darkens and when I click it will take me to where the add would take me. Plz fix and it will be 5.
  20. Error code
    siddharth singh sisodia
    I download the complete game , but in last it shows that could not install because of error code.. It's just wastege of time to download this game


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