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Reviews 994

  1. Major bug
    Warren M
    Since I got it it continues to open multiple times and I cannot close it down. Wish I could get a refund it makes my tablet freeze.
  2. My boy learned a lot
    zyz brei
    .. and he loves playing with it. Especially the letter blocks:) The game is great! And he is only 3 years and 3 months old and english is his second language:)
  3. Kids abc letter phonics
    Dionne G
    My 4 year old son love this app. I would recommend this app 100 %
  4. Good
    Raona Mora
    My 3 year old is learning so much
  5. Nice App
    Kopouka Kimui
    Easy for my daughter to relate too...
  6. Jennifer Henry
    my Preschooler is one of the top students in her class
  7. Excellent app!
    Chandrashekar Babu
    A professionally developed value for money app. highly recommended
  8. Fantastict
    elicia lloyd
    My daughter whos almost 2 loves it! And she's learning so quick thanks!!
  9. Great TooL!
    Jayson Soriano
    Very helpful little app, me and my wife loved this.
  10. Keegan Stoutenburgh
    My four yr old loves loves loves this and I his really helped him learn his sounds
  11. Nice phonics app for kids
    Melody Windsor
    My kids like the colorful and fun interactiveness of this app. They really liked the trial version so I had to get the full version.
  12. Its a good app
    Asif Quadri
    Its a very good app for kids
  13. Perfect for children
    Ruben De Jesus avatar image
    Ruben De Jesus August 10, 2013
    Love it but.. Love the app. My daughter cant get enough of it....but once I bought the full version, I wasn't able to install the full version on to my tablet (Asus MeGo 7). It kept giving me an error about unable to instal to SD card, which is weird, cause everything else has installed just fine. Rating the product and my experience, not the installation headache.
  14. Great app! Update?
    Tina Marie
    Wonderful app. Keeps child's interest with many mini games. Could you please put the letter on all four sides of the block or on the background? The bubbles game is not effective in teaching, though my toddler loves it. Highly pleased with everything else regarding this app. Keep up the great work!
  15. Annoying pronunciation
    Jo O'Keefe
    I wish this came with British English as words like butterfly are pronounced like budderfly, turtle is pronounced as turdle. It's ridiculous as kids are learning to miss-pronounce words and it's mystifying how any kid is managing to say and then spell these words if it's incorrect. The block game is also difficult as it turns every time I try to place stickers where they should be.
  16. Happy
    Humayun Jamshed
    My child loved it. Very nice app. Good for learning and entertainment.
  17. This app works
    Wianisha Carruthers
    I downloaded this app for my at that time 1 year old son to help him identify his alphabet but it's done so much more I recommend this for all parents with small children!
  18. Love it (:
    Christine Lone
    My son loves this a lot!! He is learning a little every time he plays. It is wonderful <3
    Rana Fay
    My 17 month old son if learning how to say letters, and sounds. I am amazed!! I would definitely recommend it, even to pre-k age as well.
  20. Amazing!
    Brittney Caulder
    My 3 year old loves it! He started spelling the first day. After months of no success in teaching him letters this app helped since day one. Bought full version since its such a success. Thank you!


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