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syta 2016



Yannis Yip |

Vladimer Chipashvili | Owner

Jimmy Lee | PHP Engineer

April Feng | Senior Market Analyst

Reviews 37,744

  1. The new update screen
    Reaper 89
    I logged in minitoss and it tells me to update the game in which I have done already but the update screen still doesn't go away, do something about this immediately. And it's still there after update too.
  2. Diana Insixiengmay
    This game is crap and I say this as someone that played it for over a year. I stayed for the ppl not for the game experience. The newest update just made it even worse. Uninstalled with no regrets. Also, I've found "MiniToss" under 3 different names, but this one is the one that's furthest behind in updates.
  3. Good game!
    Flip Trill
    Its a very good game, I like it, its just like that game DDTank. The thing is, it keeps on freezing and stopping in the middle of the game, thats why I gave it only a 3, its really annoying, when your in the middle of the battle and it freezes out of nowhere, but overall a pretty good game with some flaws.
  4. Bad customer service, rude players
    Amanda W Cross
    Players kick u out of rooms 90% of time when u are higher lvl and power range. Kids with profanity and disrespect. Also it cheats u of ur real money. I finally obliged to spend real money only to find out that my gear that i bought with gems (real money i paid for) only lasts me a week!! Permanent items cost u abt $20 for a hairstyle! All the adverts and offers to get free gems is a big hoax. I feel like this game feeds of cheating ppl of their real money. smart of them stupid of us to spend real money.
  5. zzz
    Carlo Duque
    i hate this game.. just installed this and going to uninstall now.. it says no internet connection but the wifi 's full bar and i just watched youtube in my tab! pls dont install this game.. waste of time
  6. Missing Currency
    Lance Mejorada
    I didnt receive any gems after ive done so many offers by downloading an app and run it. I contacted the support and nothing happen. I work hard to get the gems but i didnt get it. Please make sure you give gems in offers successfuly.
    mark boyoh
    i already update.. but the view just still same.. no change.. see other player weapon change. but mine still same.. please fix this and i will give 5 star
  8. stupid game
    Daniel Ramas
    i just made my acct, and it crashed. but since im on the tutorial they wont let me click anything. the system ask me to get reward on something i dint even finished. now im stack up on the menu that says get reward that i can never claim since i dint finish the quest because it crashed.
  9. Bad update
    Anthony Cruz
    why not loading in server please fix it :(
  10. Awesome
    Patrickmagno Magno
    You should add spa and if you added spa I'll give 5 stars :D
  11. Log in problems
    Gian Vista
    Hel us game masters, We already updated it but there's a thing that says need to update what we can do for it :(
  12. Recommended game but...
    Change rating to 5 to 3, should have a personal account binding, so you can create another char on other account.. Still good cause it has free items while leveling
  13. hey! fix the task bug!
    General Argie
    i cant complete the undersea normal i repeat 10times but i cant get my reward!
  14. Adelbert Buno
    Need to fix force close,by then I can give 5.this is a nice game
  15. Gunther Postrado
    Always force closing or screen freezing like Clash of Lords 2..fix this please...thank you
  16. Server
    Margie Navarro
    I already updated it..n it still shows "update" ...pls fix this
  17. the game
    aizat azamam
    i like this game. but sometime it going to force stop itself. well done and fix this game
  18. Is nice to play
    weber web
    Now I download your game ...and I have play 5min and then its off ...on it self . your game is not worked same time really bad . Do same ting ,that we all can give u 5star ,and we are player ,we need the best tink .. Pls igg
  19. Bad
    Mat Nor
    Damn it !! i cannot play in treasure ..
  20. The Libertarian
    Tony Sung. Yes, i too will do the same. It is so obvious that this game is trying to scam our money. Their luck systems is their way of scamming our money and they use that luck system as their excuse. Will file a fraud summons too.


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1.New Pet System
2.New Floors in Eternal Tower
3.Duo Tournament
4.New Guild Feature - Guild Boosts
5.New Way to Boost Your Performance - Advanced Enhancements


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