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Victor Weijnen | Factorx | CEO & President

Nederland |

Kevin Systrom | CEO, Instagram

San Francisco Bay Area |

Philippe Gonzalez | and Network Founder - Instagram Specialist - Conference Speaker - Conector Business Accelerator Mentor

Madrid Area, Spain |

Tim Lenardo | Co-founder at Real Labs

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Reviews 6,193

  1. Nice working app
    Matthew Azzato
    The app works great, it is simple to use. The sounds the app makes are nice and the over look is nice.
  2. Pointless
    Benard Quek
    Why do we have to install another messaging app that doesn't even integrate your friends from Instagram? It is a stand alone app that has no purpose beyond wasting valuable storage space on the device.
  3. Saving picture
    khairul anuar
    Its glad when i shake my phone and can save the picture, but its my last picture that i send... how about slide to right to save the picture and slide to left to remove it.. update this! Then i'll give 5 star
  4. Great app
    Isaac Fong
    Pointless, fun, and uses the camera. Everything needed for a successful app. But the camera exposure is too dark. Please fix this. Then I'll five the 5 stars.
  5. Friends
    Cakegames 100
    It's fun and all but I only got 2 friends. Trying to get more In what's app
  6. Its cool
    Puseletso Phofa
    Its cool...but pointless, you just send pictures to people
  7. It is a nice app to share photos
    Yathavan Chandrasegaran
    Love how it doesn't care about privacy and how it is so simple and fast
  8. Golden screen
    Latifah Bunding
    Golden screen ini bleh mengambar dngn jls dan cntik kalau nak edit
  9. Photo
    Nik Saiful Anuar
    maybe should save photo to gallery instead of just one-time view
  10. I can't use this apps
    Ammar Roslan
    This apps is automatically stop after i have update the firmware to kitkat 4.4.2
  11. Lighting like!
    Hf Ac
    Great apps but it's a little too fast! I just don't realise it sent out my picture for an accident click.
  12. Sp far so good.
    Pamela Dayne
    I am okay with it so far. Love that there's an indicator that i can reply with text then photo.
  13. Does the job
    natasha francis
    Could improve more on effects and more other things
  14. Use it
    Mel S
    I find no faults, it is so fun and easy to use and it's just great. There is no playback though. But no need, it's an amazing app I recommend it!!
  15. Simple, but
    Miriama Paterson
    For quickie photos, enjoy. But now and then I would like to save some photos.
  16. Hana Lim
    For me , it is clearly easier use than snapchat
  17. Great app
    Faiqah Azmir
    It's insanely good. Straight to the point, minimalistic and very light!
  18. nina love
    Not bad cld be better.. but better then nothing..
  19. Pure awesomeness
    super girl
    Dido what I just said it is just awesomey
  20. Good.
    fauzan akmal
    If you add feature that can make a picture forward i will give 5 star