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  1. Works fantastically!!
    Angelo Trujillo
    Does exactly what it's supposed to do, make me relive my nerdish childhood. Flawless and updated frequently even though it already runs perfect.
  2. Great but
    Dom Ger
    Sometimes the game's save data deletes it's self
  3. Grate job!
    SB Danny
    Could you please add cover art to all of your emulators so the game selection screen doesn't look so daggy.
  4. Great but..
    Amy Gambrel
    Great app, love it, but recently my game had been lagging and buttons are not as touch responsive as they used to be
  5. Cant Save States
    Midian Bouska
    Will rate five star if this is changed. Thanks.
  6. Auto saves
    James Rees
    The emulator now auto loads game states whether the option to is on or off. Please fix this thanks
  7. I love it but...
    Trevor T.
    I love it however it would be awesome to be able to have more than one of the same game. For example I played Pokèmon Yellow and Crystal and finished both games but now I want to replay them without restarting those game files.
  8. Best
    Nate Claycomb
    This app helped me appreciate my new favorite game series Pokemon before I never wanted to try one because they cost more than I would pay for a series I thought was dumb
  9. Professionally Done
    Gage Genzmer
    The UI looks slick and can be rearranged to your personal taste (at least the virtual pad). I recommend shrinking your screen to give room for your thumbs (assuming you have a large enough display on your phone, I have the htc one m8). I really recommend this developer's other emulators, each of which share a consistent UI as well as features. At the time of writing this the John GBA & GBC do NOT have multi-player functionality, unlike the John SNES & NES. 5⭐for consistency and responsiveness! Great job!
  10. My dads childhood reborn.
    My dad is able to now relive his gaming era, much thanks for this! Supports the Xbox 360 wired controller and allows you to change the color scheme of games to green like the original Gameboy screen was. Thanks John! :)
  11. Save option
    jaime miller
    I love this emulator I can play all my favorite pokemon games! However is there an option to save your game data to your SD card. I need to master reset my phone but terrified of losing my game data
  12. I love the whole thing - but wth
    Don Boyle
    At first i was wondering why the game want shutting down from outside and got really upset but as you start playing you realize this feature is nice so 5 starts and good job - would love to see cheats preloaded
  13. It's crashing
    J Garcia
    I get to a certain point in a game and it crashes, can you help? I love this emulator!
  14. Almost perfected
    Tim Cockerill
    Sick as emulator only x2 speed up though but who cares unless you're really that lazy.
  15. Great but one big problem
    Jimmy Hadden
    Sound doesn't work on my S6 edge :(
  16. Rhydian Llyr Morgans
    One of the best GBC emulators around at the minute tbh
  17. newton9837
    any chance. of adding system link compatibility?
  18. Used to be awesome App.
    J LS
    MOGA pocket pairing issue. Tried a number of times to contact the developer and no response. That's wrong.
  19. Best emulator on the market
    James Papalii
    Great gameplay no lag and never had any problems using it. Feels like I'm playing the real thing sometimes on my galaxy s4 - Excellent
  20. Worth it!!
    Michael Fink
    I so very much enjoy this emulator. Very clean! No issues on my GS5


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