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Ian Wilkinson | President at Hothead Games

Vancouver, Canada Area |

Sharon Brown-John | HR and Admin Contractor.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada |

Leo Talento | Senior CG Artist-Art Instructor & Mentor

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada |

Melissa Lun | Project Manager at Hothead Games

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada |

Reviews 354,893

  1. Buggy game
    Nikko Pilapil
    No matter how many times I fire on an enemy still wont acknowledge the hit, plus even if they got no perks. Come on face to face combat barrel on forehead still wont die. What kind of sorcery is this?!
    zaki ghali
    The graphics are OK for mobile but console quality gameplay not pay 2 win which is rare I only wish it had good co op or vs with friends
  3. Bug Or Just A Trap..
    Jasper Sahar
    The Daily log in Claim is so Buggy or Its A Trap on the 3rd Day i Didnt Get The 10 Cash So I Dont Recomend People To download dis Buggy Game And Even When I Won The it Said That I lost the Game Da Hell..
  4. Great but...
    Derpy Gamer
    Add more maps more types of troops and make it so you can go inside buildings and throw frags and stuff also make pistols and rocket launchers. I also think that you can go into first person or switch to a medic or somthing
  5. Great game but...
    Can we change our team from the old rival at war to this new one and what really the use of recover team anyway?.
  6. This Game Man
    Ryan Lee
    This game is beast. I love how you get to take control of your commander and be in the game, instead of just watching them win or lose. I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes first person shooters.
  7. Download nowguys this is not fake coment
    cris lorenz
    I play rivals at war but no T fire Fitch so I found this and I alwqys win
  8. Great Job!
    Just wish the login reward was longer than 7 days.. but most important there needs to be more than 6 fights (just like the other RAW it's got 10.. not 6 chances till cool down)
  9. Awesome
    Joshua Maxwell
    By far one of the best games ever! It still needs a tiny bit of work on the matches cause I'm on like a 5 times losing streak because it was like 37-67 I just quit but still awesome
  10. There's a little problem
    Luqman Masduki
    The soldier is invisible which that I only can see a floating gun. Please fix this,I really want to play this game (zenfone 4)
  11. Its kinda boring and needs friends
    Kevan Blob
    Guys add guild and rival wars via which u can challenge or friends and also give the option to play as other soldiers not only the commander becuz I love sniper but I can be one and I hate it
  12. Loved it
    Mohammed Khaled
    Its awesome but it needs 3 things and it will bd n1 game... First plz make that u can control the breatcher (can attack barrels) or the snip.. (can zoom in and auto headshot) or the medic.. Can shoot friends to restore their health or even radioman... Can talk to snip and breatcher about enemy position and the snip will then gain accuricy...2nd add information... 3rd make that i can upgrafe a standard to bronze for 600 coin and bronze to silver for 10 bucks etc.... instead of that u must buy a pack.
  13. Marvelous game..
    eddy thomas
    This is the best game i have ever played in my life.. But there is a problem that in the game sometimes i cant see mine and opponent's soldier , i am only able to see the gun and their markings on top of them. Please i want you to fix it.
  14. Just what I was looking for.
    Alexander Brazill
    I have been looking for a squad based type of game where you have a squad and play headquarters. This game gave me just what I wanted.
  15. It's OK but...
    Oliver Sarmiento Romano
    It's awesome and I am going to tell you about it now. So, you buy packets of cards with money that you earn in the game and the cards give you upgrades and more players. It's about you being the team commander and you have to kill other people and try and get into the Base. - Air force - Girl soldiers - More maps - Design own patch These are stuff that they should add! I personally think that this game is a big fat juicy winner and I think you should download it. Thank You Bye.
  16. Yea this game needs multiplayer and local
    Mckenzie Owens
    U should make it so u can send friend requests and battle your friends.or team up against ppl u don't like.also we really need more maps.I rate this game 5 stars
  17. Very n1c3 gam3
    stephen jakosalem
    This game is very unique from other war games, it has many features, maps, tactics etc. !,,,,and please make it 10 energy bars and add a another missions for more exciting battle...... pls. UPDATE THIS WH3N YOU READ THIS
  18. brandon suguitan
    great game so far. I love the fact that we can actually play firsthand instead of just watching.. only thing is I purchased the 100 buck pack, but haven't received anything yet (my 100 bucks nor the special pack it says you'd receive with purchase as a new player..) I've been waiting for it since yesterday & the deal says I have 14 hours left to get the special pack.. help?
  19. Best P.O.V game ever.!
    Randy Garcia
    Its an epic game, best game ive played.! The only thing i would ever ask for to add to this game is if you can exchange coins for bucks.! I always run out of bucks wen im purchasing cards.. And i have so much coins i just wish i could get more bucks outta coins. If you add this i would love this game even more.! Thank you so much .!
  20. Needs a bit of work
    Kristian Hadi
    Game needs: 1. Commander orders (follow me, regroup, hold, attack etc) it be great if you could control your team. 2. More weapons 3. Granades! Otherwise brilliant game. Crashes sometimes on my phone but addictive. Hard to earn money


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