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  1. No message backup or server storage
    Joshua Messina
    Overall I love GROWLr. It's the hookup app I prefer over all others I've used. That said, I'm disappointed that they have yet to implement a message backup/restore feature. Since they don't save them on their servers, it would only make sense that they provide this feature. I have tons of message I want to be able to keep if I decide to do a factory reset or upgrade my device. They don't even let you access them yourself through the file system. I will rate 5 stars when this is fixed.
  2. Better syncing
    Ruben Ornelas
    I gave the app 3 stars. I would have gladly given 5, but I do have an issue that aggravates the hell out of me. My messages don't sync between my gadgets. Sometimes I get a notification on my phone but the message is on my iPad. And even worse, if I am having a convo on my iPad, I have to finish it there because it's not synced to my phone. Change this and I'll gladly give 5 stars.
  3. One of my favorites
    Christopher Phelan
    One of my favorites of this type of application. I actually met real people that I liked. My only criticism is that if you, for instance, use it on your tablet then later decide to put it on your phone, your message threads dont follow you. In other words they are device dependent.
  4. Great friendly easy to use app
    Ben Volkmann
    Too expensive for the pro version. Too bad because its a great app. The app updates have really expanded the app and made it easier to use. The app is a great way to meet people local or far away and people are generally fairly friendly. Well worth getting and supporting by subscribing to the pro version. I met my partner on it and are very happy that we met on Growlr.
  5. Many issues fixed
    Ian Yule
    It secems that several issues with message sending and delivery that have plagued this app have been resolved. Though there are times when some typed messages dissappear as soon as you hit send. I think this mainly has to do with network connectivity.
  6. Grrreat!
    Cameron Williams
    I'm a chocolate bear and growlr is perfect for me. No longer do I have to sift through the countless profiles of gym bunnies looking for other gym bunnies. Like on other apps. By being on the app they're already stating that they're into bigger guys so that's half the battle right there.
  7. One HUGE bug, but the community is great!
    Josh Keith
    The biggest problem with this app that Scruff got right is the ability to log an entire conversation across platforms. I am having a conversation with someone on my phone on the way home, and then would like to continue the conversation on my tablet, but it doesn't load the conversation I had with the same person from my phone! I have to cross reference between platforms. However, I do enjoy the community of Growlr. the Shout function, though sometimes annoying, is a great way to stay informed. Also, I like
  8. Not worth it
    Simon-Peter Humphreys
    A reasonable app, getting better over time. Still "eats" messages occasionally. Huge hike in price for Pro has turned this from an impulse purchase to a definite no sale. Much like Scruff, who also charge outlandish fees, they'll get no money from me, instead of a modest but fair amount each month I'd have been willing to pay.
  9. Use it. Like it. But so dang ugly.
    Otto Coca
    It's ok for meeting up but there are done messages problems as stated. The worse offense to me is the app's hideous 1990s look and feel. Shallow to complain but how hard is it to look professional?
  10. enrique quiroz
    I have had the same problem ....I cannot access the search by city button , it always stops when try to activate...I have reported it several times and nothing has been done..
  11. Stops when editing profile
    I have the paid version. My only complaint is when you are typing stuff in your profile, right when you hit save after typing it says Growlr has stopped working and you lose everything you typed. Also it happens to messages as well. I don't abbreviate or use 1 or 2 word messages so it's rather frustrating when you type out a message to someone and it just disappears.
  12. Bad update after bad update.
    Marc Merrill
    Cannot send messages. They just don't go through. Connection errors and random crashes. Was a good app, now it's useless and I might as well uninstall.
  13. Not the best app, just ok.
    Timothy Kellenaers
    No way to log off or go invisible so always seem to be online. Chat is difficult if you never know if they are there
  14. Ad pop ups
    Bren Mac
    As a former subscriber I cannot see the value in $10 a month. The basic subscription now has pop ups ALL the time, even in the middle of typing a message. It's completely annoying and will probably end my use of this app. Poor form Growlr
  15. Poor
    Ben Walter
    UI looks like it was stuck in the 80's. Navigation is not intuitive. Breach's "Google Play Developer Program Policies" with its advertising component. Frequently crashes. Definitely not worth paying for.
  16. It's ok
    Alex Bender
    It's a nice app but it looks so out dated and old I want it to look new like all the other apps
  17. The best dating app for the Bear community
    Taric Alani
    This app is leaps and bounds better than Grindr, since it actually has notifications and allows better searches, for free. I would like to see a website, like how Adam4Adam has a website, so I can access Growlr when I'm not on my phone and meet guys who don't own smartphones.
  18. Pablo Suarez
    I use Growlr in the same location everyday. So, if you could stop asking me to turn on my location services before I get on Growlr, that'd be great.
  19. Beats grindr anyday but...
    chris hale
    Have always preferred this out of all the gay chat/date apps, but now I'm stuck with random full screen ads popping up. Really annoying, I accept ads are needed, but why not have them come up after clicking on a few profiles instead of mid way through typing a message. Sorry but this loses my previous 5 stars.
  20. Most pitiful app on LGL41C
    Mikel Gobel
    Texts get eaten and do not get sent. No pic uploads to app in profile or messages. Can barely work on LGL41C, without crashing. Cust service took my profile ID and did not fix this crappy app. Fresh install did nothing to improve the issues I see. I keep reading about reports of bugs not being tackled. 0 stars if I could rate it that.


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