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Yannis Yip |

Vladimer Chipashvili | Owner

Jimmy Lee | PHP Engineer

April Feng | Senior Market Analyst

Reviews 231,921

  1. poor security
    denise jardiolin
    this app has no restrictions.! people here can send and post nude pictures.
  2. Just an excuse for a porn site and a way to find escorts
    Intan Azri
    I was curious to see what it was all about as I've seen some friends using it. To my dismay, the only groups I see are mostly of pornographic nature. And as a user I can only report 10 things per day. The app itself has potential as a social app, but it seems to not have little to no moderation. What a shame.
  3. Improved a lot!!!
    Ena Romero
    "nearby" now almost accurate...limit friend requests to same country or location... lesser spammers or fake accts. love it♡♡♡
  4. Prepare to be disgusted
    Allie Williams
    From the under 18 dating groups with men over 40 in them and almost every other group being nude exchanges, the groups aren't worth it. The chatting isn't limited so anyone can message you, prepare to recieve hundreds of hey sexy's, dick pics and harrasment if your gay bisexual or lesbian. The moments remind me of Facebook which is fine because most people don't post them or they're not inappropriate. Don't worry about creating a detailed profile no one will read it.
  5. Annoying.
    David Lim
    This is a cool app but i found it to be annoying and i cant search the history of the conversation especially when you have an active community / group. Having said this, you'd miss out a lot in the conversation. Its not like you can be login to the app 24/7. It would be great if it can show "new messages" instead scrolling back all the time.
  6. Could be 5
    Jacob Penny
    Love this app, ppl can complain but i bet the complainers are in the groups they complain about. Would be 5 stars if you could upload videos instead of record then post on the app.
  7. 5 STARS
    Royce Pascual
    i created my own group and now enjoying it with my members.. some people are a douche but mostly of my members are nice
  8. Where am I?
    Dylan Miller
    The app has a good userface and is a good idea but works horibly. It only shows me people 200 to 500 miles away and my gps is working fine. Also searching groups sucks because it is mostly hookups or unrelated results. I was hoping to find people around me who shared my music interests but couldn't even find people in my state! Major fail but I think the issues can be easily fixed. Uninstalling but I might try it again if it gets some work done.
  9. Jeevan Kumar
    I like this apps... because this app give me same new friends in my lonely time ...
  10. Problems..
    Dylan Betie
    Hi....I have a problem with login my old accnt...I cant login and verify via email....I am not sure what is problem with LINK as I have no problem login this before...I have create a new accnt just bcause of cant login the old one...Unfortunately the 2nd accnt had the same problems again...I cant login back.
  11. Good app
    Ann Gillian Kiamco
    Nice application. You can talk to all kinds of people. There are some that are jerks but some are fact I have been good friend with them
  12. Worst app... Msgs n accounts vanished automatically..
    lazy king
    Msgs n accounts vanished automatically... N customer service is very poor...they were unable to solve my simple issue of a single msg backup frm there database.... Soo poor. Sry guyz but I can't giv more than one star for ur performance. If u resolve my issue I'll giv u gud rating
  13. It's awesome I like it
    Emilio Cuevas
    Everyone's like 4-+ hours away from me ._.........also it keeps telling me to update the profile cause its 70% or Lower but I don't know what else to pooout ._. It's kinda annoying
  14. Good but not great
    timothy lucero
    This app would be great if it did what it said I thought the whole point of the app was to meet new people around your area I recently moved to Santa Cruz and 90 percent of people that are contacting me are from the Philippines or also out of my country I got into this app to talk to people and groups with common interest which is cool but I also want to meet people in my new city and maybe go hang out with them but when I go give you nearby people no one's closer than a 100 away and more are states away
  15. Shty social media! shty employees!
    Terra Kay
    Link is just a front to traffic kiddie porn. When cp groups are reported to live support you will get the same generic answer "please press the report block button and we will look into it." Rarely do you get a decent live support rep. to close the internationally illegal groups, or ban users. I asked a live support member if they report international felonies to law enforcement and she replied no we can't give out personal information of our users to anyone. They also illegally access your device.
  16. Could Have Been A 5
    April Villegas
    it's actually great but i just can't change the fonts. it doesn't follow my system. i've checked the FAQ section but i can't find any related answers. hope you can help me. thanks!
  17. Great but
    Devi TheSlayer
    Please make this app you can post a video atleast 30 secs - 1 min . And you can post Voice Msg too . If you did that I would rate this 5 star
  18. Amazing app.
    Lence Casanova
    I'm a newer here and i was downloaded it an hour ago , I have just try this but it was completely good. But sad to say that some of users are poser and they bullied others.
  19. Great app.
    Paul Shepard
    This has been a great app. But could use a little tweaking..a better seach would be good
  20. They ship your kids to porn.
    Old Code
    If you post porn they freeze the account leaving porn photos there. But allow every to still see the account and porn photos. Igg gives links on there games to let children see this crap. Igg is not know fix any thing right or fast. Another question is since they are locking up there account not allowing people to remove there own photos and there not doing it them selfs. Plus there shipping little kids by boat load from video game links. Does that sound like a law suit waiting happen.