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jigsaw puzzles for kids
kuki jam
preschool games for little kids
preschool games for little kids free
puzzle games for kids
детские пазлы
для детей 5 лет развивающие
пазлы для детей
пазлы для детей 4 5 лет бесплатно
развивающие игры для детей на русском для 3 лет
развивающие игры для детей на русском для 4 лет
развивающие игры для детей на русском для 7 8 лет бесплатно
بازل للاطفال


Monthly active users estimation: 4,250,000

Reviews 24,468

  1. Mohammad Sabri
    After update some part of the puzzle will hide up or gone if kids accidentally swipe it to side of the screen.And hope that can add magnetic options so that puzzle pieces more easy to put in for younger kids
  2. Great App. Kudos. But
    Mohammed Nazib
    My Daughter loves it. I'm trying to buy it but it is declined my card. :( Developers please help
  3. Awesome app! Not a single issue with it.
    Denis Rusalov
    It works exactly as stated. My 3-year old loves this app
  4. Its just nice
    prajkta vishawanath
    My son enjoyed this puzzle very much
  5. 384 puzzles
    Laurie BATES
    Was a bit confused at first thinking each locked puzzle cost $1.99. NOT the case. The entire set of 384 puzzles was $1.99. Now *that's* a deal! Especially because this app is very well designed and executed. My grandbabes will be spending some quality time putting these delightful and educational puzzles together.
  6. Vij Santhosh
    My two years old got the hang of the game at the third time and she loves it especially the Christmas themed puzzles. Only down point, the screen sometimes freezes
  7. Extremely underrated
    Scott Mark
    What's the deal with these poor reviews but no comments? Gave in to my 2 yr old within minutes just to get the kangaroo puzzle. While some images remind my of good ol Clippy's clipart, the puzzle are very well done, the sound effects are good, and the pop-able balloons are a nice touch my kid loves. Highly recommended. Simple efficient controls also.
  8. Love it but....
    Gina Salinas
    I had all levels unlocked. I got a new phone and now the levels are locked. Please unlock.
  9. Saigayathri Balaji
    119 inr is bit high.ur other individual series are better.please lower the amount as accessible and acceptable.
  10. Dawn Kramer
    It has most of the puzzles locked even though it says 384 for free
  11. My little daughter like that a lot!
    Julia-Tzvia Kuman
    Very nice app. More of things like to the real one.
  12. Hours of fun
    Roy Clarke
    My daughter nearly 3 gets so much fun out of this game. Love it
  13. License error
    Jihan Ahmed
    After downloading this app from playstore i'm getting license error whenever i open the app. Please fix the problem . I'll give 5 star if the problem gets fixed.
  14. Love it
    Janee' Forseth
    My niece is 2 and she loves this...keeps her busy for hours!!!
  15. Cheri Hensley
    Nice work! Lots of fun. Thank you.
  16. Fun
    Roma Webb
    2 year old daughter loves this game plays it all the time with her cousin.
  17. This is excellent
    Jennifer T
    We started with the free puzzles but the ads were inappropriate so we upgraded. This one is well worth the $1.99. My kids love it. The puzzles, sounds and pronunciations are all very well done.
  18. Don't waste the money...
    Ciprian Roncea
    I don't get it... should I buy the app again, and again after each update?
  19. Swapna Samyuktha
    Most of the puzzles are locked... Unfortunately I installed this. Now Uninstalling . Should mention it as paid.. Not free.
  20. Rishi Raj
    Wasting of data pack......only few puzzle are unlocked......ll gv 5star if fix the problem


What`s new

Minor issues fixed.
App freezing on some devices when you open for the first time - this is also fixed.

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