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  1. Dan Preston
    Congratulations blackjack, you totally suck! No problems with the app, just with your product- Try reading some of the customer posts on your FB page. Maybe you should STOP HIRING COLLEGE STONERS?
  2. Doesn't work anymore. :(
    Scott Hansen
    I love your pizza guys but the app keeps giving me a N100 text error and crashes. I will be happy to change this to a 5-star rating when this is fixed.
  3. Address change!
    kim mcmurry
    Great app, but it won't let me change my address since I've moved and order from work also?
  4. Carolyn Fritz
    Decent app, but it won`t let you change cheese amounts (ie lite). I'll stick with the website for now.
  5. Gillian Clannin
    Not sure what happened but it works just great now.
  6. munky Boy
    Won't let me edit my address, had to make a new account just to order from home. Gave me an error message for not meeting minimum $10 delivery requirement, total was $11 though
  7. Travis Harvey
    This app sucks it always stops loading at one point or another b4 I complete my order I ALWAYS have to call it in anyways
  8. Doesn't work anymore
    Veronica G
    My stores is now always listed as closed and will not allow orders to be placed
  9. Can't even login
    Jeremy Vinding
    The login fields don't show the text so I can't tell what I'm typing. It keeps failing my login and I can't be sure of what I typed or edit it.
  10. Password
    Troy Valdez
    Forgot my log in and cannot even reset it from this app
  11. Can't order.
    Jacquelyn Teusch
    When I try to choose my store location a bunch of popups pop up and won't let me order anything.
  12. Doesn't work
    joseph rabiolo
    Not user friendly, struggled to build my order and add a coupon, ten minutes later order failed and I gave up
  13. I think it's a great app
    Adam Young
    One problem, how do you add more than one pizza. Fix that and you get 5 stars.
  14. Was this app designed by someone that even uses apps?
    Samy Abuswai
    What a terrible app. I ordered dominos after downloading this piece of crap.
  15. Lisa Fitzgerald
    This app sucks, I'll just call my order in.
  16. Justin Watson
    Cart errors out so I can't order anything.
  17. Louis Hernandez
    Sent my order to the wrong store even though I confirmed my local store at the start
  18. Robbie Casados Jr
    I put the wrong e-mail address how do I change that
  19. Works Great
    Zane Ross
    Our family likes Blackjack pizza, and this app makes ordering very easy. Aslo like that it keeps a record of order history. Just needs the ability to quickly re-order based off previous orders, that would earn a 5 star rating.
  20. StarRiderDi
    D Fields
    This is a great app. I just order my pizza, and usually ice cream, select my coupon and pay. It takes me no more than 3 minutes and the order is always correct. I use the app at least once a week. It works perfectly.


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-Fixed minor bugs