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  1. Too bad
    Frank Cacioppo
    Loading time is just terrible. This could have been a good game, but playing it, u will need the patience of Jobe( slower than dial up). Get it fixed or get out of the gaming biz. I honestly tried, it just gets worse after each update.
  2. Cheater everywhere...
    kim johnson
    Its completely useless to tighten your defense if players can make your towers not to attack..tsk tsk. And now another bug.. Crappy game.. During guild wars.. If you happen to destroy a mortar but failed to destroy the base completely,, the next time you will attack the same base will still show projectiles from mortars even though its no longer there.. Thats a total Bulls**t if your gonna ask anybody..
  3. Ghost towers firing back
    Kevin Pingul
    In guild wars if you attack a base that already has some damage, the defeated towers still fire at you from their piles of rubbish. Great for your base and guild, horrible if you are attaking. I lost many battles because I couldn't take out the live towers fast enough to get 100%. Fantastic update innospark! Way to mess things up. There better be equal rewards considering guild wars is a wash this round.
  4. Use to love it
    Patrick Mcmeans
    I played this game cause it seemed CoC was just getting killed by players that are maxed on everything. Here was good. I was able to build thrive not to many crazy overbuilt towns. But now I am sadly disappointed because in 2 clan battles I noticed that once a town has been attacked and you attack again you are crushed by ghost defense building already destroyed. I wasted $ gem and resources and our team lost cause resent glitches. I would be happy to make 5 star with fix and some generous
  5. Great game but iPad crashing
    Kaidi Chan
    Kept crashing on iPad and iPhone. Heavy loading game draining juice and burning heat for battery. Game play and graphic great. Guild master need more controls esp with lots of leeches. Rewards for guild wars sucks.
  6. auto log out on war
    Mandrake Shin
    after the updates it takes a while to complete the loading.even while on war it exit automatically and lose the battle. what updates you've done
  7. New update needs another bug fixing
    Rody Ralte
    Still some bugs regarding the defenses in guild wars still being able to attack units after they're destroyed..pls fix ASAP
  8. Ghost defense
    Hamed Navarro
    Defenses keep on firing even if you destroy them. Hey Devs! Guild wars feels so idiotic. Fix this asap!
  9. Useless guild war
    Mark Marino Niere
    If ur unable to 100% destroy the enemy the next time u attack him/her it will be harder. BECAUSE THE DESTROYED DEFENSE BUILDINGS CAN STILL ATTACK YOU!! USELESS GAME!!
  10. sahrul akhiri
    This game is great but many of my friend in same guild cannot attack during war. And plss give me's so hard to get purple star hero..i will give 5 star if i get epic hero
  11. Waring so great ...
    Andrew Soejadi
    First opinion:This game i recommend you to play...because of the strategies going on really well ... the heroes are powerful ... (only sometimes a slight bugs goin on & it's getting larger[stoping each times i play and there are a wide hole rounding forever]please fix it ) to be honest it's quite confusing .how to power up in this game [?].... maybe i'm a missing person . Please info me .[¿] .for a note ;this game unfortunately always half-stop every second .
  12. Poor AI gets it 3 stars
    Ryan Buckley
    This could easily be 5 star game if the AI could be enhanced .. can not master a good attack as a result of this flaw..Love the hero aspect and the graphics ..but again some tweaks needed..due to the total lack of responses from the build team ..myself and the 45 members I brought from COC deleting this garbage..way to get things fixed ..blah
  13. Force close! Not opening after update!
    King Anderson
    Wth is going on, just downloaded the updated now as soon as I hit the app icon, it force closes before even opening up. Tried reinstalling, nothing works!!
  14. Waaay to slow
    Adrian fet
    This game could be fun but its way to slow to play. It suck resourcrs like a leach and just selecting things like upgrades is .... painful to watch
  15. Troops production & war bonus
    Tanvir Hasnat
    Troops production time needs to be less. Winning war participants should be rewarded with some gems. ( not for only guild but for self too). Overall game play is fun. Thank you.
  16. Excellent Game
    Ryan Ignacio
    Can you check the game. In war canon,mortar and air defense were already destroyed but firing. Excellent game but please check with ipad mini version, it keeps on crashing and in android using samsung note 3, game crash in hells gate if i used 2 keys in a row.
  17. This device is not supported by hero sky
    Raimond Panaligan
    When i first download this game, there is no such thing as the title. And it really good and fast to play. But when the update came, it become worse. Too much for logging in and sometimes it crash.. Pls. Help me with this. Support my phone im a kitkat user alcatel pop d5. Thank you.
  18. Nice game! Very empressive
    Jake Magnase
    Ang ganda nto. Talo pa coco. Hekhek.
  19. Mike Alfred Dionisio
    Why I can't participate in guild war??it always shows "occupied by another member"..please fix this... UNDERDEATH_20
  20. Mrudul Jajodiya
    There are errors guild wars bases even after destroying connon and others weapons they are still working when we attempt to attack second time. ...


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